NEA-Alaska, the powerful teachers union that represents the vast majority of public school educators across Alaska, has issued a heavily partisan endorsement guide that fails to include even one known conservative Republican candidate for the Alaska Legislature.

Of the 43 legislative races in which the union endorsed a candidate, they only preferred a Republican seven times, and most of these Republicans are all well-known for breaking with their party form coalitions to help pass Democratic legislation. Overall, the union picked 29 Democrats, 7 Republicans and 7 candidates who claimed to be independent or non-partisan.

Statewide, the union prefers Bill Walker as its number one choice for governor, and recommends Democrat Les Gara as the second choice.

Nationally, they prefer Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democratic U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola.

The union also opposes a statewide constitutional convention.

While the union leans heavily left, a disclaimer at the bottom of the endorsement guide asserts that the voter recommendations are made by a “non-partisan committee of your colleagues, elected by their peers.”

NEA-Alaska, like the national organization to which it belongs, is heavily invested in hard left Democratic issues. The Alaska group’s Facebook page advocates for gender neutral bathrooms and sports, explicit sex education, celebration of LGBTQ Pride month, cross-sex hormones for gender-confused youth, they/them pronouns and critical race theory, among other controversial issues.


The national project, Opt Out Today, has laid out exactly how Alaskan teachers can leave their local chapter of the National Education Association (NEA) union. Opt Out Today is a project of the Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1991 to promote liberty, free enterprise and limited, accountable government.

“As strong advocates for individual liberty, we fundamentally believe that no worker should be forced to associate with or financially support a labor union as a condition of keeping their job,” the group’s website states. “Accordingly, we work to make sure that all public employees are fully informed of and able to exercise their constitutional rights regarding union membership and dues payment.”

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Non-partisan? Alaska teachers union endorses mostly hard left Democrats

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Lobo says:

    “Statewide, the union prefers Bill Walker as its number one choice for governor”…. I remember what happened to our “stolen” PFD the last time he sat at the Governor’s desk.. He will likely come for the rest of it if he somehow makes it to the desk again.. The NEA is one of the leftist groups fighting the Constitutional Convention, and that should tell the thinking citizens (voters) a lot..

  • Friend of Alaska says:

    I hope that Alaska leaves the NEA Union and any other political-affiliated organization. Would love to hear, “YOU ARE FIRED NEA!”

  • Andy says:

    Elon should buy the NEA