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The US Freedom Flyers formed last year with the specific aim of protecting the medical freedom of pilots and airline workers across the nation. The coalition is now preparing to sue President Joe Biden and the federal government over the 2021 federal vaccine mandate that has coerced numerous airline workers, including many in Alaska, into taking the experimental Covid jabs as a condition of employment.

“We’re a grassroots movement,” said Josh Yoder, a pilot with a major commercial airline and the co-founder of the Freedom Flyers. “We stand up for the individual rights of airline workers when it comes to vaccine mandates.”

Last month, Biden’s mandate on federal employees was temporarily blocked by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals pending a final ruling, which is expected this fall in a separate case against his administration. With the court injunction in place, pilots are not currently required to take the jab, but this could change.

Freedom Flyers isn’t taking anything for granted, and the website urges Americans to “stand with us to fight these overbearing communistic mandates set forth by President Biden and enforced by the companies we serve. Complying with these illegal mandates is a danger to not only our health, but freedom as we know it.”

“The President gave himself general police powers he does not possess, a clear violation of the law and the Constitution of the United States,” the Freedom Flyer website notes.

The Freedom Flyer’s case is detailed on their website.

“On September 9, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order 14042 commanding all executive branch employees and employees of federal contractors to be vaccinated, in spite of the fact that he and his administration repeatedly denied any intention of enacting a nationwide vaccination mandate for COVID-19 since 2020,” Freedom Flyers states.

Freedom Flyer plaintiffs claim Biden “repeatedly overreached in seeking to use agencies of the federal government to dictate public health policy.”

“By mandating that millions of people be administered a medical intervention, the President gave himself general police powers he does not possess, a clear violation of the law and the Constitution of the United States,” the Freedom Flyer website notes.

Yoder said the aim of the current suit, which is still in the process of being filed, is to “hold them accountable for threats against employees being forced to be vaccinated.” He added that he is concerned that shot-related injuries are a real health threat, and that airline workers shouldn’t be forced to get the jab in order to keep their jobs.

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Pilot group fights jab mandates to secure medical freedoms for airline workers

Sarah Strubel
Sarah Strubel is studying Political Science at Loyola University Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, practicing French and Chinese, and cooking. She is currently working as a summer intern for the Alaska Watchman.


  • Andy says:

    We all need protection from these demented freaks with needles, seriously, some in the Alaska legislative wanted us to be protected but a majority flushed those protection measures down the toilet. You remember that Alaska legislators? Hell I didn’t forget, I didn’t forget how you voted when the PFD came up too. I was literally segregated for being unjabbed, a scourge on society, so I support the freedom flyers and other organizations like them, the rest of you who crapped on my civil liberties and continue to do so, piss on you.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Wait and see the Woke people coming out of there closets. Masks to fly again HOW STUPID they don’t work, and yes getting the fake shot does not stop you from getting or spreading the Flu.
    Isn’t there like 15 variants now. It’s going to change and be here ever year.
    Get over it, be Afraid be very Afraid. Triple masking and 20th booster shot.

  • CD says:

    This is what a wife of a military member who used to be stationed at Fort Wainwright said some time ago: “I’m glad people are standing up for it! The aviation flight doctor was trying to fight it because now she’s seeing pilots coming in with inflamed muscles around the heart from the vaccine!” Plus look at all the flights that have been canceled that we heard about on the news. What’s going on?
    Go Freedom Flyers!