Planned Parenthood endorsements

Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion in Alaska, has released its endorsements for the upcoming Aug. 18 Alaska primary.

As expected, the abortion giant has backed almost exclusively Democrat candidates. Al Gross, who is running as an Independent against U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan, enjoys enthusiastic support of Planned Parenthood as well. Click here to read more about the abortion industry’s support of Gross.

Here are the candidates Planned Parenthood wants to win in the upcoming primary.


  • Senate Seat H: Bill Wielechowski
  • Senate Seat J: Tom Begich


  • House District 1: Bennie Colbert and Christopher Quist (dual endorsement)
  • House District 4: Grier Hopkins
  • House District 5: Adam Wool and Taryn Hughes (dual endorsement)
  • House District 16: Ivy Spohnholz
  • House District 17: Andy Josephson
  • House District 18: Harriet Drummond
  • House District 19: Geran Tarr
  • House District 20: Zack Fields
  • House District 21: Matt Claman
  • House District 22: Stephen Trimble
  • House District 33: Sara Hannan
  • House District 35: Johnathan Kreiss Tomkins
  • House District 34: Andi Story
  • House District 38: Tiffany Zulkosky
  • House District 40:  Elizabeth Ferguson

Here’s who big abortion backs in Alaska’s Aug. 18 primary

Joel Davidson
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