At 10 a.m. on June 23, former Alaska Judge Margaret Murphy will be arraigned in the Kenai Courthouse on felony charges.

The citizen Kenai Grand Jury which is currently investigating evidence of systemic corruption within Alaska’s judicial system indicted Judge Murphy on Class B felony charges of perjury after they subpoenaed and questioned her about alleged corruption in 2022.

Perjury – a class B felony – is committed when a person knowingly “makes a false sworn statement which the person does not believe to be true.”

Alaska Grand Jurors Association believes it’s critical that as many citizens as possible attend Judge Murphy’s arraignment. This will show the Alaska court system that the public is watching, and we will not tolerate the dismissal of Judge Murphy’s indictment before she stands trial.

Most importantly, attending the arraignment will demonstrate that WE-THE-PEOPLE are aware of the Kenai Grand Jury’s bravery and that we have their back – no matter what Alaska’s judicial system throws against them, such as Supreme Court Order 1993, which sought to limit the grand jury’s authority to investigate and indict corrupt judges and public officials.

Reporters have asked if other “shoes” will drop before the Kenai Grand Jury is done investigating and indicting. I told them to look at the evidence against Marla Greenstein. She has been the sole investigator of all complaints against Alaskan judges for the last 33 years and counting, and evidence indicates she is directly involved in the same cover-up which led to the Kenai Grand Jury to indict Judge Murphy. This means about 8,000 judge investigations may be suspect (all of them since Ms. Greenstein started in 1989). The Kenai Grand Jury might wind up investigating hundreds, if not thousands, of Alaskan judges.

In short, many more “shoes” may drop before the Kenai Grand Jury investigation is complete.

In just a few months, the Alaska Grand Jurors Association has made unbelievable strides in educating the public and elected officials about the true duties and powers that Alaska’s Founding Fathers gave our grand juries. We’ve also helped to restore these duties and powers after more than 30 years of unconstitutional suspension by the Alaska Supreme Court and other government officials.

The next steps will be to make sure the Kenai Grand Jury (which has been investigating judicial corruption for about 11 months already) can issue any and all indictments and/or reports it wants, without any interference whatsoever by government officials. We also need to organize a non-profit to combat judicial corruption, and to obtain donations so Alaska Grand Jurors Association can print and distribute Alaska’s original Grand Jury Handbook (which the government eliminated and replaced with a version that hides the constitutional powers and duties of Alaska’s citizen grand juries). Compare both versions.

Moving forward we need to raise donations in order to man booths at major public events, and actively support legislation that helps keep corruption within Alaska’s judicial system from ever taking root again.

If you’d like to become an Alaska Grand Jurors Association member, please send your name and email address to (907) 398-6403 or

I hope to see everyone at the Kenai Courthouse at 10 a.m. on June 23 for Judge Murphy’s arraignment!


— Former Judge Murphy’s arraignment will be at the Kenai Courthouse (room 1) at 10 a.m. on June 23. Those who cannot attend in person can listen in by calling 888-788-0099 (Meeting ID: 501-107-4240#).

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Calling AK Grand Jury rights advocates to attend the June 23 arraignment of former judge

David Haeg
David Haeg is the founder of Alaska State of Corruption, established to root out injustice in the Alaska Judicial System.