Sabrena Combs

Palmer mask mandate defeated after overwhelming public outcry

After listening to 20 hours of public testimony from more than 700 Mat-Su residents over a three day period, the Palmer City Council voted down a citywide mask mandate, 4-3, on Dec. 4. Nearly 70% of comments – both in-person and written – opposed the idea

Absentee votes put liberals in control of Palmer City Council

Liberals now enjoy a majority on the seven-member Palmer City Council as the election night lead of longtime Council Member Linda Combs evaporated after absentee ballots were tallied. Linda Combs was narrowly ahead on Oct. 6 but wound up losing a razor close

Liberal Alaska politicians dodge party labels to sow confusion

It’s become fashionable these days for left-leaning liberal Alaskan politicians to try and cast themselves as nonpartisan, unaffiliated or independent – anything to get away from the dreaded “Democratic” label. If you think about it, this makes sense