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The largest provider of abortions in Alaska is throwing its support behind Prop. 13 which would institute a 5% flat tax on alcohol sales in Anchorage to raise funds for programs that help prevent child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and substance abuse, as well as money for mental health treatment, homeless populations and funding for emergency responders and police.

Jessica Cler, the Alaska director of Planned Parenthood, sent a notice to the abortion business’ supporters claiming that the Prop. 13 would “make our community safer and healthier.”

Planned Parenthood has a history of covering up crimes against minors seeking abortions.

In addition to providing the majority of abortions in Alaska, Planned Parenthood offers an array of sex education services that may financially benefit from the proposed alcohol tax. These programs often push explicit sex-education and abortion, while encouraging sexual experimentation, pre-marital sex and advocating for the LGBTQ political ideology.

Nothing in Prop. 13 prohibits tax revenue from funneling into Planned Parenthood programs that include some information on sexual assault.

In urging voters to back the measure, Cler mentioned the need for Alaska to provide better “reproductive health,” which is often used by the abortion industry to refer to a broad range of services, most notably abortion.

“During these uncertain times, we need to take care of each other. Prop. 13 is about investing in the health of our community and supporting our most vulnerable residents,” she added.

Despite Cler’s expressed concern about sexual assault victims, her organization has a history of covering up crimes against minors seeking abortions. Live Action, one of the most prominent pro-life news and advocacy groups in the nation, has published multiple videos and reports documenting Planned Parenthood’s long history of concealing child sexual abuse and sex trafficking at their clinics.

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Abortion business may profit from Anchorage alcohol tax

Joel Davidson
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