Gov. Mike Dunleavy joined the growing chorus, both in Alaska and across the nation, of political leaders who oppose President Joe Biden’s recently revealed plan to mandate COVID shots for tens of millions of Americans – both in the public and private sectors.

On Sept. 9, Biden announced a sweeping proposal to coerce some 80 million Americans who have declined to get a COVID jab. The president now wants to mandate COVID shots for all federal employees and contractors, while also threatening businesses with fines unless they force employees to either submit to vaccinations or weekly tests.

Dunleavy’s Sept. 10 statement begins by extolling the benefits of COVID shots.

“It is clear from the data and empirical evidence over the last year that the vaccine is the most effective way to fight Covid 19,” Dunleavy states. “From what we are seeing in our hospitals, the very ill are mostly those who are unvaccinated.  As Governor, and as someone who had Covid and has been vaccinated, I will continue to recommend that Alaskans speak to their healthcare providers and discuss the merits of the vaccine based on their individual healthcare needs.”

Despite the governor’s enthusiasm for COVID shots, he expressed dismay with Biden’s mandate plan. 

“With that said, President Biden’s attempt to force vaccinations is ill conceived, divisive, and unamerican,” Dunleavy said. “At a time in which we are called to work together, forced medical procedures run counter to our collective sense of fairness and liberty. My administration is aggressively identifying every tool at our disposal to protect the inherent individual rights of all Alaskans.”

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Dunleavy calls Biden’s mandatory vax plan ‘divisive and unamerican’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Timothy Colbath says:

    Governor, with all due respect, stand up and do what needs to be done. Alaska and the Federal government signed a “Statehood Agreement” in 1958 and it was made official with statehood in 1959. The federal government has continually violated that agreement under this administration’s watch.
    Tell the feds they have violated the signed agreement thus Voiding the agreement. Open our job market for mineral development that benefits ALL ALASKAN’s as provided in our state constitution under article Vlll, section 2.
    The Supreme Court decision of 1902 determined that the federal government nor the states could mandate vaccinations WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS/EXEMPTIONS.
    Mike – do your job!

  • Ruth & Jon Ewig says:

    Not true. Regeneron or having had the infection and now the antibodies are the best ways. We oppose vaccinating until Regeneron is available. There is an effective vaccine called Nova Vax that is being delayed so that the guinea pig vaccine can profit more. Nova Vax has been repeatedly delayed for FDA approval since May. Supposedly it will be out in December. Our hospital here in the Interior is following the criminal Fauci under guise of the CDC and not making available life-saving drugs. it is the hospital board and Intensive Care boss who are obstructing up here.

  • DB2 says:

    NOT TRUE! There is no proof that these shots are safe or effective! Actually there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary (see Israel). I’m so sick and tired of these politicians and leftists thinking that just because they say something it makes it true! Absolutely sick of it! Stop talking and go study the Constitution…. and science.
    Then do something useful and protect and serve the people who you were elected to serve.

    • Evan S Singh says:

      ” just because they say something it makes it true!” You think that’s a leftist tactic? Should I mention that Trump suggested ingesting a disinfectant and putting a powerful light “inside”? Or that Covid will disappear. Or that he will show his tax returns. And Trump’s sycophant’s like Cruz and Jordan and Dunleavy and Bronson are just as bad.

      And you say study the science. Here’s one conclusion based on easily observable evidence. Over 339 million vaccine doses were given to 187.2 million people in the US as of July 19, 2021. Between December 2020 and July 19th, 2021, 6,207 reports of death (0.0018% of doses). Maybe I need to state the conclusion more clearly: the Covid vaccines work.

  • RJ says:

    Anyone tired of Republican politicians, ‘condemning’, ‘sending letters’, ‘joining choruses’ etc? I’m sure the communists are quaking in their boots.

    • Sharon Turner says:

      Why are the Constitutionalist, conservatives a dying group? Because we do have independent thinkers. The tyrant Communists stick together like the goose stepping North Korean, Nazi Third Reich, CCP/Chinese. in other words cloned bobble head robots.. But they win! (we lose) Why? The Dems always stick like super glue. While we have Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and the other swampy, muskeg traitors. Way past time to boot them out!

  • Jen says:

    We are at respect our communities leaders but it doesnt mean I have to do Every little thing my representative tells me. A resident choosing not to take medicine doesn’t mean you have to pull your own hair out. Time will tell if this particular shot is dangerous or safe. In the meantime government leaders don’t have to pull their hair out over it. It is not like the people had refused paying their taxes! Hahaha

  • G Aleution says:

    If Alaska chooses to decertify statehood due to non-performance of the federal government statehood agreement and dishonoring everything else we still retain the US Constitution because it applied to ALL territories of the US. The Dems have stopped property rights, decent public education, and as much of our Constitutional rights as they can. They abhor God given liberty. The Governor is doing a great job under the circumstances.

  • G Aleution says:

    Twenty six (26) states are refusing to comply with presidential health commandments at this time. A majority of states refuse.

  • David says:

    The Biden administration looks toward Alaska and it’s”governor “ and says who’s that?

  • JET says:

    Governor Dunleavy could and should declare our state a sanctuary state for the freedom of its citizen’s form the inoculation mandate. I personally declare my body a sanctuary body from these illegal mandates. If the liberals can break federal law by declaring sanctuary cities against federal law for illegal immigrants, they set the precident for me as an individual when I 100 percent will not comply to an unconstitutional mandate the feds force upon us. I have a sanctuary body!!!

  • KMP says:


    OSHA has about 2000 inspectors for more than 7 million businesses in the country.
    It would take them 160 YEARS to inspect every business just once.
    On top of it, almost 60% of those inspectors work for the states, not the federal government.

    We can even narrow it down a bit – OSHA now has an estimated 800 safety and compliance inspectors to cover the more than 100,000 private-sector companies affected by the new rule.

    The feds simply don’t have the person power or resources to enforce mandates if people resist in large numbers. Not even close.

    And if states stop helping them –
    **which they absolutely can do**
    – the enforcement situation will be much, much worse for the feds.
    Learn more about all this – including this potential Achilles heel for OSHA – in today’s episode of the Path to Liberty podcast.

  • Sharon Turner says:

    Dear Governor Dunleavy : Just go back: To your candidate day speeches, promises, and when you raised your hand and Swore the Oath you took to support, defend, with out reservation, and so on. Remember? WE The Folks sure remember. Grandma Sharon, Anchorage