On Oct. 10, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan blasted the Biden administration for continually delaying approval of the much-anticipated Willow Project in Alaska which could yield an estimated 180,000 barrels of oil a day for America.

Speaking on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” Sullivan said Biden’s energy policies are disastrous, and the president’s reticence to develop and produce U.S. oil undercuts many security areas – national security, energy security, environmental policy, jobs and inflation.

Ultimately this undermines American prosperity, he said.

“And then when the prices started to rise, they didn’t say, ‘Hey, let’s produce more in the Gulf or more in Alaska.’ They went around the world – bended knee – to the Saudis, to the Venezuelans. Heck, even discussions with the Iranians to produce more energy. This is the definition of insane,” Sullivan added.

He criticized Biden for offering fewer leases for energy production in America than any other president since WWII.

When it comes to the Alaska’s Willow Project, Sullivan said it is one of the most environmentally sound and low emission projects in the world, but it is still being stalled as the Biden administration continues to ask world dictators to produce more oil for America.

Ultimately this degrades the environment, Sullivan pointed out, because both Venezuela and the Saudis produce some of the dirtiest, high emission oil in the world, he said.

He said Biden’s pleas for help from world dictators are an “insult to the American people.”

According to ConocoPhillips, the Willow project – if ever approved – would create as many as 2,000 jobs (300 permanent) and generate between $8 and $17 billion in new revenue for the federal government, the State of Alaska, the North Slope Borough, and local communities in and around the project. In all, it is expected to produce approximately 600 million barrels of oil over the life of the project.

Last year, Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski both voted to confirm Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a move that was harshly criticized by conservatives across Alaska.

At the time, Sullivan said he had grave concerns with Haaland due to her public positions in favor of the Green New Deal and prohibiting all gas and oil leasing on federal lands.

“In normal times, this would be an easy ‘no’ vote,” Sullivan said in March of 2021. “But these are not normal times. Our state’s economy and our working families are under pressure, stress and assault due to the pandemic and the Biden administration’s initial hostile actions against Alaska and our resource development sector. I believe that my vote to confirm Congresswoman Haaland as Secretary of the Interior may enhance my ability to successfully advocate for a ceasefire in the Biden administration’s war on the Alaska economy and working families.”

In September, Sullivan joined Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Mary Peltola in asking Haaland to let the Bureau of Land Management complete the permitting process for the Willow Project in the National Petroleum Reserve by the end of the year. To date, there has been little movement.

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Sullivan: Biden’s delay of Alaska oil project ‘insults’ America, undermines U.S. security

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    It just goes to show that the Biden administration is in bed with Russia, the Saudis and where past presidents said we’d never ever go again because of sex trafficking and child porn Venezuela. Biden is way worst than what the democrats constantly say Trump did or is doing. Think about it. Oh sorry I forgot Democrats can’t think, they can only act out like spoiled brats that will never grow up.

  • Diana H. Graf says:

    Senator Dan Sullivan has been on the trail of the Alaska Oil and Gas supply for a while. Glad to see he is earning his wagers
    as a Senator but more than that…he’s consistent and he’s right. So glad Fox News picked up on it.
    Shout out for Elijah Verhagen running for Alaska Senate….Pro Life among other things. He is a man of conviction and has ideas about how to get important things done for the Alaskan people.

  • Linda Romero says:

    It’s sad when you can’t get your representatives in office to return a phone call

  • Joe Drayton says:

    Linda, Dan Sullivan’s Staff return our calls. The interest into our specific problems is comforting and real.

  • Lobo says:

    Now, the White House is discussing the relationship with Saudi Arabia (since they won’t save his rear end).. I wonder what the White House will tell Brandon to say… Forget the thinking part.

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    You Appove Haaland you supreme idiot. You and Murky did this. Your protests are too little, too late.

  • Diana says:

    Dan Sullivan is Murkie’s “playdough” partner. He works hard to play with her playdough and what she wants and supports for her job. His job, on the other hand, is not done and is lagging and failing the Senate and the State of Alaska. So, we know from his performance this is the last of his stints in the US Senate. Lets start looking for someone who will keep their word and work for the State of Alaska. The voters put him in a job, not Murkowski. Voters, its time to look for another to fill Sullivan’s office in the Senate. He doesn’t understand who he works for. He needs to be enlightened.

  • Trained Observer says:

    I agree with Diana. This article exposes Ol’ Dan’s hind end. He specifically expresses he has misgivings about Haaland based on previous public statements and testimony and gives her the green light anyway? Me thinks Ol’ Dan is reading the tealeaves and is trying to deflect the heat and has been coming out incrementally a hair and a hop astride of Murky. Let us not be deceived with Ol’ Dan; he doesn’t give a rip about Alaska and proves it daily with every word he speaks in DC. I only wish there was a more substantive way to leave these swamp creatures high and dry when they fail to do their job. Voting them out does not seem to be enough, but it’s a good start.