Anchorage’s unelected acting mayor, Austin Quinn-Davidson has decided to wield her newly inherited emergency powers to impose city-wide mask mandates and tighter restrictions on gatherings. She announced her new mandates during a Nov. 6 press conference. They take effect Nov. 9 and will include stricter enforcement.

Quinn-Davidson was selected by her fellow Assembly members to serve as acting mayor for the next eight months. Just two weeks into her new post, she will now require all residents over the age of two years to wear masks when inside public settings or communal spaces. They must also mask up at outside gatherings or anytime they come within six feet of another person.

She warned those who might resist her orders that noncompliance could lead back to hunker-down mode.

Unlike her predecessor Ethan Berkowitz, who resigned amid a public sex scandal last month, the acting mayor will no longer allow disabled residents to go without a face covering. If someone cannot wear a mask due to health reasons, they must strap on a face shield. This goes for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The acting mayor said her new mandates are due to the fact that Anchorage has increased COVID case counts. As of Nov. 6, the city of 290,000 residents had 1,928 active COVID cases with 58 hospitalized (which comprises about 10% of all hospital patents).

Quinn-Davidson warned those who might resist her orders that noncompliance could lead Anchorage back to hunker-down mode, a condition that destroyed many local businesses this past summer.

If necessary, city officials are prepared to physically remove people from areas where they are not wearing masks.

She also has plans to send out more code enforcers to ensure compliance with the mandates.

“We will be beefing up enforcement,” Quinn-Davidson warned. “We want to be able to do some spot checks and be proactive and not just respond to complaints.”

If necessary, city officials are prepared to physically remove people from areas where they are not wearing masks. For businesses that ignore her mandates, Quinn-Davidson’s administration is prepared to fine them $600 a day. Individuals could be subject to $50 fines.

Exceptions to her size restrictions are afforded to musicians and entertainers who keep at least 25 feet from their audience. Additionally, people eating or drinking don’t have to mask up while dining, nor do those who are confined to their own enclosed work areas.

Greater onus is now on business owners to ban unmasked residents from entering their buildings and “require or compel removal of such individuals.”

Quinn-Davidson’s order states that the city “reserves the right to use all available enforcement options to assure compliance.”

When it comes to gatherings, her updated mandates require the following.

  • Indoor gatherings involving food or drink are limited to 10 people.
  • Indoor gatherings without food or drink are limited to 15 people.
  • Outdoor gatherings involving food and drink are limited to 20 people.
  • Outdoor gatherings without food or drink are limited to 30 people.
  • No size limits on farmers markets or outdoor food-truck events so long as people are six feet apart.
  • No size limits on drive-in events so long as people stay in their vehicles without passing items between cars.
  • Day cares and day camps can have up to 20 people.
  • Schools (pre-K through 12th grade) are limited to 50% capacity.
  • Religious and political gatherings (where masks are continuously worn) are limited to 50% capacity
  • The mandate doesn’t apply to athletes on sports teams when practicing or playing. Spectators, however, are limited to the gathering restrictions.
  • Holiday bazaars fundraisers or other special shopping events are limited to 25% capacity with a maximum of 100 people. No food may be consumed at these events and all booths must be 20 feet apart.
  • Bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters and other entertainment facilities are allowed 50% capacity.
  • Retail and other public-facing business do not have size limitations so long as people can stay six feet apart.

In addition to imposing restrictions on Anchorage, the acting mayor said she is urging Gov. Mike Dunleavy to issue a statewide order requiring all Alaskans mask up. Dunleavy has resisted such moves, preferring to offer guidance and trust Alaskans. He has openly criticized the severe mandates former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz enforced on Anchorage residents over the past year.

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Unelected Anchorage mayor imposes mask mandate, restricts gatherings increases enforcement

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ed says:

    I will not wear a face diaper bitch.

  • Wanda Kincaid says:

    We the People need to read Mein Kompf and about Karl Marx…

  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    Die Fuhrer has spoken!

  • Toni says:

    It is sad that people cannot just wear a mask to help protect themselves and others! Why the foul language….it is not necessary! When someone in your family becomes deathly ill and the hospital is full or maybe you become deathly ill…you will get it then!

    • Matt Myers says:

      Thanks Karen.
      Wear your own damned mask.

    • George Costanza says:

      Mask up you sheep. It’s the useful idiots like you that led to all the world’s dictators. The mask does NOT work, the world’s deadliest virus (covid-19) is about one tenth (1/10) of a micron. Your paper mask has gaps between the fibers that are about 40 microns. That’s bigger than the virus in case your not following Toni.

    • Vlad says:

      I’ll take my chances of that .0004 possibility. What I won’t do, is subordinate myself to an unelected power zealot.

  • Stephanie says:

    She is going to far. I understand wearing masks for stores, restaurants etc but not if your outside. This impacts work and causes such hardship that is not necessary for people. This is not government this is control, and taking things to far. Respect for others is necessary but respect for the individual is also necessary.

  • Rg says:

    This virus is 1000 times smaller than a human hair. And they think a cloth mask is going to stop it. Come on use your brain. How many hairs do you have entwined in your shirt, sweater or coat. 1000 times small.. see the picture.

  • Robert Rubey says:

    Woe be to the “compliance” jack boot that attempts to accost me as I go about my life in the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

  • Rachel says:

    This is how Hitler and the Nazis worked.

  • Alaskan says:

    “Toni November 6, 2020 At 6:33 pm
    It is sad that people cannot just wear a mask to help protect themselves and others!“

    First “Just wear a mask”,
    then “Just get a vaccine” and the final nail is
    ….you all know, I mean those who understand what’s all these about.
    Mask will not protect from something that is so small that is entering your blood cell that you can see only under very powerful microscope.
    Secondly those people who work with all these viru-ses, ant they are wearing full on level 4 bio suits.
    Wearing masks is slowly deteriorating persons brain from intoxicating it with co2. First some people may experience some of the signs of intoxication, but then the body will start adjust, but the neurons will die and there is no restoration. So dementia is the future. Here the German doctor explains:

  • Voluntaryism says:

    The mandate is harmless. The most culpable are law enforcement who will force threaten to beat, kidnap, and cage innocent people. Nothing more than attack dogs.

  • Adriana says:

    You must be fucking crazy. I’ll take the ducking ticket.

  • Not a sheep says:

    So sad that people are so fear ridden by this virus. First of all, 58 hospitalized doesn’t make it deadly – that is nothing. Sorry for the 58, but no, the hospitals aren’t flooded and they have never been flooded. People need to learn how to rationalize. “It’s just a mask” back in March and here we are in November “you can’t do this, you can’t do that”.

  • Rita says:

    Come on citizens of Anchorage. Demand the vote mandated by the Alaska Constitution to elect a mayor. Get rid of the power-hungary liberal temp and vote in a real Mayor who cares about out city and state. We have learned our lesson well from the corrupt Berkoshitz administration – pack your bags liberals.

  • Jeff Holley says:

    The overwhelming majority of the Anchorage population needs to control our fight against the evolving liberal tyrannical agendas on our political horizon. Recognizing that covid is real won’t diminish this but defiance isn’t the answer completely, in my opinion. Wearing a mask can help reduce the spread of disease and we should care more about our neighbors and being responsible citizens than misplacing our political anger on things that harm the bigger cause!

    I am elated Mayor Berkowitz is out of the picture and hold him responsible for millions of revenue dollars lost! His open theft of federal funds to be diverted for the building of flop house hotels for the growing homeless problem clearly demonstrates our own political disconnect the current assembly is still pushing and exasperating the economic relief our local businesses desperately needed. If we lose our business due to shut downs who’s going to pay municipal taxes, keep anchorage employed and help maintain the attractiveness our city needs to promote future tourism? Is fifty percent businesses lost an acceptable number? Who benefits from this business loss? Who’s fighting for them? Why are we not uniting against this new mayor and the assembly that clearly has liberally inspired and devastating social outcomes! Let’s unite to be heard and let’s do it now! We should stand unified in opposition to this assembly and everything they are pushing but let’s get more sophisticated and controlled at how this will play out! Take them down cause there’s no place for liberal politics in Anchorage!

  • Desaree says:

    I will not ware a mask. I have done the statistics myself and nothing adds up. So anyone who looks at me and says I have to do someone. Remember I’m not telling your dumb ass to not breed. I am letting you do you so let me do me before we have problems.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      That woman who calls herself mayor looks like a bulldyke that no man worth his salt will touch and now she wants the rest of society to pay. She wont last.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    California has finally taken over in Alaska. I can see alot of city ENFORCERS getting shot over this one. And now the rest of the business owners will pack up and leave and anchorage will be another San Fran shithole. Haha. These libtards never learn

  • FedUp says:

    These unending emergency orders are why I am leaving Alaska. South Dakota never shutdown, I can go be free there.

  • Matt Carr says:

    I have lived in Anchorage for 33 years and I’m a super voter! The question I have is, why do we vote these people with economy crushing liberal views into municipal government ? It’s time vote them out and run them out of town . Seattle, Portland and especially , California values are not welcome in Alaska!!! I came here all those years ago to enjoy independence and freedom! Tyranny is upon us when an unelected individual begins issuing mandates. We must insist upon a special election now and vote in an Alaskan!!!

  • Mandates can be made all we want but cases are going to continue to increase unless we start teaching the correct way to wear a mask.
    What you find talking to people out there wearing mouth masks only is they think only respiratory droplets are spread through talking. They don’t realize their nasal passages are part of their respiratory system or that virus cells are absorbed and attach to back of nasal passages.
    We might want to start there. Then require masks in businesses, but offer delivery and pick up options for every retailer if someone chooses not to wear a mask. Information on how to clean and how often to clean or wear a mask.
    Let’s fix the cracks in the system from the beginning before moving to more restrictive measures.

    • Matt Myers says:

      Even worn correctly, the magical mask talismans don’t work.

    • Alaskan says:

      Oh, my!
      Yes, let’s hire those who will stand in front of each and every business and teach people before they come in in how to properly wear dumb face diaper….
      But honestly, darling, you should also cover your eyes and plug your ears in that case you are describing! Period! The bugs can get through those ways as well. And maybe even place yourself into one big bubble! People were getting sick and will get sick, it’s just what really needs to be done: “Turn off your TV!!! And turn ON Your Brain!”
      There is a fall and we always had a spike of respiratory infection, so no different is this year.
      Somehow flu disappeared, no flashing news about it anymore. How come? Last year it was all over for TV watchers.

  • Caterpillar says:

    What recourse is there for businesses? In what court of law are violators tried? How can enforcers prove non-compliance? Is the testimony of one snitch adequate? He said-she said?

  • Dr. Greg A Moody says:

    The Authority bias that Americans have evidenced for the pandemic mirrors closely the worst parts of the Milgram Experiment. I am appalled that freedom loving people have willingly abdicated reasoning for perceived safety because a mere mortal in authority told us it was for our own good.

  • Lonny says:

    Masks should be a choice if you’re worried then ware the damn mask! However, don’t push your BS agenda on me, I’m free and will remain free, period! Masks do have their purpose, but as usual the left is out for power and are trying to use this to their advantage! The pseudo mayor is just another example of that.

  • Matt Myers says:

    If you think that magical mask talismans work, wear your own.

    How about a 2 week old positive or an antibody test that shows you had this mild virus gets you out of this BS? What say?

  • Michael S Totten says:

    The adults that are in public office now are the children of the late 70s and early 80s that had parents that pumped them full of pharmaceutical drugs for ADHD and every other defect they thought these kids had and by doing that, The drugs destroyed any chance of critical thought process. Now you have these monkeys running around who think they are smarter than you. Time to euthanize these useless idiots.

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