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The ACLU’s pro-active stance is another reason we need a special session this summer! Gov. Mike Dunleavy, are you listening? Your campaign claims you are always fighting for Alaskans, but that rings hollow without a call for a special session, immediately, to simply outlaw all abortion – from the moment of conception through birth – by whatever means have been or will be developed. No baby left behind.

President Lincoln relieved Gen. McClellan of his Civil War command for the very same kind of inaction as Gov. Dunleavy proposes: Wait until we miss the high tide of Roe’s overturn – next session; business as usual – and then give our opponents the greatest possible chance to defeat us even at low tide: Dunleavy’s resolution as he describes it would merely urge Alaskans to vote for a constitutional convention. The immediate challenge by the ACLU to whatever pro-life legislation is passed at a special session would do immeasurably more to show Alaskans the need for a Constitutional Convention than a ‘Resolution’ so enfeebled by tardiness that it is unworthy of that title. Pro-life is as pro-life does.

McClellan made a good start too but ended in complete disgrace: “McClellan ably built the army in the early stages of the war but was a sluggish and paranoid field commander who seemed unable to muster the courage to aggressively engage Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia … On September 17, 1862, McClellan and Lee battled to a standstill along Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Lee retreated back to Virginia and McClellan ignored Lincoln’s urging to pursue him. For six weeks, Lincoln and McClellan exchanged angry messages, but McClellan stubbornly refused to march after Lee. In late October, McClellan finally began moving across the Potomac in feeble pursuit of Lee, but he took nine days to complete the crossing. Lincoln had seen enough. Convinced that McClellan could never defeat Lee, Lincoln notified the general on November 5 of his removal. A few days later, Lincoln named General Ambrose Burnside to be the commander of the Army of the Potomac.” (

I believe that by the end of the summer, Alaskans will have seen enough, one way or the other.

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OPINION: Gov. Dunleavy urged to act decisively while the pro-life ‘tide is high’

Therese Syren
Therese Syren is a long-time pro-life advocate in Alaska who helped found a local sidewalk counseling outreach outside an Anchorage abortion clinic. She holds a Master's Degree in Catholic Theology and a Pontifical Catechetical Diploma.