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The ACLU’s pro-active stance is another reason we need a special session this summer! Gov. Mike Dunleavy, are you listening? Your campaign claims you are always fighting for Alaskans, but that rings hollow without a call for a special session, immediately, to simply outlaw all abortion – from the moment of conception through birth – by whatever means have been or will be developed. No baby left behind.

President Lincoln relieved Gen. McClellan of his Civil War command for the very same kind of inaction as Gov. Dunleavy proposes: Wait until we miss the high tide of Roe’s overturn – next session; business as usual – and then give our opponents the greatest possible chance to defeat us even at low tide: Dunleavy’s resolution as he describes it would merely urge Alaskans to vote for a constitutional convention. The immediate challenge by the ACLU to whatever pro-life legislation is passed at a special session would do immeasurably more to show Alaskans the need for a Constitutional Convention than a ‘Resolution’ so enfeebled by tardiness that it is unworthy of that title. Pro-life is as pro-life does.

McClellan made a good start too but ended in complete disgrace: “McClellan ably built the army in the early stages of the war but was a sluggish and paranoid field commander who seemed unable to muster the courage to aggressively engage Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia … On September 17, 1862, McClellan and Lee battled to a standstill along Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Lee retreated back to Virginia and McClellan ignored Lincoln’s urging to pursue him. For six weeks, Lincoln and McClellan exchanged angry messages, but McClellan stubbornly refused to march after Lee. In late October, McClellan finally began moving across the Potomac in feeble pursuit of Lee, but he took nine days to complete the crossing. Lincoln had seen enough. Convinced that McClellan could never defeat Lee, Lincoln notified the general on November 5 of his removal. A few days later, Lincoln named General Ambrose Burnside to be the commander of the Army of the Potomac.” (

I believe that by the end of the summer, Alaskans will have seen enough, one way or the other.

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OPINION: Gov. Dunleavy urged to act decisively while the pro-life ‘tide is high’

Therese Syren
Therese Syren is a long-time pro-life advocate in Alaska who helped found a local sidewalk counseling outreach outside an Anchorage abortion clinic. She holds a Master's Degree in Catholic Theology and a Pontifical Catechetical Diploma.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    This article does have a lot of merrit. The Governor should take a good hard deep look at it. Senator Shelly Hugh’s already has done a lot of the leg work. The only push back will be from the liberals. I think a quick decisive strike could cement our position and not give liberals time to get their feet under them. We need to nip it in the bud before it get out of hand. All these protest are like little children not getting their way. What do you as a parent do when your child acts up? Let them destroy your house or TAKE ACTION? I know when I grew up the action was quick and severe enough to get my attention. Governor Dunleavy, take the severe action now. 1-2-3 in the corner doesn’t work.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    I saw enough (or not enough) long, long ago. Dunleavy is a do-nothing governor who had promised much and delivered almost nothing. In fact he embraced medical tyrant under Zink’s advisement. He needs replaced ASAP, and Charlie Pierce would be a good choice.

  • Diana H. Graf says:

    Dear Governor Dunleavy,

    I respect you because of the way you moved durning the Chinese Communist Plague we just suffered through. You realized the urgency but you also realised that the government needed to work together to cover all of the areas that would be affected by any policy decided upon. You did a wonderful job waiting for them and then moving decisively.

    The point is well taken that there is going to be a policy needed by the state to govern the issue of abortion. It’s not as simple as banning all abortions and requires the careful thought process that you characterize. However, your thoughtfulness can continue while at the same time you can call a special session immediately. Your government will not polarize you if you act in deference to law especially during this time that you have the high ground on the issue. Otherwise the understandable outrage will metastisize into something far worse than it is right now and it will control the policy.

    Act now. Call a special session now. Keep on thinking deeply and ask for input.
    Bless you.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    The Attorney General in the state of Missouri made an announcement outlawing abortion in Missouri. He had courage and was decisive concerning the murder of our unborn babies no matter what the backlash was. Pray that our Attorney General does the same thing. The Governor needs to be strong or get out of the way. Murder is murder. The criminal law is clear on this.

  • James says:

    I’ve never seen this guy “seize the moment.”

  • R says:

    Well written and on target. Decisive action for pre-born Alaskans is now. “The immediate challenge by the ACLU to whatever pro-life legislation is passed at a special session would do immeasurably more to show Alaskans the need for a Constitutional Convention than a ‘Resolution’ so enfeebled by tardiness that it is unworthy of that title. Pro-life is as pro-life does.” Governor, take your courage in hand – act now.

  • North to Alaska says:

    Roe v Wade gave cover to many Republicans who claimed to be pro-life “but…Roe V Wade doesn’t allow us to do anything.” That cover is now gone. They can’t tell us they are pro-life while behind our backs snicker at us as they whisper to their donors “don’t worry, we will do nothing about it.” They are pooping bricks right now.
    Dunleavy just punted this down to years away (Charlie Pierce too). Trying to find another way to fool us as he does nothing. He knows there is very little chance of an amendment, let alone a convention to protect life.
    Abortion is illegal or virtually illegal in about 13 states right now…and it didn’t need a constitutional amendment, just a law.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      North to Alaska
      Your right, we just need to act and make a law on these abortion killings.

  • Nina K Gorman says:

    Governor Dunleavy claims to be a follower of Christ. He even worked with Samaritan’s Purse for help during the pandemic. Releasing Covid 19 to decrease the world population was a horrific event for sure. But, downright murder of innocent children is on a totally different level of evil. Governor Dunleavy, DO THE RIGHT THING!

  • Mike Moore says:

    If I’m not mistaken it’s the legislature that makes law. Looks like we are getting wagon in front of the horse. We need to solicit our representatives to put this into law, and while were at it introduce a bill that states the State of Alaska will not participate in any and all Red Flag laws or agendas.

    • TheAlaskan says:

      You might be the only person on this thread who actually understands Alaska government.

    • Trained Observer says:

      We’ve had legislators introduce the Life at Conception Act, but it can’t ever never make it out of committee because of the RINO’s who are PLINO’s (prolife in name only), who cave to the left and refuse to vote with the Republican caucus. Remember, this is the issue settled on day one of every session; who are you going to vote with? It’s one thing for republicans to say they are prolife, but they’re never tested if they never vote a bill onto the floor to vote on it. It insulates them from going on the record with a vote. A couple in the House voted their conscience and voted against the PFD because the budget contained continued state funding for abortions, and are now being made the fall guys for not funding the full PFD. There are people trying to do the right thing, but the narrative is controlled by the majority.

  • Karenator says:

    “Dunleavy’s resolution as he describes it would merely urge Alaskans to vote for a constitutional convention.”

    You just make stuff up? It’s a resolution to change the constitution, not a resolution urging people to vote for the convention. Do your homework, Karen.

  • Crys Whipple says:

    At this point does it really matter? All of the shenanigans in our government the past 10 yrs or more are all about divide and conquer. If they can keep the people at eachothers’ throats over all things they gain more and more control over us. Red vs. blue, black vs. white, alphabet gang vs. straight, etc. etc. etc… Does anyone else feel the nooses tightening? Gas prices, food prices, hell even try to find an affordable house right now.

  • Bob Bird says:

    Syren’s advice is spot-on, but we can take a simpler, more direct route. Yes, a special session is needed, but we merely need to repeal the abortion legalization of 1970. The state constitution already tells us, in its 1st breath: “This constitution is dedicated to the principles that all persons have a right to life …”
    Just because the STATE courts think that unborn persons aren’t persons might be interesting, but why should their erroneous opinion be respected? They think that women can be men, and men can be women. Institutional Madness is still Madness. We cannot help the mad by becoming mad ourselves.
    It is the Governor who enforces — or refuses to enforce — decisions. But Dunleavy was too doltish to realize that even in the ACLU case against him. Then he appointed Judge Henderson, who made the ruling, to the supreme court! He himself is either Mad, intimidated — or a Deep State mole. It must be one of the three.
    OK, so what if a repeal doesn’t pass? Well, we will have a new tool to see who really is serious about restoring life and liberty. Denying rights to any person will threaten us all … and it is no longer “eventually”, but NOW.

  • Davemaxwell says:

    Dunleavys actions ring hollow because he himself is hallow. Walking in the forest amongst numerous tall trees can be exhilarating and if the wind blows you notice moss around the base of some of the trees, or sounds of cracking, or limbs falling to the ground, it might be wise to get the hell out of the area. Dunleavy is in fact tall and as stated previously, he’s hallow. We are now experiencing the winds picking up. The observant lumberjack declares
    “TIMBER” ,
    Dunleavy, standing tall, no substance, watch him fall!!

  • DaveMaxwell says:


    • Trained Observer says:

      Seven foot jellyfish is liable to fall over at anytime, with or without wind.

  • John says:

    I can’t vote for Do Nothing Dunleavy. Ann Zink is a good example. So WHY is she still working for the State of Alaska.

  • Diana says:

    Dunleavy the Dumb One can’t do a thing about anything. He has nothing to offer and the state and voters are in the negative because he simply can’t manage anything. If you want the abortion law changed, you have to change the permitting of the hospitals and especially, Providence Hospital groups and the federal permits that allow the interstate commerce of body parts and fetal parts from the most recent abortion. Dunleavy just made that a “no no” for the public with the wrap up of splitting DHSS into two parts to beat a budget problem. He tried to hide the federal investigations of child abuse in the system of the state and foster care. Trials were ongoing but he kept it all quiet while you all get excited about your PFD. Remember that big lie? Well the last legislative session has been very informative on his friendships and nepotistic use of position he was elected too. Abortion and those medical issues are only the tip of the iceberg. DEC new person on the board, just appointed by Dunleavy, was the commissioner that had a huge budget for thirty positions and money for new items and equipment to use for cost savings of energy……nuclear-micro reactors for all the villages. The commissioner would not allow any testimony of experts to testify as to the problems of nuclear microreactors. No Department of Energy, Atomic Energy or EPA. In fact, his Assistant Commissioner spent most of the testimony time lying as to the availability of EPA and what job responsibility they had to the state environment. Ask the Finance Committee and especially why did Im Hoff and Stedman work so hard to let all this pass? I talked to a native from up north in Costco and he sure hit the roof on that bad decision to have those reactors in the villages. UAF Director had a business from the East Coast online giving quotes to the Finance Committee on the purchases. Then Dunleavy goes to the Energy meeting downtown in Anchorage with this good friend from the state of Colorado that is Democrat and signs the Bill touting it as the most wonderful energy saving step into the future. If a nuclear mishap happens in a village, just say good by to the village and people for the next 10,000 year. Do we need Dunleavy in as Governor for another 4 years? Absolutely not!!! Check out your elected right where you live and start really listening and follow up. Bring on Pierce for Governor and out with Dunleavy.