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Alaska Supreme Court Order (SCO) #1993 (effective Dec. 1, 2022) just rewrote Criminal Rule 6 and 6.1 to unconstitutionally suspend the right of Grand Juries to investigate and indict corrupt public officials.

This was done immediately after the Kenai Grand Jury subpoenaed Alaska’s only judge investigator for the last 33 years, Marla Greenstein. Evidence indicates Ms. Greenstein (who has conducted all 8000 judge investigations since 1989) is falsifying official investigations and certified documents to keep corrupt judges on the bench and ruling over We-The-People. (See evidence against Ms. Greenstein at

One excerpt of SCO #1993: “A grand jury fulfilling an investigative function on a particular matter under this rule may not also issue an indictment related to the same facts and circumstances that were the subject of that grand jury’s investigation.”

Consider joining us in asking the currently empaneled investigatory Kenai Grand Jury to investigate all five current Alaska Supreme Court justices for corruption

Yet Alaska’s Constitutional Convention delegates stated this about Alaska’s Constitution:

“The power of grand juries to inquire into the willful misconduct in office of public officers, and to find indictments in connection therewith, shall never be suspended.”  See Alaska Constitutional Committee on Preamble and Bill of Rights, “Constitutional Convention Files,” Dec. 15, 1955, page 7. See also Constitutional Convention “Proceedings”, pages 1307-1308, 1322-1344, 1395-1409 and “The Investigative Grand Jury in Alaska” 1987 AK Judicial Council, pages 13-18.

“A grand jury… has full investigative power as well as the power to consider indictments.” (Id. at 1327.)

“The recommendation of the Committee provided that the grand jury could investigate, they could return indictments.” (Id. at 1405)

SCO #1993 also violates law: Alaska Statute 12.40.050 The grand jury may indict or present a person for a crime upon sufficient evidence, whether that person has been held to answer for the crime or not.”

It is clear SCO #1993 is unconstitutional and illegal. And meant to keep We-The-People from ever finding out if Alaska’s only judge investigator for the last 33 years (and counting) is covering up for corrupt judges.

The Supreme Court Order states that Grand Juries must get approval from judges and/or district attorneys before they can investigate anything. But if they must get approval from judges and/or district attorneys, they will never be allowed to investigate these officials if these same officials become corrupt.

A second part of SCO #1993: “But purely private matters such as, for example, an investigation into any individual court case of any type (whether currently open or closed), or an investigation into the Department of Law’s decision not to prosecute a particular incident as a crime, or an investigation into any private dispute between or among citizens that could appropriately be the basis of a civil or other court case, are not generally matters of public welfare or safety within the scope [of] a grand jury’s investigative authority.” Yet Alaska’s Constitution Convention delegates state that Alaska’s Constitution protects this:

“The grand jury in its investigative power as well as for the fact that it is sitting there as a panel sometimes is the only recourse for a citizen to get justice, to get redress from abuse in lower courts. [I]t is the only safeguard a citizen occasionally has when for any reason and very often for political reasons, a case is not dealt with properly.” (Id. at 1328)

The investigatory power of a grand jury is extremely broad…a grand jury can investigate anything.” (Id. at 1406)

A third part of SCO #1993: “Decisions as to what to present to the grand jury, including whether to present a matter requested by a citizen to the grand jury for investigation, rest with the executive branch. A grand jury has constitutional authority to investigate appropriate matters when properly presented. This, in itself, does not mean that an individual citizen has a right to present any matter directly to the grand jury for consideration…” Yet Alaska’s Constitution Convention delegates state that Alaska’s Constitution protects this:

“The grand jury can be appealed to directly, which is an invaluable right to the citizen.” (Id. at 1328.)

After discussions with State legislators, we believe only We-The-People can fix this attack on our Constitution. If you agree something must be done.

The original Alaska Grand Jury Handbook (pages  5 and 6) also states: “Charges of crime may be brought to your attention in several ways: (4) by private citizens heard by the Grand Jury in formal session, with the Grand Jury’s consent. [A] citizen is at liberty to apply to the Grand Jury for permission to appear before it in order to suggest or urge that a certain situation should be investigated by it.”

A fourth part of SCO #1993 states that judges and district attorneys can now stop Grand Juries from issuing subpoenas. Subpoena power is a basic right of all Grand Juries and is needed for effective investigations.

A fifth part of SCO #1993 states that Grand Juries must get approval from judges and/or district attorneys before they can investigate anything. But if they must get approval from judges and/or district attorneys, they will never be allowed to investigate these officials if these same officials become corrupt. And, again, this directly violates Alaska’s Constitution and Law:

Alaska Statute 12.40.040: “If an individual grand juror knows or has reason to believe that a crime has been committed that is triable by the court, the juror shall disclose it to the other jurors, who shall investigate it.”


We believe Alaska Supreme Court Order #1993 is unconstitutional, illegal, and must be immediately rescinded. In fact, many of us believe all Criminal Rule 6.1 must be rescinded. When Rule 6.1 was first passed in 1989 to start restricting Grand Jury powers, two of the five Supreme Court Justices at the time – Burke and Compton – declared it unconstitutionally violated Article 1, Section 8 of Alaska’s Constitution. 

We believe SCO #1993 was issued to prevent Alaska Grand Juries (including the Kenai Grand Jury currently investigating her) from exposing evidence that judge investigator Marla Greenstein is falsifying official investigations and certified documents to keep corrupt judges on the bench and ruling over We-The-People:

“The San Francisco political machine had even received assistance from the California Supreme Court which issued rulings restricting the grand juries’ efforts.” (Page 24, THE ALASKA GRAND JURY: ITS HISTORICAL COMMON LAW DEVELOPMENT, ITS POWER TO INVESTIGATE ANYTHING OF PUBLIC CONCERN, & ITS SUPPRESSION BY ALASKAN OFFICIALS WHO FEAR ITS INDEPENDENCE by David Ignell –

After discussions with State legislators, we believe only We-The-People can fix this attack on our Constitution. If you agree something must be done.

Send your name and email to receive updates on our progress and to be informed of future developments. Or join our Zoom meeting if you have questions. Inform your friends, family, neighbors, representative, assembly, council, and Governor of the problem. Consider joining us in asking the currently empaneled investigatory Kenai Grand Jury to investigate all five current Alaska Supreme Court justices for corruption. Consider joining a Kenai and/or statewide Courthouse sit-in until the Alaska Supreme Court rescinds SCO #1993 and/or all of Criminal Rule 6.1 


Alaska Grand Jurors’ Association: Contact David Haeg at or (907) 398-6403 cell/text. Weekly meetings take place every Saturday, 8 p.m. via Zoom (Meeting ID: 821-4574-5893, Passcode: 693100). For more information visit or

— Governor Michael Dunleavy: (907) 465-3500 

— Alaska Supreme Court: (907) 264-0612

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Alaska Supreme Court blocks grand juries from investigating corrupt officials

David Haeg
David Haeg is the founder of Alaska State of Corruption, established to root out injustice in the Alaska Judicial System.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I’d think it’s pretty obvious the judge thst signed that order has something to hide and we the people need to remove and prosecute him for whatever it is!

  • Mary says:

    The plot thickens and the manure pile deepens!

  • Citizenkane says:

    To all of you BONEHEADS who voted against a constitutional convention, well this is what you voted for. Start educating yourselves.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I agree! Look at all these things happening since the Constitutional Convention was voted down! Is not take the globalists long to tear down our system since that has happened!

    • Cod says:

      With all due respect, a con con would have changed nothing. We already have Article I, Section 8 which clearly states in the Constitution we ALREADY HAVE, that the right of the GJ to investigate ‘shall never be suspended’.
      State officials and the Courts already ignore not only laws in place but the very Constitution they swore to uphold. Long story short, the laws and rules are already in place to fix things. They just won’t let us!

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Cod, I agree with the fact that we have rules and laws in place that are not being followed or upheld and they will not recognize our requests for them to uphold the rules and laws. Apparently, there are loopholes that they are operating through and gaining control in a way that is not what the people want. We the People should be in control of the decisions that our representatives make. How are we going to be able to do that unless we can address the constitution that they are now looking to amend without our input?

      • Matthew myers says:

        Nope. It doesn’t work. We need actual teeth and an actual process to force corruption out that will prevail. We don’t have that.

      • Bob says:

        To: “Friend of Humanity “ The Supreme Court’s function with regard is to determine the legislative intent in the constitution. If they are operating via “loopholes” they are the problem- not the constitution. What would the constitution be amended to say if the court is already violating what IS there?

    • Sua Sponte says:

      You can still hold a convention. But you’ll need to take off work and go to the capitol, in a LARGE group, and literally blockade the building and demand the convention. Also, under Article 3, section 16 of the Alaska Constitution, the Governor, may bring appropriate court action in the name of the State against ANY government department, agency, or official, EXCEPT that he cannot bring action against the legislature because that would be bringing action against We the People. He CAN bring action against the judiciary and the judges. But, #DoNothingDunleavy has known of felony crimes by state officials, including judges since November 20202 and has done nothing. One guy so far has forced the retirement of the now former chief justice (Bolger) and the now former Presiding Judge of the 4th district. The State of Alaska is prosecuting that man to cover-up the crimes by state officials that the man uncovered. These crimes include federal felonies of which some of those felonies fall under the RICO Act

  • Rich Troutman says:

    Vote no to retain judges every time they are on the ballot

  • James says:

    Judges rule themselves to be above the law. How nice.

  • Klark says:

    A lot to do about complicated legal matters that you guys need law degrees to fully understand.
    I am no lawyer, but its easy to see that folks are just mad that they can’t get judges they disapprove of(ie that don’t rule the way you want) thrown out easily. You don’t get to just fabricate an accusation against a judge and then tear up their career looking for what you HOPE is evidence of wrong doing. Especially when you have many who would have a judge rule against them and that person would immediately accuse that judge of crimes as a method of retribution. Alaskas Constitution enshrines our privacy, and for judges its even MORE important. Because if they had no privacy, their judgments could be influenced by factors other than the law, like threats from litigants to investigate them, for example. Shit like that isn’t OK anywhere in the country and it certainly shouldn’t be in our great State. We have a well-designed court system and periodic chances to allow We The People to vote out judges that violate laws. But we the people have a great deal of trust for our jurors and we have very few major scandals with our judges, hence why our retention rate is something like 99% throughout the history of our state. They aren’t immune to prosecution from regular crimes in general, any more than you or I are. But their position DOES require they be given a certain amount of deference in some situations. That is the case everywhere in this country.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Clark, 7/8 of the judges in Alaska need to be replaced. They do not judge within the scope of the law, they judge according to what a small group of globalists tell them to do.

    • Bob says:

      Klerk, It is the right and duty of a free people to independently inquire and review the work of those “We The People” put in authority. Turning it over to “The Experts” to do our thinking/understanding and exercising judgement FOR us and then labeling anyone who does not comply as not understanding or having a personal grudge is right out of the totalitarian handbook. It makes me wonder if you really believe this, or, like the legacy media, you are the one who has a personal stake in the matter.

    • Diana says:

      You are right, you know……Judges have a great wall of immunity even if they are corrupt. Remember how long it took to get rid of Judge Johnston here in Anchorage for his sex activities/problems with juvenile delinquents from the court? It took ten years of complaining by parents and others before the real investigation began. The Judges always looked the other way and let his activities happen. Ten years of evidence that it took to get rid of him. And, of course, they would not let one of their own go to jail. Do we have a great court system with great judges? NO!!! They are just more educated in the law and faster with the use of it against the citizenry.

    • Dana Raffaniello says:

      That is simply not true. The Alaska court system is a joke. A bunch of trial lawyers appointing one of their own to be a judge is a horrible way to appoint judges. What we end up having is a corrupt judicial branch with unethical judges who are for the most part trial lawyers. As it is, this will never give Alaska and impartial and fair judiciary.

    • Sua Sponte says:

      Currently right now, the State of Alaska is prosecuting a man who caught several judges committing state and federal crimes and even caught a state trooper committing a felony, and the State just wants to cover-up the crimes by those officials. In that case, 2 judges agreed to injure, oppress, and intimidate that man by threatening him that if he didn’t drop his civil suit against a state official that the State would charge the man with a crime and incarcerate him. The man’s suit was valid because AS 22.15.050 and settled caselaw deprived the judge being sued of all jurisdiction, and that judge had deprived that man of his property without due process of law, which is a federal crime (18 USC 242) and 3 state crimes (see AS 11.76.110(a1), AS 11.76.110(a3) and AS 11.56.850)) But, when the judge being sued learned of the suit prior to the issuance of a Summons, she contacted her boss ata the time, the now retired Judge MacDonald, and asked him to interfere with the suit, which MacDonald did. And this is a felony under federal statute 18 USC 241 because when the man was filing the case with the court, he was in the “free exercise” of his right to the redress of grievances. Once the action was filed and the man was waiting for the case to proceed normally, he was “enjoying” his 1st and 14th Amendment rights to Due Process and the Equal Protection of his right to the redress of grievances. In this instance, a violation of 18 USc 241 is punishable by up to 10 years in prison

  • Andy says:

    Birds of feather flock together. They gotta git it while the gittins good!

  • John J Otness says:

    What must be first and foremost is ridding the corrupt in Govt,s main weapon…. DOMINION…. Dominion will never allow an anti globalist movement.
    Destroy the rigged vote and we regain power…

    • David says:

      Are you a bot? This post isnt related to the election or Dominion at all. Also, Dominion has been vetted and investigated over and over again. There has never been a shred of evidence of any wrong doing. You need to move on and find a new imagined reality to live in.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        David, when the Alaska People regain control of our government you can bet that we are going to clean out the judge’s nest, get rid of Dominion and Ranked choice voting. We are going to fire Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Mary Peltola, Lyman Hoffman, and others in the political arena that are just there for the globalist pay and benefits. Schills and bots echo the left’s narrative and your echo is loud and clear.

  • Rich says:

    У меня нет слов

    • Jason Floyd says:

      Rich, It’s a good thing too. As you well know, those who have thoughts also have words, and under this new tyranny unacceptable thought = unacceptable words… now if there were just some way the court could act to stop those dangerous words…
      People are always willing to complain, however too few will ever take initiative to mobilize and civilly act against their oppressors.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Out of respect for everyone on this board, please talk/write in English. Thank you.

  • Fallen Republic says:

    Results of a Stolen Elections 2020 and 2022 next 2024 and so on. wake up and smell the treason, tyranny is everywhere.

  • Jim says:

    Alaska State Supreme Court, Alaska Judicial Council and most all of the Alaska Bar Association are all cut from the same cheap fabric — besides arrogance and elitism –socialists and terrorists come to mind, The Supremes are the classical definition 2 Bit Thieves

  • Concerned for truth says:

    Klark: “You don’t get to just fabricate an accusation against a judge and then tear up their career looking for what you HOPE is evidence of wrong doing.” Oh but it’s ok to do that agains people who are not judges? Such as President Trump — they fabricated Russian collusion accusations, then spent four years searching for any evidence to try to prove the accusation when the FBI already knew that the accusations were based on lies! Or Representative David Eastman — falsely accuse him of being a conspirator to over throw the government, then delay his certification to his election while looking for evidence to prove the false accusations!

    “But we the people have a great deal of trust for our jurors and we have very few major scandals with our judges…”. We do trust the jurors, but only when they get to see all the evidence. Often evidence is withheld from the jurors because of some objection by a lawyer or because a judge decides that it should be withheld, or because of some plea bargain deal. If the jurors were able to see all the evidence they would probably come to a completely different conclusion. But what about trials that are not witnessed by a jury, but only heard by the judge? Such is the case with Representative David Eastman. This case is not being heard by a jury. One man, one judge gets to hear this trial and make a decision. And NO! We do not trust corrupt judges who make rules to protect themselves from prosecution to give a decision that promotes justice, because they will always distort justice!!

    “We have very few major scandals with our judges…” With a media that lies and twists the truth into something that matches their talking points, how would you ever hear about a major scandal? With a media that completely ignores major stories which should be reported, how would you ever hear about a major scandal? With a media that suppresses stories until a critical point when they can’t suppress it any longer, usually long after most of we the people have forgotten about it, or long after any would be consequences would deter others from doing the same thing, how would anyone ever hear about any scandals with the justices. Let the Grand Jury investigate! Just like Mueller investigated President Trump! If the justices have not committed the crimes they are accused of, then the truth will come out. The investigation may last four years, or more, or less, but the truth will prevail! Let the Grand Jury investigate!

    • Billy says:

      My understanding of why Eastman is t getting a jury trial is because he isn’t being charged with a crime. The Constitution gives you the right to a trial by jury if you face jail time. Just like you dont get a jury to fight a speeding ticket(because its a civil infraction, not a criminal action).

      The prohibition on holding office does not require a conviction of a crime. Mere membership in a group that wants to overthrow the govt is enough. So the question is ‘is he a member of the group’ he admits to that. The next question is do they support the overthrow of the govt. since the founder was JUST convicted of attempting to overthrow the govt, that looks really bad.

    • Clark says:

      Trump wasnt being watched because someone didnt like him. He was being investigated because intelligence agents intercepted foreign communications that appeared to be very suspect. And because a Trump guy said very suspect things to an undercover agent. That is called probable cause.

      The Eastman thing is a whole different animal. He admits to being a member of a seditionist group. I’ve read his very defiant and very questionable public statement, where multiple times he implies our government is illegitimate. He refused to disavow the insurrectionists and seems to express support for the people that did it. So I 100% agree with his candidacy being questioned under scrutiny and under oath. The fact he just had the convicted seditionist LEADER come testify looks horrible for his case. It means he has direct ties to those leaders that engaged in sedition. Stuart Rhodes literally is a convicted liar. His testimony did nothing but make Eastman look like he was sympathetic to a seditionist.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Thankfully, Trump is honest and has a clean record and Trump won. The left and the globalists have been trying every which way they can to bring Trump down, but Trump is still winning.
        Rep. David Eastman is honest and has a clean record and Rep. Eastman won. Looking forward to the work that Rep. Eastman will be doing for the People of Alaska!

  • Paul Nelson says:

    I am preparing to request a Grand Jury hearing on the violation of Alaska State statutes by the State of Alaska.
    I have previously requested and received 2 (two) Grand Jury hearings. Given the recent Supreme Court ruling
    (#1993) I will make my Grand Jury hearing request ASAP and keep you informed of my progress.
    I plan on making my Grand Jury hearing request in late February or March.

  • Dan says:

    Can you remember what the Demoncrates did to Sarah Palin? They hit her with 15 frivolous lawsuits that would have required millions of dollars to defend against. Do you remember how the Alaska Attorney General decided not to defend her? Many people are still confused as to why she resigned as Alaska’s Governor with 18 months of her term remaining.

    She resigned simply because she could not afford to personally finance 15 Demoncratic frivolous ethics violation lawsuits. Alaska defended her through a few of those Demoncratic, Rule 11 cases using the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures. This requires lawyers to investigate if the lawsuit has a factual basis and prevents them from serving a pleading that’s only intended to harass the defendant. Those frivolous lawsuits cost Alaska about two million dollars and Palin another half a million just to disprove every accusation! She won every case but that’s not the point. Demoncrates just keep on filing frivolous cases until you or the government just get tired of burning up cash for absolutely no reason.
    The basic Demoncratic frivolous litigation plan is to spend as much cash as possible filing frivolous cases and eventually either winning or forcing their conservative opposition into bankruptcy.
    This is the new political reality in America. If you want to run for public office, you had better be a billionaire or at least be prepared to spend more effort and resources fighting in the courts than campaigning. The days of a simple Abraham Lincoln running for office are over because if he tried running today he wouldn’t have even made it into the primaries before going bankrupt.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Dan, I agree. The globalists are out to destroy the reputation and finances of every good guy that is standing up for humanity. Money is the root of ALL EVIL!

    • Clark says:

      Our early Presidents were all extremely wealthy too. That has not changed. Abraham Lincoln was poor by comparison to many. But he was still a millionaire.

      Andrew Jackson was born poor but married a wealthy woman and dealt heavily in the slave trade to become one of the richest Presidents in History.

      The best solution I can think of is for politicians NOT to do things that appear on the surface to be ethics violations. For example, as Mayor Palin tried to get a library book banned from the public library while her church was publicly pushing for it to get banned. The head librarian told her she would not censor books that were breaking no rules, so she fired the librarian two days later…after public backlash she rehired the librarian. Appears very much to be an ethics violation. Very much appears she used her public office to effect a change her church directly wanted. She probably shouldnt have done that. She seemed to use her power as gov in pretty sketchy ways too. I dont remember all the examples, but there were many.

      Regarding the grand jury stuff. Most of these accusations I have heard are about specific accusations by people that have personal stake in the matter. The Haeg case is soooo plainly biased that it would be laughed out of any court. On its face it comes across as a personal attempt to discredit the judge because she presided over the case that he was convicted of(multiple counts of poaching and falsifying documents). The accusations were from friends and spouses of the convicted person, and none presented a shred of evidence other than ‘identical’ witness statements stating exactly verbatim what the wife said. A clear personal attempt by the convict to try and use an ethics complaint to try and get his conviction vacated. Exactly the kind of thing the Alaska Supreme Court cut off with their recent rules clarifications.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Can you please provide links to your statements about Mrs. Palin? I would be interested in reading those articles.

  • KrisAnne Hall says:

    The grand jury should issue indictments as permitted by the Constitution & law. It will be then well within the authority & duty of the Sheriff to enforce the indictment. It is ridiculous that the legislators say there is nothing that can be done & shirk their own responsibility. What of legislative checks? Impeachment? Every Constitution creates every branch of government with a lawful check on the abuse of power of the other branches. It is absurd & utterly tyrannical that the judiciary is supported to be the only authority to check itself & even more absurd that the legislature would ignorantly promote it. To say only “we the people” can fix the abuse of judicial power are the words of feckless legislators who need to be educated or replaced. Alaskans also need to study the power and authority of the Sheriff and a defender of the Constitution and the Rights of the people. A proper operating Sheriff would enforce the indictments in spite of what the SCO says. Perhaps a view of our upcoming documentary on The Sheriff would be useful to this group in Alaska.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      KrisAnn, Thank you for posting the NonCompliantMovie link! That is a fantastic website and a fantastic movie! I wish that we had sheriffs here. There was conversation to get a sheriffs department at one point. But if I remember correctly, the question came up about how to pay for them because we have local police and state troopers and the conversation fell apart.

  • NAV says:

    Judges are politically appointed and that makes them biased on all fronts (totally corrupt)