Today is the deadline for U.S. House candidates in Alaska looking to replace the late Don Young to get their responses in to our Values Voter Guide – our survey on key questions of life, liberty and essential freedoms like parental rights and religious freedom.

Although this first round of Special Election votes is for the temporary filling of Young’s seat through January, it is nonetheless critical to know where these individuals stand as you cast your vote.  We will have those survey responses available tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3rd.

On the issue of life and the U.S. House, last week, I along with 31 other family policy organization leaders signed a coalition letter to House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and House leadership in an effort to urge Congress to make a commitment to protect the lives of the unborn ahead of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Dobbs case. With midterms happening this fall, it is vitally important that our lawmakers implement strong pro-life strategies.

The letter, in part, reads:

“We, the undersigned, represent hundreds of thousands of Americans across the states who care deeply about the issues of life, family, and religious freedom. Although each of these issues is vitally important, the prospect of seeing Roe v. Wade undermined or overturned and the momentum currently behind the pro-life movement is unlike any we have seen before. Therefore, as Republican leadership readies its conservative agenda for the next year, we urge you to ensure that any commitment to America includes a bold, clear, and articulate plan to protect the most vulnerable among us, the unborn.

For its part, the Biden administration has taken clear actions to promote abortion and undermine pro-life successes in the states. It has gone after unrelated federal funding streams in pro-life states and allowed chemical abortion pills to be shipped through the mail without any health and safety protocols. Such extremist behavior from pro-abortion politicians will only increase as the pro-life movement continues to gain momentum.

Even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe this year, a strong congressional plan to protect unborn life will be needed. Current public polling trends and the recent state-level legislative successes indicate that congressional leaders would be wise to lean into the pro-life issue, not shy away from it…We stand ready to support you in these efforts.”

We are ready to see the end of abortion in America. Pro-life policies are winning across the nation and advocates are fighting tirelessly to protect the lives of the unborn. Everyone deserves a chance at life and Alaska Family Action is proud to be on the frontlines advocating for these precious human rights.

Our goal is to make Alaska a sanctuary for unborn babies. With your continued support and prayers, we will never stop standing up for what is right and proclaim truth. For His glory…and for the transformation of our culture.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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How to vote? AK Family Council congressional candidate survey comes out May 3

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Why is the special election being conducted by mail in voting? This is very concerning. There are ‘polling places’ for absentee voting – will another ballot be issued at these locations? I have never ever voted by mail and am not going to now. I have the stupid mailed ballot but will go to the Matsu Borough headquarters building to attempt to vote in person. I am very curious to see what happens and if I will still have another ballot in hand that was mailed. I called the Division of Elections as well as Senator Showers office and it seems there are unknown variables here.

    • kris Spencer says:

      Read your ballot carefully. It states: There will NOT BE anyplace to vote in person. You HAVE to mail-in. I agree it stinks. I have also never voted by mail. But now this is the law for the way state elections are conducted. This Fall we’ll do ranked choice for the first time. These are ALL problematic and ripe for election fraud.

  • kris Spencer says:

    100% agree. I have also never voted by mail. Read your ballot carefully. It states: There WILL NOT BE anyplace to vote in person. You HAVE TO mail-in vote. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure everything is completed before sending it in. I agree it stinks and pretty sure it got voted in underhandedly since it makes it so easy to cheat. This problematic thing is state law now. Too late to change for the upcoming elections, but perhaps it can be changed back in the future.