Alaska Senate Bill 43 would require all public schools to teach a whole host of highly controversial sexual topics.

Sponsored by hard left Democrat Senators Elvi Gray Jackson, Forrest Dunbar and Loki Tobin, the bill gives schools a way to bypass parental notification when it comes to teaching children highly divisive sex education topics. This would include topics like how to “safely” engage in both heterosexual and homosexual sexual activities.

The bill is titled, “Personal Safety Education,” but it’s really all about giving schools a way to introduce sexual topics to students without having to deal with parental pushback or conservative school board members.

The bill is strongly supported by Planned Parenthood, which is urging its army of activists to pressure lawmakers into passing the legislation.

Current state law requires that any curriculum, literature, or materials related to sex ed, reproduction, and sexuality to be first approved by the local school board, and then made available for parents to review.

Alaska does not require districts to teach sex education at all, but leaves that up to each community to decide individually. SB 43 would change this, while imposing strict rules on what sort of curriculum must be taught. In particular it specifies that the material must be approved by groups such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all of which advocate for abortion, gender fluidity and LGBTQ identity and expression.

The bill is strongly supported by Planned Parenthood, which is using social media and email blasts to marshal its activists into pressuring lawmakers to pass the legislation.

Pro-life advocates, however, have raised concerns that the proposed law would require children to be taught in accord with the National Sexuality Education Standards, which push both abortion and the idea that both men and women can become pregnant. The organization also embraces the notion of gender fluidity – the idea that children should embrace whatever sexual identity they desire, and modify their bodies through cross-sex hormones or surgeries to fit their preferences.

The bill is currently in the Senate Education Committee.


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Alaska Senate bill would mandate LGBTQ-infused sex classes in all public school

Joel Davidson
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