Alaska is a beautiful state and a wonderful place to raise children. Our kids are so blessed with ATV rides, fishing, hiking and skiing. Tragically, thousands of children will never know any of these experiences.

For decades, Planned Parenthood has killed babies across Alaska. More than 20 years ago this business opened its doors in Fairbanks. Since then, they have violently massacred an estimated 100 to 300 preborn infants every year, just in this area. As a matter of fact, their new holocaust hours include Tuesdays till 7 p.m., in case a mother wants to come in after work to pay someone to force open her cervix (which God intended to use as a way to protect her child), and insert a suction device to vacuum out her healthy living son or daughter as the child tries to escape from this early demise.

According to statewide data, Alaska has killed about 1,600 pre-born babies every year for decades. Once killed, all future generations that might have come from these wonderfully and fearfully created persons are rendered impossible, forever.

The act of killing an infant by premeditated murder is called infanticide. Since Roe v Wade, we’ve heard it called “abortion” or “termination of pregnancy.” Those terms are nothing more than language manipulation. 

Here is a quote from “Exploring Your Mind” about using words to manipulate others.

“Every expert in psychological manipulation in communication is a great strategist who is twisting the truth. He will always turn it to his own favor, lessen his share of the responsibility, and pass all the blame onto us. Moreover, they will exaggerate and withhold key information and thus ensure that the balance always tilts towards their version of the ‘truth.’”

The words “abortion” and “terminating pregnancy” simply mean that a child has exited the womb. These terms have been used for years as a way of manipulating us by watering down the truth, so it doesn’t seem as bad as it actually is. A “termination of a pregnancy” can be a c-section or induced labor, and a live birth or miscarriage are both technically abortions (an exiting of the baby from the womb).

Words are extremely important and it’s time we are truthful about what premeditated murder of a child is. We must use the correct word – infanticide. 

Those in favor of infanticide argue that the baby is not an actual baby before birth. That has been completely debunked scientifically. The only people who still say that unborn babies aren’t actual babies are those who want to make believe for their own personal reasons.

Any government representative who doesn’t work to stop infanticide is just as guilty as the criminals who are hired to commit the actual murder because it’s their job to protect the public from these crimes.

The State of Alaska, however, allows infanticide for all nine months of pregnancy through several different methods.

One technique, which is increasingly more prominent, is to chemically poison and thereby starve a preborn infant. Another approach, also supported by our Alaska government, allows for infanticide by dilation and evacuation, a technical way of saying that they give the mother a sedative, force open her cervix, and rip her child apart piece-by-piece in the second or third trimester as her child struggles for life. This is an extremely violent and excruciatingly painful way to kill any living thing. We’d never do this to puppies or kittens, but we allow it to happen to our children.

Then there’s suction aspiration, which is self-explanatory, and for larger babies – those ready to be born – there’s intact dilation and extraction. This ladder form of infanticide is extremely brutal. Sometimes these babies are purposely born alive, and their bodies sold to universities for research purposes. Yes, our Alaskan babies are treated like this because our government has done nothing to really and truly stop infanticide.

As Christians, we must hold government representatives accountable. Who, but us will try to rescue these kids from murder?

We can start by urging our legislators in Juneau to sign onto the Alaska Life at Conception Act, a comprehensive bill that guarantees equal protection from the moment of conception without exception to the child’s age, level of development, sex, nature of conception, or any other distinguishing characteristic. For years, this bill has been repeatedly introduced in the State Legislature, but has yet to be passed.

Any government representative who doesn’t work to stop infanticide is just as guilty as the criminals who are hired to commit the actual murder because it’s their job to protect the public from these crimes.

The biggest hurdle is fear. Legislators and our governor are afraid of people’s reactions, court rulings, and the hard work involved. We can no longer be governed by fear. We must say no to fear, no to excuses and no to watered down and manipulated language.

There are several organizations in this state ready to save our children, some of which are listed below. If you’re ready to help save Alaska’s children from infanticide, please contact your local prolife group and help us stand up for those who cannot protect themselves. 


Right to Life-Interior Alaska (Fairbanks)

Alaska Right to Life (statewide)

Alaskans for Life (statewide)

Arctic Students for Life (Fairbanks)

12 pro-life pregnancy centers located across Alaska.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Let’s speak frankly about infanticide in Alaska

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She recently served on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is past-president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.


  • Dorie says:

    Pam I love the way you explained this. It is time to stop watering down the truth. Abortion is murder. The baby has a separate body then the mother. God created humans to be individuals. To be able to live and grow, fall in love, get married, have there babies. With so many people choose abortions a whole generation is gone. This is so horrifying. So Pam I truly be appreciate your many effort’s to help stop this horrifying act of abortion. And I pray abortions will be by stopped.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I think this is an outstanding article. People are so threatened by this that one person keeps spray painting porn on the Catholic Church in Eagle River. Is that going to stop people who actually support Stopping the MURDERS? No it’s not. That person needs to be caught and prosecuted to tgh fullest extent of the law.

    MURDER is MURDER! This people performing the MUDER are accessories to the Woman having it don’t. I say it’s time to pack the court rooms with both! Last time I looked MURDER was against the law. I think we have prisons full of them.

  • Lucinda says:

    Samash. You are skilled at “language manipulation “ as you call it. Examples: pre born infants, Holocaust, infanticide.

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      Okay, Lucinda, I’ll bite. Please describe in detail how an abortion takes place. Use scientific language, so as not to distort. Then explain what the murder of 1600 infants is called. Find your own word for that. Manipulate to your heart’s content.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Alaska life and conception act. Can you give the cliff notes on this. And explain it this bill will come up again for our legislators to vote on. Thanks

  • Bill says:

    A US Catholic leadership delegation recently met with White House officials to discuss climate change and harm to “innocent future generations”. However they notably failed to mention the harm caused by epidemic ongoing infanticide sponsored by our government; is protest of abortion in conflict with promotion of Laudato Si and thus considered the “lesser of two weevils”?
    “We’re not men and women of science, per se — although I would like to think we’re informed by science — we’re men and women of the church,” Bishop Weisenburger told OSV News. “And we echo what we find in Scripture, consistent church teaching — and brought into beautiful focus by Pope Francis in ‘Laudato Si” and ‘Laudate Deum’ — that this is not just a scientific matter or issue. This is a theological and spiritual matter.” “When humanity forgets that we are a part of God’s creation — called to a genuine and loving stewardship of this marvelous gift — and we begin to mistreat the gift, we harm ourselves, and even worse, we harm innocent future generations,” Bishop Weisenburger added. “And so there is a theological and ethical demand upon us to respond well.”

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      While there is not much parishioners can do about our current leadership, we can continue as grass roots workers to hold people accountable for the Truth. Our current Pope is not a deep thinker, but he is a communist, so his output tends to be, well, slanted, in a direction that isn’t particularly Catholic; the same can be said for most of his appointees as Bishops. His focus is not on saving souls but on engaging leftist causes. While that cannot be ignored, it can be set aside in pursuit of protection of Life. If they won’t do the work, we must.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    This blood lust is occurring on dunleavy’s watch! Hold him accountable or else you to are guilty!