On March 30, I waited about an hour and a half to testify in support of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s parental rights in education bill (House Bill 105), which would bar public schools from hiding a child’s sexual identity or health records from parents, while requiring parental permission before teachers discuss sexual matters with students. The legislation also requires schools to separate locker rooms and restrooms according to biological sex at birth.

During the public hearing, I heard countless testifiers utilize every last second of their time explaining how horrible parents are and how the schools are a “safe place” to save children from their Christian moms and dads.

Yes, they openly said these things. They were once sort of discreet, but not anymore. Many public educators want our kids. Their intentions, which they plainly stated, are to shield children from their parents, because moms and dads don’t know what’s best.

Schools are now places where sex and secrets are welcomed and discussed, without parental notice or consent.

During the public hearing, many who testified repeated this trash.

Where were the Christian parents in all of this? I only heard about five of us who called in to support the governor’s bill. 

I don’t think people grasp the seriousness of what’s happening here. Schools are openly taking control and wielding influence over our kids with no concern for the very ones who raised these children.

And to be honest, these activists don’t seem to have much to worry about. Hardly anyone spoke up in favor of a bill that aims to defend parental rights.

Our involvement has an impact on lawmakers, and they need to hear from their constituents. They were elected to represent us, and need to know our expectations.

The well-organized left has this completely figured out. We must step it up.

The next public hearing set HB 105 is on Monday, April 24, at 8 a.m. (details below). We can testify or write directly to the House Education Committee members (email They need to hear from us.

Public schools pose a critical threat to the family unit by telling kids that we – their parents – are somehow the enemy from whom they must be saved. 

Lawmakers need to know that we love our kids, and that schools are violating our parental rights.

If this bill fails – after the public comments I’ve already heard – I think government schools should be closed down.

Please speak up and fight for our families.


The hearing on HB 105 begins at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 24, in the House Education Committee. Testifiers should try to call 15 minutes before the hearing to be added to the queue. When it is time to testify, you will be called upon.

— Anchorage: (907) 563-9085

— Juneau: (907) 586-9085

— Fairbanks: (844) 586-9085

— All other locations: (844) 586-9085

— Those who cannot afford to wait on the phone to testify can send a message to the House Education Committee by emailing all members at

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OPINION: Why aren’t more Alaskans stepping up to defend the parental rights bill?

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She recently served on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is past-president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.


  • Me says:

    Because it’s not actually popular.

    • Richard K CORBeil says:

      What’s not? Parents keeping informed about their kids? If that is what you mean, it is utterly mindless.

  • Alaskan Born and Raised says:

    Honestly, most Christian parents have already pulled out of the public school system. We are educating them at home, or in private Christian schools (if one can afford…). If you want to send a message to these woke, liberal madrasas, masquerading as “schools,” get your kids out by any means necessary. It’s past time that public education ends. It has failed to uphold its primary duty- EDUCATION. The teachers unions are hack leftist hives and they are using your children just like all Communists and National Socialists have throughout history as good societies collapse, to brainwash them into being good member of the Party. Get them out.

  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    How about the state Constitution and informing it?I don’t have kids in school. I still have a voice and this is wrong. These teachers are screwing your kids minds up. They are forcing unhealthy and unlawful things on our kids. I agree, It’s time parents to step up and testify. You had those kids and you kniw this is wrong. It’s time to stop it. Liberals don’t get it tgeir way always. You need to fight for YOUR kids. You didn’t have them for tge government. This is NOT nazi Germany. Darn close to exactly what they did before WWII.

  • Plan Ahead says:

    This is a good bill. But I will give you some reasons why nobody is calling in.
    1. We have been homeschooling for almost 20 years. I realize that some people don’t have that option, but at this point if your kids are still in public school… You are correct. Government schools should be shut down.
    2. Calling in will not change the minds of corrupt politicians or rabid left wing lunatics. Waste of time… Pearls before swine.
    3. Most of us have realized what time it is and have already made plans to leave the failed state of Alaska or create our own parallel society.

    • BackcountryBoy says:

      This. Pamala – I am so appreciative that there are people like you who show up and stand up. I fully support you! But you also have to admit this is a dead end road. The public school system is lost. And it can’t be saved. It is better to leave now before you or your loved ones and kids are pulled closer and closer to the drain. Independently homeschool or private school. Those are the choices… and excellent choices at that! And Plan Ahead is right – if after all that they still come after my kids, I’m leaving to a more free state.

      • StopTheMadnesz says:

        I disagree. I’ve been homeschooling for ten years and believe that I cannot in good conscience send my children to any public school. However, I believe it is vitally important for us to speak up. Do we not care about our fellow citizens, about the citizens who will be fellows to our children when they grow up? Do we not have a responsibility to attempt to ensure a free and morally upright society, even if our chances seem slim? And do you believe the madness of these perpetrators will stop at the doors of our public schools and libraries? The devil is after your family! Schools and libraries are a means to an end. If we don’t fight the battle on the public school doorstep, the perpetrators of this madness will only be more emboldened and stronger in the next sphere we are forced to do battle.

        If you can’t wait on the phone line, at the very least, write an email! All the information you need to do so is provided here! God Will ask you one day what you did to defend His image in this world -the human person (Imago Dei) and the human family (an image of the Trinity)- and I would rather err on the side of more than less, even if this particular instance doesn’t directly affect us -yet.

      • CD says:

        I say the same as back country boy and If educators are willing to do this to parents parents are only going to go around stomping out fires. No more public education. Privatize it.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        I agree with StopTheMadnesz. We need to stay in this fight for our children even if our children do not attend public schooling. The more that we let the crazy left install in our society, the more it will affect all of us. There are a lot of true warriors out here in the interzones that are fighting battle fatigue, but they keep pressing on because this is a fight for humanity to survive – be part of that group in saving humanity.

      • BackcountryBoy says:

        I would like to clarify my comment. While I mentioned and appreciated the author’s work, my comment was ultimately directed at the average Christian parent reading the comments. StopTheMadnesz is right – the devil is after our families. OUR families. Which is why we should put them first. Make sure our own lives are in order before trying to order others’ lives.

    • Shelia says:

      If you think Alaska is bad, try the lower 48 – practically anywhere. Alaskans need to fight for their future, not pull out and hide. Alaska is not a failed state, but one of only a few whose governor is still fighting the woke mob instead of joining them. Time for the silent majority to roll up their sleeves and engage!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I would really like to have the House Education committee publish the statistics for how many called in and testified in writing. I wonder if the statistics for the numbers of supporters is being squashed for that people think that we are against HB105? I submitted written testimony in support of HB105 for the April 24th public testimony.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Why is the pledge of allegiance, in God we trust, and pray, taken out of schools.
    Because there afraid of the truth. Yes we need to stand up to this horrible evil new system being pushed upon us.

    • Lucinda says:

      Geez Proud. Maybe the concept of separation of church and state? Maybe not everyone in America is a Christian? Maybe keep your silly impossible beliefs to yourself?

      • Plan Ahead says:

        Pot calling kettle black

      • StopTheMadness says:

        “Maybe keep your silly impossible beliefs to yourself?” That’s exactly my thought about CRT, gender ideology, and drag queen story hours.

      • matthew says:

        Separation of church is a lie – there is no guarantee of such. Have you even bothered to pick up the US Constitution?

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Lucinda the seperation of church and state was actually intended to keep the state out of the church, allowing for religious liberty, and not a ‘national’ church. Albeit the wacky gender and climate cult stuff being forced upon us now by the state sure smacks of state directed religion.

  • Lucinda says:

    Joel. Thanks again for allowing my anti posts here. I fully expected to be booted a long time ago. It’s a testament to your integrity.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Lucinda, very few of us here can stand your incessant trolling. But, you have a right, just as much as anyone else, to air your opinion here and I, for one, would not ask for you to be blocked or censored. I cherish the freedom we have to speak what is on our minds – everyone including you should have that right. The current government is losing this battle to control us because we know our rights and are finally standing up for them again. God Almighty bless free speech and give us the tools to protect it!

      • Lucinda says:

        Friend. Your post is also known as virtue signaling.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Whatever Lucinda. I was letting you know that most of us do respect freedom of speech. You cannot see past the end of your nose. God wins in the end and I certainly will be on the winning side.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Laws in this state are more valuable during a crisis like Covid! Remember when toilet paper was scarce? Our laws are in fact less useful than toilet paper but it makes us feel better when we get the people all stirred up and give the lawmakers a” piece of our mind “! Why are we even discussing this? If you all can’t see that you already lost this battle I believe your love for your children has gone cold! Outraged people should be the norm! Legislative leaders that can’t figure this out are brain dead! Make a phone call? Really?

  • Mary says:

    Lucinda. Do you even know what that frequently flung around phrase “separation of church and state” actually says? I would guess not.

    • Bobby Bones says:

      It means that we are a representative republic, not a theocracy. People are free to choose how they want to worship without threat or coercion from the state.

  • Proud parent says:

    My wife and I raised our children and they turned out to be good upstanding citizens of the community. They’re raising there children just find. If it does go thru the Governor should just veto it.

  • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    “Where were the Christian parents in all of this? I only heard about five of us who called in to support the governor’s bill.”

    Maybe it’s because, believe it or not, there are a lot of parents who DON’T feel like you do. Parents want schools to be safe spaces for children, regardless of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identify. Most parents have LGBTQ friends, family members, co-workers, and yes, CHILDREN. Many parents are LGBTQ themselves. Many parents want their kids to know American history, even if that means learning about slavery, segregation, and the modern civil rights movement. You can’t censor those aspects of history just because it makes your little darlings feel bad.

  • Toscano says:

    The inability to get our opinions FELT (as opposed to getting them HEARD) is a result of the isolation of Juneau as the state capital. The Left’s tactics of jamming conference calls would be exposed if parents could make an easy drive to Willow and the reality of the weirdness of the entire coterie of the Mad Left would be too obvious to ignore.

    • Friend of Humanity says:


    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      So agree with you. At very least the legislative session should be held closer to the population core and easier access for interior and bush Alaska.
      One only needs to look at ticket prices to Juneau and then the unavailability of accommodations. Too many Alaskans are really disenfranchised. Having to write or call does not have near the impact as physical presence.

  • M says:

    Pam- our family appreciates what you are doing and are grateful for your efforts and voice. The reason we aren’t there is because we are already homeschooling and exhausted our similar efforts in other fights long before this one. I suspect that the majority of other Christian families are either in the same boat we are or if their kids are still in the public school system they are oblivious to what is really going on. I hope you will continue to warrior and put on the armor of God.

    • BackcountryBoy says:

      M, you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing! Keep up the good work and always prioritize YOUR family! If someday, once your kids are grown and established and your marriage is unwavering, you feel called to fight outside of the home, great! But for now, God has given you the eternally important job of raising and building YOUR family.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Bless you and keep up the great work. You are raising citizens.

  • Mboll says:

    The elites don’t want to hear from us peasants. Nothing we do or say will get them to listen. Now if you have a bank roll or a cooperation behind you then maybe just maybe.

  • Dalton Stokes says:

    I sat on Eddie Burke’s show on KOAN for over 2 years explaining exactly what was going down and everybody laughed and said I was crazy. pervert Democrats didn’t block me,.. sell out scared Republicans did. Republicans wake up every morning to lose.. when you’re starving you can say you took the high road

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Who, in Alaska’s government from local officials to the governor have valid oaths of office? On SGT Report, discussion was held on this very topic starting at the 26:22 mark. Listen to the entire video if you have time!

  • Lucinda says:

    StopTheMadnesz. I do not want public funds to be used for your religious homeschooling.

    • StopTheMadnesz says:

      Neither do I! And public funds are not used to fund my homeschooling efforts. I would like back my taxes that go to ASD so I can use more of my own money to pay for my kids’ education. But I don’t want state or federal funds to pay for my homeschooling or to any private, Faith-based schools. I prefer to keep both truly independent.

    • Shelia says:

      Lucinda, neither do we want public funds used for propaganda and drag queen shows. Better to actually teach the kids to read, write, do math and know history with all of its warts than to raise kids so screwed up mentally that they end up committing mass shootings. Of course, then you libs have another excuse to grab all of the guns, don’t you?

    • Glenda says:

      Lucinda. I don’t want to fund abortions, nor the fatherless children all with different Dads that would require Denali Kidcare, WIC, housing vouchers, etc.

      I see that we are at an impasse.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Well, I really do not want my taxes going to fund the public schools teaching cult madness. We homeschooled privately, no cost to you, I promise, except one for high school because of a sport situation. Three years. And all the rest while we were paying taxes for public funded indoctrination. Hence technically we double paid. Granted there are great teachers managing to work around the foolishness. Would be nice if all teachers could just teach.

  • Total. Commie. Death. says:

    I don’t what to give any of my attention, energy or resources to the public school system. Eventually the system will implode on itself because it requires the volunteer hours and money of involved parents, children with sone amount of socialization and parenting to uphold the system…. Without us they crumble. They’ve already told you what they want to do with your kids. Why in the world would you put your most precious vulnerable family members in the hands of the enemy to “educate”.
    I’m sorry public schools are no longer the schools we attended as youths (and they were bad back then). Look at the drug/sex scandal involving the principal and multiple teachers at Service HS. Did the degenerate principal ever come forward and apologize to the community for his conduct?? No! Because he does GAF about you are your standards/morals/feelings. How many over doses happened in just ASD in the last two weeks? Those were covered up quickly. The truth is if you knew what actually goes on at these government schools you’d feel guilty for the rest of your life god allowing pedophiles, druggies, reprobates, sexual deviants, degenerates to have access to your children
    As Christians we should be fighting this battle on our own playing field. Abandon the failing government schools and let’s introduce legislation to protect and enshrine our rights and freedom to educate our children as we wish. God is with us. We can not fail. Be lionhearted and walk away from the lazy options (government schools and screens) that are offered by the enemy.

  • Kenneth Wells says:
    Hello everyone,
    In regard to the Governors bill, I urge you all to support it.
    It’s tempting to think the absurdities coming to light in the public education system in the lower 48 are far away and will never reach Alaska. Unfortunately, those absurdities are already here, hidden among the library books and a few staff members of ASD.

    It seems to be that if I object to my elementary school aged children being exposed to books in their school library that explicitly describe and/illustrate sexual behavior, I am smeared as a ‘book burner’. If I object to my daughters being taught they can change their gender, I’m smeared as a ‘transphobe’. If I object to my children being taught how to use a butt plug, I’m smeared as a conservative Christian against sex education.

    Mulitple instances in Alaska have come to light of a few public school employees expressing their disdain for parents. Mulitple instances in Alaska have come to light of a few public school employees boasting of how they are teaching Woke ideology under the radar of not only parants but also school administrators.

    Recently, people like myself are mocked because someone, somewhere couldn’t define, ‘Woke’, on the spot in a public interview. We adopted the term to serve as a catch-all lable for a variety of ideologies being pushed into public schools. Sometimes pushed openly, like SEL, but most times pushed clandestinely with lessons being taught through a “lens of” something or by the clandestine insertion of wildly inappropriate books on to school library shelves.

    For more thorough definitions of the various shades of Woke ideology,

    We send our kids to public school partly because we have little alternative and partly because we went to public school ourselves and our memories of it are not terrible. Today, there is a betrayal going on. Did you not wonder, at least once, why the Anchorage School Board felt in necessary to make a public statement about George Floyd’s death? An incident that happened many thousands of miles away, an incident that has nothing to do with Alaska’s public schools, and an incident about which they knew almost nothing?

    That was one shade of Woke manifesting in our schools, ‘social justice’. The Woke ideologues on the board and within the schools seized upon George Floyd’s death to justifiy moving more into the public eye. You may recall that public animosity toward the school board began increasing around then, parents objecting to various aspects of Woke they had come across in their kids school or homework.

    The Governor’s bill will do little to stop Wokeness in the school system but it will, we hope, prevent groomers from hiding their actions legally thus giving parents an option other than withdrawing our kids from school completely, as many have already done.

    Thanks for your time.

    Kenneth L. Wells

  • Dorothy DeBlauw says:

    I support the parental rights bill. Whether your child is in public school, private school or homeschooled – parents are the most important in a child’s life. Don’t let government take that right.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:


    • Lucinda says:

      Dorthy: Government isn’t taking parent’s rights. Unless you mean the government taking the rights of raped girls to have an abortion. Or the government making interstate travel for an abortion illegal. Or banning homosexuality (you Christians are trying). Or Government telling me which books kids can read in a public library. Forcing the Ten Commandments to be installed in public buildings in Texas. Is that what you meant?

  • OAPSkweeze says:

    Although all 9 of my children went through public school, there is no way I would have them there, now. I sent an email AND waited 2.5 hours to testify on behalf of HB105. Why? Because the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow! Also, my sales tax on the Peninsula goes towards Public Schools, and I should still have a say where I want MY tax dollars to go!
    We Christians cannot give up the fight for our children and families! Parents need to be advocates for their children, whether it means pulling them out of public school, or standing up for righteous principles.
    To those of you who aren’t God-fearing, if your child was being taught something such as — GASP — the “Bible”, (or for the anti-gun crowd, a class on firearm safety) in school, you may be just as adamant about pulling your child(red) out of public school as we are.

    The vast majority of teachers are not trained counselors and shouldn’t be expected to “counsel” children who are having issues at home or with bullies, etc. Yes, schools should be safe places for our children, but to keep parents out of the loop, going behind their backs to “train” children in ways other than parents want and EXPECT from teachers is not only wrong but immoral!

    • Lucinda says:

      Nine children? Do you have any idea the impact that has on every social problem we endure? Unbelievable selfishness.

      • AlaskaMom says:

        Actually, Lucinda, those 9 responsibly raised citizens will be supporting an upside-down pyramid scheme of social security and other entitlements as America faces a population replacement problem. Having a large family is a contribution to the good of this nation, despite your vitriol. You are one nasty unhappy woman. Do you find joy in anything in life?

      • StopTheMadnesz says:

        Oh my. I have only 8, so perhaps my “selfishness” is believable. :-). I’ve never considered dedicating my life, my energy, my time, my education, my love, my patience, my entire person to raising the next generation of American citizens to be “selfishness.” I guess I have a lot to learn.

  • Bess says:

    So many excellent comments here! I’m torn between speaking out on behalf of the lost children still in the public programming centers, or just let the schools die a natural death. But we have to live with the youth who make it out of these “schools,” so we should make the effort to speak up? I believe this is God’s desire for us.

    I saw the handwriting on the wall in the early 2000’s, so I put my kids in a Christian school. it was a budgetary strain, but was well worth the sacrifice.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    We home schooled K-12 and the majority occur d privately without any public program enrollment. One of our kids was a committed athlete in a particular sport and we ended up enrolling that student in Matsu central for high school as at the time it was complicated to participate in high school sports and said athlete had college aspirations, which were indeed realized and now years past. Still, I feel this bill
    Is important and affects all of us as these kids will be future citizens and voters! And simply because what is going on is wrong and parents should have complete autonomy and information with what is being presented, taught and dealt with involving their kids. If a parent situation is dangerous there are provisions for that. I had written letters prior to the March 30 committee hearing but had a schedule conflict for testifying. This morning the hearing was canceled. I will testify at the next opportunity.

  • Veronica Lambertsen says:

    The call in testimony was high jacked by Planned Parenthood and Identity Inc. they held zoom testimony parties and encouraged people to call in 5 to 15 minutes before the posted call in times with 3 sheets of suggested testimony points. 1. How does our call in testimony verify the caller is an Alaskan resident living in Alaska today?
    2. Why is Alaska’s legislature is still NOT accessible for the 99% of the residents that live within Alaska?
    3. Why did our legislature not host a town hall session for Alaskans to give testimony in person to the communities that they represent?
    4. With all the technology we have available at our fingertips why is call in technology system so dysfunctional ? I was disconnected 4 times while waiting on the line for 330 minutes, my home was on pause with three children, my testimony was submitted by email to the education committee, due to lack of technology.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Isn’t dunleavy doing a great job??? Zinc!

  • Larry Wood says:

    My wife and I testified in writing attached to an e-mail when the bill was in Education. 4 pages with citations. I was told that the Left turned out in droves. If you testify in writing, make sure you put your complete address and even your house district number to remove any doubt about your status as a resident. Otherwise, Outsiders have the Legislature’s attention.

  • Mark says:

    Watch the movie tomorrow’s children produced in 1934, and tell me history doesn’t repeat itself.