I attended a conservative meeting years ago in Fairbanks that focused on politics and why Alaska conservatives tend to struggle getting their values protected and their laws passed. One portion of the meeting that stood out for me was when the speaker mentioned how different our lifestyles are overall, and how that impacts the time and energy Christian conservatives can spend on political issues compared to their liberal neighbors.

The biggest difference is the size of our families. Let’s be real. LGBTQ people cannot reproduce. It’s my belief that this is the whole purpose of pushing this lifestyle on a global scale, to reduce the population. They have to rely on expensive surrogate pregnancies to accomplish what comes naturally to men and women couples. 

There’s no arguing with math, that’s just the plain truth. 

Conservatives tend to have larger families and they focus on their marriage, their beliefs and raising their kids. It’s everything to them. So much so, that flying to Juneau and leaving all the kids at home with one spouse taking care of everything is just too much of a sacrifice.

Allow for candidates to run that won’t have to desert their families for months during the session, and the entire liberal dynasty will come crashing down.

As long as the capitol remains in Juneau, our leaders are untouchable, unreachable, and disconnected from the everyday Alaskan citizens. It also slices the conservative pool of candidates by half if not more because they will not leave their families to go live in an area with super expensive housing or no housing at all for their kids. This leaves a wide-open opportunity for LGBTQ and their liberal allies to begin taking over our government.

Bring the capitol to the mainland like Wasilla or Anchorage or any town in Alaska accessible by car, however, and watch the table turn! Allow for candidates to run that won’t have to desert their families for months during the session, and the entire liberal dynasty will come crashing down.

Let’s get things into perspective when it comes to LGBTQ politicians. They will always push their agenda – starting with the kids. They love sexualizing kids. While they can’t have their own children, they push for laws to take kids away from conservative parents if they don’t support the LGBTQ lifestyles.

Don’t think this is about “love.” It’s has nothing to do with love. It’s all about an agenda that history has proven will destroy society. 

To turn this around, we need to move our capitol – and fast. I’ve heard that we already voted to do this 48 years ago

We also need to get rid of ranked-choice voting. And according to Bob Bird, we do not need to wait 10 years for another constitutional convention vote; it can be requested anytime.

It’s time to take drastic steps to save our state from being swallowed up by the liberal tsunami. This is one wave we can’t afford to turn our back on.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Want more conservative Alaskans to run for office? Move the capitol

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is the president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Well, I got to Alaska on 1 January 1986. you do the math. I’ve voted 2-3 times now and it passed twice as I recall to move the capital out of Juneau. There is two reasons it hasn’t moved. First Juneau has/had money. All the Elected officials from early state hood bought up land built building and rent those buildings to the state for unreasonable amounts of money. Every time Juneau hears were going to move the capital they dump a ton of money into fixing up the old buildings and charging the state more to rent them. It’s been said if the capital moves from Juneau that it will shrivel up like all the other little cities down the arm. Second is after the last vote to move the capital they decided to move it to Willow. Now the road system wasn’t hood enough so it was going to cost a lot of money to fix it. The normal people like you and I heard Willow was tge place and we all rushed to Willow to stake a claim so when the state came to buy land we’d sell ours to the state at a profit to us. Well the rich people couldn’t buy any land so they decided to screw the people and sited no place to build, no infrastructure, cost to much to fix and extend the runway, etc. So why burn any bridges? Let’s keep the status quo and keep it in Juneau. That my fellow Alaskans is why we haven’t moved the capital out of Juneau and probably never will.

  • Whidbey Thedog says:

    Right up there with other Alaskan fantasy projects that will never ever happen…and that refuse to die.

  • Reggie Taylor says:

    This again? The 1982 general election insult should have put this to bed forever, but I guess the folks who missed out on that outrage need to feel the lengths to which the corrupt will go to fight this. Going through this again would make me wish for nuclear holocaust just to finally put all this behind humanity forever.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Reggie, nuclear anything is a death wish. The left has been pushing nuclear war. Nuclear war will destroy people and the health of the planet. So, what I am understanding from what you are stating is that you don’t mind if this planet and all life is destroyed along with it – is this correct?

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        I’m getting there. This isn’t the same world I was born and raised in, or raised my children in. I’d build an ark, but God promised that the next time was not by water, but by fire.
        I think I’m ready.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I agree with your statements Pamela Samash. The early 1970s marked the decline of Alaska – this is when the deep state started making moves to set everything up for a takeover and many people did not realize this. People started waking up to things not being in balance. I started waking up in the Obama years, and even more so when Trump was in office. Now, more and more people are awake, but the takeover has set deep roots into our government, economy and livelihood. While the rest of the nation gets to make their voices heard on their capitol steps – the People’s house, Alaskans were saying, “I cannot afford to fly to Juneau, much less rent a room while there!” I have heard a few people (even some on the right) say that it is too expensive to move the Capitol. Even with that said, this is an issue that should be on the ballot – well, when we have fair elections again. I bet we would surprise ourselves when a majority vote “Yes” to move the Capitol and bring the Alaskans House closer to the People.

  • Steve says:

    It will only be too expensive to move the Capital if we build monuments instead of buildings. I’ve voted three times, in one form or another, to move the Capital. But the bureaucrats find some reason to deny the voters their wish. The legislative operations should be moved every four years to a different location, no one location gains the power to decide the future of the state. Maybe have five chosen areas in the state for our legislators to meet, where the populous can have easy access to their ears.

    • James says:

      They’re insulated from the large gatherings/protests they’d surely have to endure if they were on the road system. They’ll never give that up.

  • Mary says:

    And the left in Juneau wants to remain unreachable. No matter how many Alaskans vote for a change of location, it will never happen until the corrupt ” good old boy” club is dissolved. How scandalous if Alaska s were actually able to visit the halls of government and witness where they actually spend most of their time in Juneau. Would their kids and spouses approve?????

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    I am all for moving the capital. More than half of our state populace is pretty much disenfranchised by too little access to the legislative function. But that is still only a small portion of a bigger problem. I do agree with Pamela about the focus of so many conservative families – being their families, faith, businesses and raising kids to be responsible adults, etc. Still, with that said, we as a conservative group – occupying a good portion – the conservative portion – of the Republican Party – can take a page from the leftist agenda and take the lead by setting the narrative. Strongly.

    The left are masters of narrative setting – and I will not elaborate here due to space but we are bombarded with their narrative daily, especially during the election. Theirs is a narrative of darkness cloaked in false light. We need to take our narrative of freedom, dignity, upholding our constitution, self responsibility, work ethic, truth, honesty, righteousness, kindness to others, respect, educational choice, family, and proclaim it. Market it, holding our values up as what should be desired. We do not need to be deceptive or sneaky as the left must be to push their darkness. But instead, for some reason, we sit back and do nothing except try to defend ourselves from their onslaught of lies.

    For us it will take some serious sweat equity and repeating truth over and over – just as they peddle their lies. It won’t be easy as our world is sadly ruled by darkness. It is surely difficult to make regular trips to Juneau but you can start closer to home. Start attending assembly meetings. Message, email, call your legislative representatives even if they do not align with your ideology. Pray for them and let them know that. Be a candle in their darkness. Pray for all of our elected leaders. Attend party meetings and functions. Support worthy organizations that promote conservative values. We are at a huge financial disadvantage as the left has deep pockets – power and control are very lucrative and tempting to those in darkness. If each of us does a little, it is amazing how it can add up and make a difference.

  • Art Chance says:

    The biggest barrier to conservatives/Republicans in government is the way most conservatives/Republicans make a living as compared to the leftists. Almost all conservatives/Republicans are small business people, employees of small businesses, or tradespeople. To take an elected or appointed position they normally can’t afford to just hire a manager to take over or bring on a substitute. Leftists work for government, for left-leaning non-profits, or work in the leftist shadow government of businesses that do business with government. Their employers will give them time off to campaign and to hold office and will hold a job for them when they are not working for government of when they lose their office or position. In the unlikely event that a lefty appointee or ally gets fired, s/he will not miss a day of work; there is a union, law firm, or some sort of front group that has a place for them. If a Republican loses or gets fired from an appointment, it is back to the district and selling real estate or cars. Even the Republicans won’t usually hire you because you’ve been tainted by the ultimate evil for Republicans; you’ve been touched by controversy. If you’re a Republican staffer or appointee thinking of doing something that you know some Democrat interest group isn’t going to like, you’d best get your affairs in order because you’re about to feel what it is like to not have a friend in the World.

  • Terry Stires says:

    “We need to take our narrative of freedom, dignity, upholding our constitution, self responsibility, work ethic, truth, honesty, righteousness, kindness to others, respect, educational choice, family, and proclaim it. ” Do you really think that democrats do not share these same values?

  • Jake Libbey says:

    Umm, no Terry… Mainstream Democrats, Political Democrats AND Democrat talking heads have long since abandoned almost every one of those values, with the exception of mislabeling gender-affirming care (aka trans-ing the kids) as kindness to others, dignity or respect. Democrats do NOT support School Choice, they only support a virtual monopoly on indoctrination and social re-engineering relabeled as public education. Democrats do NOT uphold the Constitution, they abhor it as institutional racism and the perfect manifestation of the white Patriarchy at worst, and at best a living document that needs not only to NOT be upheld, but abandoned because of the first reasons. Democrats do not support “RIGHTeousness” because to say one thing is right (and therefore righteous) and another thing is wrong, is anathema. They can’t even define WOMAN for Pete’s sake, much less the definition of right and wrong. Along those same lines self-responsibility is a total joke to Democrats, who want student loans forgiven, skewed grading systems, critical race theory, and every other thing that creates the opposite of strong humans who can handle adversity BECAUSE they have embraced personal responsibility. Democrats want victims and victimhood, pick your poison, all organized into neat little ideological plantations that Democrats get to control via social media powered groupthink. No Terry, Democrats absolutely do NOT share those values.

    • Mortified says:

      Excellent reply Jake! You have summarized the democrats planks of destruction that make up their platform. No redeeming qualities, nothing that builds up, or encourages, it is all degenerating rot gut that will lead us all down to despair!

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Amen Amen Jake! I agree with your response to T.S. Demorats do not share any of the same values that Conservatives hold that I am aware of.

    • Terry Stires says:

      Not surprisingly, I disagree with everything you wrote.

  • C says:

    Maybe we can’t move the state capitol due to cost, however why not move the legislation and their functions to Anchorage. The BP Building on Benson is empty to my knowledge. Lots of parking. Security all ready set. Weigh the cost of how much we spend sending Representatives to Juneau. Just a suggestion.