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Alaska Family Council, one of the state’s leading conservative advocacy groups, has issued its endorsements for conservative candidates running in city races in both Wasilla and Palmer. Those elections are set for Oct. 4.

For the Palmer mayoral race, Alaska Family Council whole heartedly endorsed incumbent Steve Carrington. Likewise, it endorsed incumbent city council members Carolina Anzilotti and Richard Best. The endorsement indicates Alaska Family Council has a “very high likelihood of confidence that this candidate will govern and vote as a conservative.”

In the Wasilla contests, Alaska Family Council gave both City Council Seat E challenger Ian Crafton and incumbent Nikki Velock an “ally rating,” which indicates that each candidate met most of the endorsement standards, but did not have “significant enough differences to merit an endorsement rating for one candidate over another.” Also receiving an “ally” ranking was incumbent Wasilla City Councilwoman Alina Rubeo.

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Conservative group endorses candidates for city races in Palmer and Wasilla

Joel Davidson
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