Alaska’s Department of Health is using the heroic reputation of firefighters to entice young children into getting Covid jabs and other vaccinations.

Children and families line up to climb into a fire truck at the monthly North Pole immunization clinic.

A July 15 article released by the Dept. of Health’s media blog notes that necessity is the “mother of invention” when it comes to convincing impressionable children to get the jab.

The idea of using local firefighters to peddle vaccines was hatched by public health nurse Shelly Foint, manager for the Fairbanks area Public Health Centers.

According to the Dept. of Health blog, Foint’s inspiration originated a decade before Covid ever hit Alaska, but now she’s using the idea to increase experimental Covid jabs among area youth.

Foint initially started the clinic when a local doctor got out of the vaccine business about 10 years ago. After receiving approval from her supervisor to start a community vaccine clinic, Foint began strategizing about the best location to effectively reach kids.

“That’s when Shelly hit upon the notion of partnering with the local fire department,” the state health blog recounts. “What child doesn’t love visiting the fire department with its big red fire engines?”

Foint contacted the North Pole Fire Department and Chief Chad Heineken, and they agreed to use the fire station to promote and increase vaccinations. Currently, the fire station hosts a monthly clinic on the third Thursdays of the month.

Firefighters with the North Pole Fire Department explain how they fight fires during a monthly immunization clinic.

While the Covid outbreak disrupted the regular schedule a bit, the clinic has been operational for roughly 10 years, providing routine childhood immunizations and now experimental Covid jabs for kids ages six months and older.

The article claims that Covid jabs are “a popular choice” these days, adding that children are more inclined to get “pokes” by “being able to spend time with firefighters from their community.”

The state’s latest blog post came just days before it began contracting with an Anchorage-based media/public relations company to blanket Alaska in video, radio and print propaganda aimed at increasing Covid jabs statewide. The two-year, $3 million dollar campaign is underwritten by the federal government and is prohibited from including any information about the benefits of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine or other effective methods of treating Covid disease.

Alaska is doubling down on its Covid shot efforts despite the fact that the state website shows Alaska youth have a mortality rate from Covid that hovers around zero.


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State of Alaska uses firefighter popularity to coax kids into vax clinic

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