Eaglexit is a group comprised of people from the greater Chugiak-Eagle River area.  We are Assembly District 2 within the Municipality of Anchorage – extending from Eklutna to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

We formed this group to explore the idea of bringing self-governance closer to our residents.  One way of doing that is to create a new borough.  Assembly District 2 with its 1,050 square miles of land and 50,000 people would, we feel, be a lovely and meaningful addition to our state as Chugach Regional Borough.

The process of detachment and incorporation all starts with a written petition, a charter and a legal brief. We have already completed these items and turned them into the Local Boundary Commission for review.

This is the biggest and most complex boundary change in the history of Alaska – literally a multi-billion-dollar transaction. We aim for self- governance, a public involved government, quality education for our children and tighter fiscal control.

“Will the people of Chugiak-Eagle River have the opportunity to control their own destiny, or must they forever remain subject to what has been decreed for them by Anchorage?”

– Lee Jordan – Oct. 29, 1975

When an Alaskan community, through growth and maturity, is ready for self-government what can it do?

From the state’s website, “The Local Boundary Commission was created by the Constitution of the State of Alaska to ensure that arguments for and against proposals to create or alter municipal governments are analyzed objectively and take area wide and statewide needs into consideration.”

The Local Boundary Commission procedures and timeline for a petition for Eaglexit are very straightforward once a petition, legal brief and charter are written. Eaglexit has completed these steps.

Now, Local Boundary Commission staff will perform a draft review of the petition, charter and legal brief. If corrections are needed, documents will be returned to Eaglexit for correction. Once corrections are made the signature collection process can proceed. Once signatures are collected the entire package is resubmitted to the Local Boundary Commission for formal review as described below. The signatures must be collected no more than one year prior to the submittal of the petition.

The timeline for LBC action as outlined below is approximately 422 days once the petition, legal brief and charter are submitted, however, this can change.


1. We have filed a petition to detach and incorporate from the MOA with the LBC for a technical review. If it is approved, we will have one year to collect signatures.

2. With Signatures we plan to give it to the LBC to start their analysis. This will be an 18-month to 2-year process. The public is notified of the process and information is provided.

3. The LBC staff will analyze the petition, and input from public will be received.

4. More public hearings.

5. The petition is approved or denied.

6. If approved, the people will vote on detachment, or a recommendation will be given to the state legislature for action.

If successful, there is a two-year transition process to break away from MOA. For more information, please see our website at the QR code imbedded in this article.

As Lee Jordan asked on October 29, 1975, “Will the people of Chugiak-Eagle River have the opportunity to control their own destiny, or must they forever remain subject to what has been decreed for them by Anchorage?”

Eaglexit has been dedicated to getting the petition drafted, finalized, and submitted. It will take money for media, polling, and most importantly – and costly – is legal assistance. Please consider supporting the creation of the next new borough in Alaska. As anticipated by our founders, when communities grow and are ready to become independent, it is right that they do so.

It takes all of us!

Time – Raise money, get signatures

Effort – Share with friends and neighbors

Analyze – Review the petition and charter

Money – Donate at

The views expressed here are those of the author.

Eaglexit update: Chugiak-Eagle River continues effort to get out from under Anchorage control

Sean Murphy
Long-time Eagle River resident Sean Murphy is a retired educator and administrator with the Anchorage School District. He currently serves as the chair of EaglExit.


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Best do it soon! Regret will be your history if you don’t

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I 100% support eagle river getting out from under the wing of Anchorage.
    Anchorage use to be an awesome city back in the day. Now anchorage is a cesspool of a city.
    Yes get out while you can, before you become the bottom of the toilet bowl.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I also support their breakaway from the MOA. Eagle River/Birchwood/Chugiak/Peters Creek has always been treated like the bottom of the toilet bowl by the MOA!

  • Dee Cee says:

    Eagle river residents deserve better than the contempt they receive from our assembly. You have a special city. Beautiful, well designed. Take it out of the anchorage assembly’s clutches!

  • Kenneth L. Wells says:

    The sooner, the better. Los Anchorage is circling the drain.

  • Johnny says:


  • Robert Redlinger says:

    Is there any estimates on the cost?

  • Robert Abboud says:

    Has Eagle River considered leaving the state of Alaska and becoming the 51st state? The people of Alaska would support this effort. Just something to consider.