Nick Begich, who is running to replace the late Congressman Don Young in the upcoming special election, explained his stance on abortion during a live July 6 interview with Talk of the Kenai radio host Bob Bird.

Begich is in a three-way race with Sarah Palin and Mary Peltola to determine who will serve out the remaining months of Young’s term. The election is set for Aug. 16.

In a wide-ranging discussion that touched on states’ rights, presidential impeachments, the Jan. 6 commission, vaccine injuries and more, Begich said the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade was a “great day for people who believe in the rule of law and the constitution.”

He agreed with the court’s ruling that the 14th Amendment cannot be interpreted as granting a right to abortion, and that the question rightly belongs to each state to decide, individually.

Begich also pledged to oppose any effort by Congress to codify aspects of Roe v. Wade in federal law, something which pro-abortion U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski strongly supports.

Bird also asked Begich to explain why he voted to elect radical leftist Ethan Berkowitz as mayor of Anchorage in 2015.

While Begich says he opposes abortion in most instances, he does favor exceptions in cases of rape and incest, a position that many pro-life advocates see as punishing innocent unborn babies for the crimes of their biological fathers.

Bird asked Begich whether he would consider revisiting his position.

“It’s not something that I would want to change for political reasons,” Begich responded. “I really need to do the homework on this. It’s a position I’ve long held and quite frankly, when I got in the race nine months ago, this was not an issue. We were talking about many other things, but this was not sort of top of the stack, but obviously, things change. I’m listening to a lot of folks. People are reaching out to the campaign and to me individually at events. I just had a conversation with someone about this.”

While declining to say he would commit to opposing rape and incest exceptions, Begich did say it is “something that I will continue to consider.”

Bird also asked Begich to explain why he voted to elect radical leftist Ethan Berkowitz as mayor of Anchorage in 2015.

Begich first clarified that he never endorsed Berkowitz.

“There was never any endorsement or contribution or anything like that,” he said. “I was asked once in a discussion whether I voted for him in the runoff, and I reluctantly – very reluctantly did – and to this day regret it.”

With regard to the general suppression of data related to injuries derived from experimental Covid shots, Begich expressed concern about the lack of transparency in the CDC’s VEARS reporting on adverse effects from the jab.

“I think you got to have full and complete transparency in the VEARS data set,” he said. “And what we see is that there’s been very little attention paid in the mainstream media to some of the side effects that we’ve seen in some of the emergency vaccines that were released.”

Begich also blasted Pfizer for requesting a decades-long delay before having to disclose information about the side effects of its Covid shot.

“People deserve access to accurate information,” Begich said. “You cannot have confidence in anything if you don’t have transparency.”

To listen to the complete interview, click here and then select the July 6 broadcast of The Talk of the Kenai – Wednesday Hour 1.

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U.S. House candidate Nick Begich airs views on abortion, Covid jabs, more

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Lee says:

    “I really need to do the homework on this” <>??
    “I reluctantly……very reluctantly did & to this day regret it” {{SERIOUSLY}} !
    Lots of wiggle room there. How many more times are we going to be fed these lines?
    Begich is a weak candidate, no doubt about it!!

    • dabigmoose says:

      Very week look at the bloodline pedigree Dem Dog all the way not a real working breed.

    • S. Gibson says:

      Very weak response. Advocate your first principles, not meekly defend and deflect. A red flag to pass on this candidate.

  • North to Alaska says:

    He has no prior regard of his stance on any of this.
    There is no record of him standing up for life or against the Covid jab until he started running.
    Oh, he is apparently pro-choice with exceptions then.

  • Arctic Blast says:

    Nick is a Yes vote from me. We know that nobody is perfect and he has been big enough to own his mistake for voting for Berkowitz. He could easily have denied it. I wasn’t a fan of Amy Demboski when she ran against Berkowitz, but I had no idea how far left Berkowitz was at that time. We also know what Sarah Palins’ record has been as Governor and as a Bill Walker (The worst Governor in last 20 years) endorser….. That’s two strikes… If you need a third then consider the disastrous ACES tax… Vote Begich…. how much harm can he do in just 6 months ? If he does good, then vote him back in again…..

    • Matthew D Johnson says:

      I’m not buying what Begich is selling. He thinks he’s a conservative because he donated to Lisa Murkowski. LOL At least Walker was saying the right things when Palin endorsed him, Berkowitz was always a self-professed Leftist. I can’t imagine an actual conservative voting for that!

    • Bob Hamerschmidt says:

      Arctic Blast – this is where I’m at. We have seen what Sarah does. I’m giving Nick a chance. Sarah gets my second place.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Hey Blast, I had an opportunity to interview Begich in Fairbanks for about 20 minutes – one on one. He owned up to his mistakes and admitted to being somewhat naive to the political machine when he first entered politics, and I actually find that refreshing. Let’s think back on Trump and his political money fountain before he entered a race. Nick is a successful business man and brings that to the race. Palin is flighty, drama queen-has-been, with a poor track record showing lack of effectiveness, or integrity and did not finish what she started. A few months is not nearly enough to measure a politician, but we had years of smacking our forehead with Palin. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice….need I say more. At best she’s number 2 on the rank choice. RANK THE RED!

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Begich = RINO.
    Why can’t people see that?
    He doesn’t have even 1 conservative bona fides – not one
    Oh yeah, he shoots a gun in his campaign ad so he must be a conservative.
    Begich is a RINO – Palin isn’t, ’nuff said!

  • Jack Roberts says:

    This reminds me of the old story about the snake asking a person to pick him up and help him across the road. The person didn’t want to do it because he was afraid of getting bit. The snake assured him that he wouldn’t. But in the end, after the person carried the snake across the road the snake bit him. When the person complained the snake replied, “I am a snake after all.”
    When you vote for a Begich, you get a Begich after all.

    • John Mowery says:

      Jack, I know you think this way, because you don’t know Nick and likely have never even met Nick Begich III. He is a conservative Republican and did he make a wrong a vote over seven years ago, yes. Nick has the integrity to admit when he is wrong. I am 100% pro-life without exception and Nick has never been hard his exception, though I do not agree with it, but I appreciate his openness to strengthen his pro-life stand and be honest where he stands on the issues persoanlly. Nick is not a democrat and not a RINO and I know that personally and confidently. I have personally supported Joe Millerf or US Senate in 2010 and 2016, also my first time to speak on radio was with my friend Amy Demboski on her show back in 2018 and that convention was the first time I met Nick and was introduced to him at the 2018 Alaska Republican State convention. If you take the time to talk to Nick, you will know what I am saying is true.
      You want to criticize Nick because he last name is a Begich; may I respectfully challenge you to check who Mark Begich and Tom Begich have not endorsed or supported for Congress this entire campaign and who is actually supporting Nick.

      • Jack Roberts says:

        I can’t imagine a true conservative voting for Berkowitz 7 years ago nor can I imagine a true conservative not having a hard and fast stand concerning abortion. He sounds like a male version of Lisa Murkowski looking for an opportunity to cash in with the rest of the crooks. The fact that Mark and Tom have not endorsed him says and means nothing.

  • Joe Hartley says:

    It is not stated enough that Begich was running against Don Young. An important point that is forgotten since Young’s passing.
    Begich is a nobody in his home town of Chugiak no involvement in local politics…. Nothing a complete zero. He has not been seen at a community council, road board, or dog catcher meeting. Nobody has ever heard of him, a ghost.
    His claim to fame is his business dealings. ( With his Democrats relatives)
    I would like to know of all the Alaskan jobs Begich has created in his business world? No bragging here because they do not exist. What a joke of a candidate.
    To say he voted for Berky should be enough to convince any sane person not to vote for him. Talk is cheap, especially during an election involving a “name only candidate”.
    No Thank You, my vote goes to the person who knew her baby was not normal, and today is raising a beautiful person.

  • Akdale says:

    Begich voted for a known socialist. He is out. Anyone that ignorant does not deserve to be in government.
    Sarah. Oh my well im not a fan, but she wont be a RINO or socialist. She has my vote, she will vote MAGA which is what the country needs.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    We are voting for Sarah Palin. She has experienced “the swamp at the state level with Murkowski and John Binkley” and “the swamp at the federal level,” with President Obama. As Governor she was driven out of office by Obama’s lawyers who flew up and found a loophole in the state law, where public officials could have ethics complaints filed against them. Two Alaskans helped Obama by writing multiple and successive ethics complaints against Sarah Palin until she was in debt 1/2 million dollars in attorneys fees fighting these complaints. All complaints were eventually dropped. The loophole has been removed but the financial burden caused her to resign. I read two letters in support of Nick Begich printed in MUST READ Alaska, who claimed Palin left the state to get rich and that she did not care about Alaskans. You can verify this story about Palin by going to your search engine and typing: Ethics,Palin. You can pick which story you think is the true story. My husband sent her money to her defense fund. My friend remembers this happening to Palin. Obama and the thugs in DC were and are afraid of Sarah Palin because she is real and she will stand up for what is right. The Patriots support her. We pray that she will be the winner of the House seat and can help the other strong Representatives fight against the lawlessness going on in Congress and D.C.

    • CD says:

      Is that what happened? I always wondered because I remember her in a televised interview saying she was bowing out of being Governor because she was a lame duck and so she couldn’t get anything done. She might as well let Sean Parnell be the Governor so things could get done. I thought she made the right move.

    • kc says:

      Thank you for sharing the truth.. I was deciding about either one, and was leaning to N.
      Begich, but NOW since you have revealed the TRUTH of why she left, It was Obama and his gang of thieves all along, I can make a better choice.

  • John says:

    A vote for Slick Nick will just add another RINO swamp creature. I’m voting for Sarah Palin.

  • Jayco says:

    I just don’t understand anyone who claims to be pro-life and is willing to carve out an exception for rape and incest. While I do not mean to diminish these two crimes which should be punished. Is the solution to murder the innocent baby to atone the sin of the father? What next? We kill some child because their father committed an unspeakable crime? Palin is unabashedly pro life and has proven it, the same with Thsibaka! They are the reliable conservative votes.

  • longrifle says:

    Sarah Palin was deluged by false ethics complaints but those around were too. The left is vicious and does not care if innocent peoples names and lives are ruined in order to get someone to bow out of a position or to admit to something they did not not do. These people were facing huge amounts of debt trying to defend themselves. When Sarah resigned, all of those complaints stopped. Hence, she sacrificed her career for her friends and coworkers.