If there is no trust, we cannot function as a society.

Do you trust your doctor’s mainstream medicine advice anymore?

Do you trust the mainstream educational agenda?

Do you trust the mainstream military leadership?

Do you trust your mainstream religious leaders?

Do you trust your favorite mainstream sports heroes?

Do you trust the mainstream media?

Do you trust mainstream political leadership?

Locally, we might just have more trust with our political leadership. And not just on the municipal or borough level, but even on the state level. Alaska is, after all, a small state in population. We are neighbors, if not friends. If we see our state officials in a parking lot, they know that giving up a little of their time comes with the job. That the eyes are “the windows to the soul” is not just a piece of folklore or a shopworn cliché.

Telling a bald-faced lie in such circumstances usually cannot work. Body posture, facial countenance, sidelong glances are read within our human experience and subliminally communicate to us in a way that is palpable.

Without election integrity, we might as well despair of any human remedy to our cultural crisis.

Let us ask our officials a final question about trust:

Do you trust the integrity of our elections, both state and nationwide?

Our national and state mainstream politicians have danced around this for over a year. The media tells us to trust them. Michigan, under the control of Marxist/feminist tyrants, has been threatening to disbar any lawyer who enjoins a lawsuit that questions election integrity.

And now we have Washington state, our neighbor to the south, doing worse: threatening to make questioning election integrity a crime! And at the same time a bill is introduced to send unvaccinated citizens into concentration camps.

Without election integrity, we might as well despair of any human remedy to our cultural crisis. Elections are the safety valve of a republic. The concept of “majority rules with minority rights” is utterly lost if they are rigged. If the old-fashioned Chicago-style ballot-stuffing and bribery seemed quaint and even humorous, those days are gone. We are now into full-fledged tyranny.

[Dunleavy’s] oath is not to defend judicial opinions, but to defend the State Constitution. He might have intercepted this overthrow by the judiciary.

Worse yet, Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer, along with the election bureaucracy, basically admitted that election integrity has been compromised, and over a year ago. No, not with the Dominion voting machines or the data-base breach, which is suspicious enough to make us skeptical of their claims. It is through the lack of witness signatures for mail-in ballots, which both Meyer and the Division of Elections roundly denounced.

And how did this come about? Surprise! Through a court order.

Gov. Dunleavy was told, twice in private meetings backed up by constitutional experts, that he need not obey a court opinion. The discussion was over abortion funding, but the point was made that when one caves into the false paradigm that “The constitution means whatever the judiciary says it means,” they have forfeited the proper superiority of the executive and legislative branches to the judiciary in all things.

His oath is not to defend judicial opinions, but to defend the State Constitution. He might have intercepted this overthrow by the judiciary. Even Meyer might have, for he is empowered to supervise the Division of Elections.

Our freedom melts away daily in shockingly larger doses

For that matter, every single conservative lawmaker ought to have made a fuss over this, but for a few exceptions, they did not. The Legislature might easily have provided, with the witness signature statute, that the judiciary was to be removed from review. But they were intimidated by the propaganda of Covid fears and the mainstream media.

Voting machines are absurd. We have seen where local and state election results are going to take weeks to sort out in many cases. Why not use paper ballots, then? People were suspicious of machines, and from both sides of the aisle, long before 2020.

Our Alaska elections have been rigged for a long time, although the official histories totally ignore it. Our statehood vote was compromised by permitting the non-resident military personnel to participate, and were under actual orders to vote for statehood. Walter Hickel’s 1978 primary loss against Jay Hammond was a long, drawn-out melodrama of the worst Chicago-style kind. The vote to finance the capital move from Juneau was literally shot to pieces by a high-powered rifle blasting away at an electrical substation at the hour of highest voter turn-out in the area most likely to favor it by huge majorities. If you think Lisa Murkowski won the write-in vote against Joe Miller, you probably believe that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, too.

And the “red-tide” of a conservative State House suspiciously melted away after election night. And it led to the train-wreck of Ranked-Choice Voting, which will likely eliminate third-parties and damage the healthy participation of citizen-activism in the larger ones. It will create a mess beyond imagining if it is implemented.

But there is still time: the Legislature could demand a statute that only paper ballots be permitted, and remove the judiciary from review. The Legislature might post-date a repeal of Ranked-Choice-Voting when the constitutionally mandated two-year restraint expires. The Governor could decide that RCV violates the State Constitution on any number of grounds, the judicial opinions – still pending on appeal – be damned.

Our freedom melts away daily in shockingly larger doses. Act and speak up now, for while you might not be interested in dictatorship, dictatorship is very interested in you.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Do you trust Alaska politics anymore?

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 45-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online