End of Life

    Inhuman hospital COVID protocols lack compassion for our dying

    Editor’s note: The following message was originally posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Welsh, one of the organizers of the Open Alaska group which advocates...

    Fairbanks Bishop: Catholics must ‘never vote for candidates’ who support abortion

    Fairbanks Bishop Chad Zielinski has released a clarion call to Catholics in northern Alaska, saying they can “never morally support or vote” for political...

    Three pro-life rallies set for Fairbanks this week

    Fairbanks residents will have three opportunities this week to pray and protest for an end to abortion. The first event invites pro-life residents to hold...

    Not dead yet — assisted suicide push in Alaska

    Proponents of doctor-prescribed suicide — or assisted suicide — have so far failed to bring the deadly practice to Alaska. But crucial battles lie...


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