The upcoming midterm election is far more important than you may think.

The Kelly Tshibaka vs. Lisa Murkowski race is an easy decision. Lisa has been a friend of mine for years, but I have hated to see her vote in line with Joe Biden and be pro-abortion. For those reasons, alone, I would vote for Kelly.

The race for our beloved Don Young’s seat is more complicated. It’s easy to see why Mary Peltola is now in Congress. The votes were split between Nick Begich and Sara Palin.

Mary Peltola is easy to like and a friend to many, but she is a Democrat. Are you happy with the position President Biden and the Democrats have put our country in? There is no doubt Mary Peltola will always vote with Biden. No matter if you are a staunch Democrat or not, a vote for what is best for Alaska and the country is what matters.

One thing’s for sure, Sarah has experience at many levels, and she’s not afraid to speak up and actually show courage and resolve.

For Republicans, choosing between Nick Begich and Sara Palin is also a matter voting for what is best for Alaska and America. Begich seems like a nice fellow, but when we look at his background, he has absolutely zero experience in politics, yet touts his courage and willingness to show it on the floor of Congress. Why should we trust this? How can we be sure he will understand what goes on in Washington DC. Many claim that whatever success he has enjoyed seems to have come from riding the coattails of his uncle Mark Begich. Let’s be honest about this. Nick wouldn’t even be on the ballot if not for his last name.

Some say Nick Begich is a lukewarm candidate hoping his potential win will result from anti-Palin sentiment. Others see him as a lightweight who’s not suited for this challenge.

For those who are looking to Sarah Palin, but still have that bad taste in their mouth remembering when she left the governorship before her term was up, she claims it was due to unfounded lawsuits and an overflow of media attention. She says she quit for the good of the State of Alaska. I feel it was a legitimate reason.

One thing’s for sure, Sarah has experience at many levels, and she’s not afraid to speak up and actually show courage and resolve. We know for certain she will stand in favor of the change needed, and fast.

Some people have a problem with the fact that Donald Trump supports her. Even you don’t like Trump due to his personality or language, should we really be concentrating on frivolous things? No, we should look at results.

Since Biden took control of the White House two years ago, we’ve had disasters with the border, inflation, energy independence, gas prices, the military, and the threat of war from China, Russia and North Korea. All these things were under control with Trump because the world respected our military and economic strength. This has changed dramatically.

If Mary Peltola is elected, she will follow Biden and we will be looking at a continuation of what we have been forced to endure. If Begich wins, we will have an inexperienced representative in Congress who may or may not show the necessary courage to challenge the other side of the isle.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, will certainly be up front and standing strong for all of us. If you don’t like her, I say choose the good of Alaska and America. Swallow hard and vote for Palin. 

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Alaska’s U.S. House race puts us at a critical crossroads

Frank Dahl
Frank Dahl has owned many food and beverage establishments and lodges across Alaska and the Lower-48 for more than half a century. The founder of Anchorage CHARR, he's been active in hospitality and tourism policy since the 1990s. He is a member of Rotary International, a Paul Harris Fellow, and the recipient of an Alaska Legislative citation for public service.


  • JD Duncan says:

    Good to hear from my friend Frank Dahl. I totally agree with his resolves. I have no problem with Palin resigning to run as VP. If she had turned the offer down, we would have had a bigger outcry. Also, if she was from New York, they would vote all day for her due to her ability to take the air out of the press conferences. Mr. Begich is probably a good candidate, but traction will take a while. I wish he had a record we could assess. I am voting for Tshibaka and Palin. Also, voting Yes on Constitutional Convention. We have tried the amendment and legislative method and it is not working.

  • Priscilla Anne Hurley says:

    Thank you for this analysis/opinion. I have been waffling myself about the Congressional seat, but you make a convincing statement. Ms. Peltola has made clear she is in favor of, bluntly, killing babies, which is tragic because many Alaska Natives may vote for her, even if they oppose abortion. Sarah Palin is crystal clear of her stand on abortion – pro-life all the way!

    • Jan DeLand says:

      Really? As governor, when she was faced with choosing between two left leaning judges for the Supreme Court, why did she choose Morgan Christen, a former Planned Parenthood board member despite the Alaska Family Council warning that she’d be more likely to be an activist judge? Planned Parenthood is our largest abortion chain and not counting the yearly half Billion dollars from the U.S. taxpayers, they make the bulk of their money by exterminating pre-born babies. Obama was happy with Palin’s pick and advanced her to the powerful 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. On many levels, I don’t find Palin credible, not the least of which was her endorsement of Walker/Mallott instead of the conservative Republican team Parnell/Mayor Dan Sullivan. Among the many ills “China Bill” Walker gave us was increased crime, obamacare exchange by executive order, increased Medicaid and increased number of state paid abortions. Regardless, the only way to prevent Peltrola from solidifying the Democrat team this election is to rank the red. If either R gets elected and disappoints us, we can replace him/her in two years. With possible Supreme Court openings, we can’t afford to send Mary for another two years.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Good grief. Rank the Red. What happened last time was that too many voters only voted for one Republican and did not rank. It does not matter the order but unless you want more power for Biden then swallow your pride, anger, distaste, disgust, whatever and mark the two republicans one and two. Neither of them will tow the Biden line, but Peltola will, and to do so is not working for Alaska.

    • Truth Network says:

      Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I am voting for legislators whom I believe will legislate effectively.

      I had my doubts about Peltola, but so far she has legislated effectively, re-introducing many of Congressman Young’s bills and working across the aisle to protect Alaska’s interests. It’s no wonder that many of Congressman Young’s staffers have backed Peltola.

      Like many I would like to see strong Republican candidates, but we aren’t seeing that this time around. We have a candidate who was brought in using $80,000 of state money with the clear intent of running for Senate — echoes of Hillary Clinton, who did the same in New York. Come on, Alaska. We’re better than Tshibaka.

      And then we have Sarah Palin, whose brand of performative politics has no place in our country. From her behavior in the last 10 years it’s not clear that she even has the mental fortitude for the role.

      I have been pleasantly surprised by Peltola’s management of the job. She has taken it seriously, she has represented Alaska’s interests.

      I am voting for candidates who are Americans first and Alaskans second. The (D) or (R) after their name is no longer relevant.

  • Kyle Jackson says:

    I agree. The author has left out the most important thing all conservatives must do come November 8th. Rank Palin and Begich in some order. Rank Bye third in fact. He is conservative minded also. Begich is better than Peltola! Palin is better than Peltola! If all Republican leaning voters rank them both then a Republican will win with 58% to 60%. This is so vital, we must get our act together!

  • Ceak says:

    rank the red, for sure!
    #1 Palin, #2 Begich
    #1 Begich, #2 Palin
    Do not rank Peltola.

  • Terry Stires says:

    The author scolds us not to dwell on the “frivolous things” of Trump. Trump has sold our national security, has attacked our constitution, has cheated and lied at every opportunity. Hardly frivolous.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Troll, when will you learn that you keep flagging yourselves by concentrating on anything but the actual main topic on hand. We are voting a red wave and trolls will be washed away. #1 Palin, #2 Begich, #3 Bye (if I have to).

  • Akdale says:

    seriously experience. first, we are talking dc, not Alaska. second, Trump….political experience? he won and many say greatest president ever. Palins RECORD is horrible. She gaves us ACES and Walker. Done deal. Also please name one single thing she did to move pro life causes forward wh governor? Mr Dahl, sorry but 100% disagree here. Nick is the best risk hands down and has the best chance to become the greatest congressman in our states history. if for no other reason then he is not an inside man. sarah has proven that she absolutely does not have the integrity, the smarts to do what we need. i certainly dont want a rubber stamp for the GOP! no i say vote Nick, hold your nose and vote Sarah 2……if you must.

  • Mark says:

    why isn’t Palin here campaigning. she’s in New York with her boyfriend and going on Fox and Friends. why didn’t she show up on the peninsula, all the other Republicans did.

    • Fed up tax payer says:

      Get off your high horse and quit always focusing on negative. How about thank God someone who has some background and back bone has offered to run. If we don’t get over this entitlement thought process we’re gonna be in the same boat. Grow up, stand up and do something to help the situation instead of hurt it, quit being a downer.

  • Kyle Jackson says:

    Again, I must reiterate, as some of the folks commenting seem to not understand we have Rank Choice Voting now(hopefully the legislature will axe it next session). You can and must vote for Palin and Begich #1 & #2 in some order. If Republicans don’t get this right Peltola will win again as what happened in August. Peltola is bad for Alaska. She puts a nice smiling face on very bad policies and lies about being moderate. If just 10,000 more Begich voters ranked Palin 2nd in August we would have a Republican representing us now. Which is what we all want. I get it, people have concerns with Begich, so do I. And people have concerns with Palin, so do I. No candidate is perfect. But think of the national issues, both are 100 times better than any Democrat! Rank the red in the U.S. House race, and only rank Tshibaka for U.S. Senate. Murkowski must go!

    • Truth Network says:

      I can and must vote for my preferred candidates. Palin is not on that list. Begich and Peltola are. “Rank the Red?” What is this, some junior high school clique? My candidates’ priorities are America and Alaska, not (R) or (D).

  • Dean says:

    Just got my flyer in the mail yesterday which has both Murkowski and Peltola together on it. I’m sure Lisa will all so willingly mentor her in all the ways of the DC swamp but not in a good way. We all say Lisa with her along with Nancy Pelosi at her swearing in ceremony. So rank the RED! Lisa is already doing enough Damage.
    As for Nick Begich, remember when the corrupt FBI took down TED STEVENS which opened the door for his uncle Mark Begich to get elected. At least we got him out on the next election cycle. I’m sure if Nick gets elected he will no doubt be bombarded with advice from the rest of his Democratic family influence so let’s not take a chance at this most critical time to Make America Great Again and vote for Palin. Nick’s a young man I’m sure his time will come, but not now!
    Palin and Tshibaka will vote MAGA and support Trump all the way

  • Mike Jensen says:

    This is one of the worst pieces of advice I’ve read yet. Every poll and Election Day has shown ONLY Begich has a chance to beat Peltola. If we rank Sarah first, we will lose again and a Democrat will represent Alaska. Begich #1, Sarah #2.

  • Ryan Nelson says:

    A vote for Palin is a vote for Peltola. Palin is a very stupid person and the majority of Alaskas don’t like her.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Actually it is not. Rank the red – in any order. It you don’t, then you ARE voting for Peltola.

  • Norm Koontz says:

    Vote Sarah Palin First Choice for Congress

    Sarah Palin is fighting the corrupt establishment. The lobbyists ,the union bosses , and the permanent political class.
    Rank Sarah Palin #1 Choice for Congress.

  • Jakob Ernst says:

    If you don’t want Peltola, rank the red. Vote for both Palin AND Begich. Doesn’t matter the order.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Jakob Ernst is exactly right. If you don’t want Peltola, rank the red. For for both Palin and Begich. Doesn’t matter the order!!!!!!!

  • Truth Writer says:

    This is an emotional view point of this race. What is missing? The fact that Sarah can not win this election. She didn’t do the work and hasn’t talked with the people. It is too late now – her event in Anchorage of 50 people was the writing on the wall for her.

  • Jimbo says:

    The only reason one conservative talk show host says Palin can’t win is because he assumes Begich voters won’t rank Palin second as they didn’t last time. Please Rank 1 and 2 Palin or Begich. Hold your nose and vote one you don’t like second.

  • Kyle Jackson says:

    Yes, Rank Begich, Palin in some order even if you do not care for one of them. Each are far better than Peltola! We unfortunately have RCV, so if conservative minded Alaskans do not Rank both Palin and Begich we will end up with Peltola winning at only 40%. Even though she is trying to hide it, Peltola is a Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Bernie Democrat. Plug your nose and rank Palin and Begich 1 or 2. Look at the National issues, Palin and Begich do not differ much. They will not have much influence on State/Local issues in the U.S Congress. If Begich turns out to be like his family and proves to be lying (which I doubt) then we will vote him out next time. Likewise, If Palin betrays us in D.C. than we can do the same in 2 years. As it stands right now, we must rank them both in order to stop Peltola. This needs to be a team effort. We must understand Rank Choice Voting as long as it is in place or we, as conservatives, will always loose.

  • Irene Q. says:

    I find it interesting that so many people say the exprience Sarah has is what should have us vote for her, and that Nick does not have any experience and thus will be bad for us in congress. Trump had no political experience and yet he did more for this country than most presidents. So the “experience” argument holds no water with me.

    • Jimbo says:

      Irene, based on your post, you should bot Begich first and Palin second. Thanks

    • Jimbo says:

      Irene, based on your post, you should vote Begich first and Palin second. Thanks

    • lmpakborn says:

      Has everyone forgotten that there are different kinds of “experience” to be considered — not just political, but business. We have a country to run and Nick Begich knows how to run a business or two ….. Our representatives have forgotten how to run our country where it operates within its means, to consider debt, make wise choices to produce income/stability for our country, to operate wisely against competition and so much more. Many of the big guys have forgotten what it’s like to wear multiple hats, make ends meet and remember the little business people that are the ‘backbone” of our country. Think about it — this is why folks have backed Trump, whether they liked him or not. He knows business and brought many of those principles into running the government.

  • Theresa says:

    Frank Dahl, what do you make of Palin’s remarks about Peltola during her AFN speech? Even if the woman feels a certain way about her political opponent, she ought to know better than to gush when there’s a (supposed) gigantic ideological divide between them, and when human life, 2nd Amendment rights, and energy independence are at stake both here in AK and in DC.

    Also, I posit that it’s past time for us to vote for those persons who “have experience.” The times we’re living in call for ordinary, average guys to get involved in politics -beyond the voting booth- guys who are not tethered by special interest groups and back scratchers.

  • Dean says:

    Well again the common sense and logic here is totally absent. So if we are to believe the polls which are mostly crafted to establish a narrative to influence the voters that Palin can’t beat Peltola (which she would have if the Begich people wouldn’t have ranked Peltola 2nd) we are now supposed to believe that Begich who came in third place can.
    To quote Forest Gump ” I may not be a smart man, but I know what BS is “