The FBI released an intelligence brief last month titled “Domestic Violent Extremist Activity Likely in Response to US Supreme Court Decision on Abortion.”

The June 24 memo states that “Some Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) will likely exploit the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade to intensify violence against a wide range of targets.” The memo goes on to say that violence could be expected for weeks, especially when state laws regarding abortion change. The memo also stated, “Federal and State government officials- including judges- and facilities probably are most at risk for violence in response to the decision.”

Specifically mentioned in the memo is a group called Jane’s Revenge, an organization of violent extremists who have committed arson against buildings belonging to groups that identify as pro-life.

One such attack was in Michigan at a building that has both a pro-life advocacy group and a U.S. Representative’s campaign office. The brief then went on to say that, “Both reproductive and family advocacy healthcare facilities likely will continue to remain primary targets for criminal incidents, and violence could escalate against these facilities or personnel.”

The memo stated that in recent months, Jane’s Revenge has claimed three arson attacks against pregnancy resource centers in both New York and Oregon. A family advocacy group’s headquarters in Wisconsin have also been attacked by Jane’s Revenge. There are also acts of known vandalism against faith-based organizations all across the United States, according to the report.

Organizations that have been attacked include religious groups that oppose abortion. Here in Alaska, an Anchorage pro-life center was vandalized, as was a Catholic Church in Eagle River.

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FBI brief warns of threats to pro-life groups

Sarah Strubel
Sarah Strubel is studying Political Science at Loyola University Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, practicing French and Chinese, and cooking. She is currently working as a summer intern for the Alaska Watchman.


  • John J Otness says:

    Sadly the FBI KNOWS….they have groomed them all….

  • Kenneth L. Wells says:

    It should not come as a surprise that people willing to kill babies are willing to kill anyone.
    Only the highly trained, mind bogglingly competent FBI would be shocked at this.

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    Why could anyone object to women’s care centers? Are they really that invested in murdering all babies, no matter how the mother wants to proceed? There is no greater indication that abortion is an evil that seeps in and immerses everyone in death and horror.

  • CD says:

    What happened to “pro choice?”

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    There just a bunch of losers, cry babies.
    We didn’t win, so I’m going to break the law.
    Lock them up, end of story.

  • Andy says:

    Nice try FBI, clean up your own corrupt act before issuing anymore edicts.