Spend a little time with the Anchorage’s new mayor, Dave Bronson, and you quickly notice that he’s a man of firm and unwavering conservative convictions. But he is a happy warrior, the kind who looks you in the eye, genuinely listens to all sides and then tries to find solutions that do not compromise his core values or the promises he campaigned on.

This dynamic is playing out before our eyes as he attempts to find a permanent chief librarian to head up Anchorage’s public library system. Bronson flat out refuses to name a library director who will continue politicizing the library with far-leftist propaganda.

The Anchorage Assembly, who gets to approve or reject this post, has so far nixed Bronson’s first pick – Sami Graham. His second choice (Judy Norton Eledge) was named last week. She’s another candidate with extensive educational and administrative credentials, and someone who also shares Bronson’s conservative values.

Dominated by hard-leftist members, the Assembly will have to get used to working with a mayor who has never been a politician, and who aims to stick to his principles. In many ways Bronson epitomizes what conservatives need in 2021.

We can’t afford politicians – whether they be at the school board, governor’s mansion or the halls of Congress – who blow with the political winds and ever-changing headlines. Stemming the woke madness that has infected our local, state and national governments requires men and women with a fighting streak – people willing to exhaust their legal options and spend political capital to earn hard-fought victories. To accomplish this, Bronson and others need our support – both in word and action. He certainly won’t get it from Alaska’s mainstream media, and so it is incumbent on us all to encourage this man, to speak out in support of his nominees and join him in this fight.

If these are the days that try men’s souls, let us enter the fray with unyielding conviction.

To reach Mayor Bronson, drop him a line at (907) 343-7100 or email

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Mayor Bronson epitomizes the ‘happy-warrior’ that conservatives desperately need

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.