On March 30, I waited about an hour and a half to testify in support of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s parental rights in education bill (House Bill 105), which would bar public schools from hiding a child’s sexual identity or health records from parents, while requiring parental permission before teachers discuss sexual matters with students. The legislation also requires schools to separate locker rooms and restrooms according to biological sex at birth.

During the public hearing, I heard countless testifiers utilize every last second of their time explaining how horrible parents are and how the schools are a “safe place” to save children from their Christian moms and dads.

Yes, they openly said these things. They were once sort of discreet, but not anymore. Many public educators want our kids. Their intentions, which they plainly stated, are to shield children from their parents, because moms and dads don’t know what’s best.

Schools are now places where sex and secrets are welcomed and discussed, without parental notice or consent.

During the public hearing, many who testified repeated this trash.

Where were the Christian parents in all of this? I only heard about five of us who called in to support the governor’s bill. 

I don’t think people grasp the seriousness of what’s happening here. Schools are openly taking control and wielding influence over our kids with no concern for the very ones who raised these children.

And to be honest, these activists don’t seem to have much to worry about. Hardly anyone spoke up in favor of a bill that aims to defend parental rights.

Our involvement has an impact on lawmakers, and they need to hear from their constituents. They were elected to represent us, and need to know our expectations.

The well-organized left has this completely figured out. We must step it up.

The next public hearing set HB 105 is on Monday, April 24, at 8 a.m. (details below). We can testify or write directly to the House Education Committee members (email They need to hear from us.

Public schools pose a critical threat to the family unit by telling kids that we – their parents – are somehow the enemy from whom they must be saved. 

Lawmakers need to know that we love our kids, and that schools are violating our parental rights.

If this bill fails – after the public comments I’ve already heard – I think government schools should be closed down.

Please speak up and fight for our families.


The hearing on HB 105 begins at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 24, in the House Education Committee. Testifiers should try to call 15 minutes before the hearing to be added to the queue. When it is time to testify, you will be called upon.

— Anchorage: (907) 563-9085

— Juneau: (907) 586-9085

— Fairbanks: (844) 586-9085

— All other locations: (844) 586-9085

— Those who cannot afford to wait on the phone to testify can send a message to the House Education Committee by emailing all members at

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OPINION: Why aren’t more Alaskans stepping up to defend the parental rights bill?

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is the president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.