While Felix Rivera and his ideological allies at the radical-left Anchorage Press might want you to think that his recall efforts are due to homophobia, it is simply not the case. If all it takes to arrive at the conclusion that you are a victim is to find a handful of trolls who have said mean things to you, you will always be a victim of something if you are in the public eye. The world, and social media, has no shortage of cruelty and unkindness. The recall effort however is not being organized by those people on social media who take the ad hominem attacks, and vitriol, too far. It is being organized by people who are furious over the damage created by his tyrannical COVID policies… and the recall vote will be the judge.

3.17 > On Recalling Rivera

Jake Libbey
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  • Ruth Ewig says:

    When Rivera accuses people of being anti-science, this is a projection of himself on others. The mental illness he is suffering is reparable but he and others who are like him but being in charge in Seattle or Portland need counseling and the government will provide if. The illness is gender dysphoria and it was published in the WHO organization as a mental illness then removed with pressure from the LBGT. It was published by scientist Dr. Paul McHugh of John Hopkins Medical Center who performed surgery on people seeking and reported on the results. There are others in the scientific community who have cautioned about this mental illness and people in this condition need to get counseling to be better. Rivera is not better and the LBGT movement nationwide is one of the “woke” movement along with others that are banning information on this transgender topic by calling it “hate speech.” How can research that tells the truth be hate speech. The paranoia within this LBGT group of people is shutting down through pressure and maligning the honest people they are supposed to be serving.


    As one afflicted by same sex attraction, I believe it is reprehensible to accuse others of being homophobic with no evidence to the contrary. In my experience, I have met only ONE person that was and I am 66 years old.