For nearly five hours on Nov. 22, a continuous stream of Alaskans took three minutes apiece to share heartbreaking stories about loved ones dying in the hospital after being denied Covid treatments or losing long-time businesses and careers due to shot mandates.

Sen. Lora Reinbold hugs a woman who recounted losing her mother to Covid after being “bullied and terrorized” by hospital staff.

Gathered both in person and online, residents from across the state spoke with intense passion, calling on Gov. Mike Dunleavy and state lawmakers to intervene and defend companies and individual employees from coercive federal and local vaccine mandates. They also asked them to protect doctors willing to prescribe alternative treatments like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and vitamin supplements.

Organized by Sen. Lora Reinbold, participants gathered at Anchorage Baptist Temple. Several testifiers shared emotional accounts of losing loved ones who were repeatedly denied treatment options that did not involve remdesivir or being put on ventilators. Hospitals were regularly condemned as places one goes to die rather than recover.

Those in attendance included mothers, fathers, grandparents, health care workers and some of the most involved political activists and community leaders from across the state. In addition to Reinbold, other legislators on hand (either in person or via livestream), included co-hosts Sen. Roger Holland, Rep. David Eastman, Rep. George Rauscher, Rep. Ben Carpenter and Rep. Christopher Kurka. Representatives Cathy Tilton, Kevin McCabe, Ken McCarty and Mike Prax were also listening.

The night was marked by tears, trembling voices, anger, hugs and multiple standing ovations.

Many people spoke about early treatment options that worked for them and their loved ones. They urged fellow Alaskans to proactively stock up on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, rather than wait until they get sick. By then it might be too late, especially given that many pharmacies are refusing physician prescriptions for the medication.

Doctors and registered nurses spoke about losing jobs or actively quitting because they could no longer bear to enforce hospital oppressive policies that limited treatment options while separating patients from advocates and loved ones.

Former Southcentral Foundation employee Jason Robinson recounts how he lost his job because he declined the experimental Covid shot.

Several speakers warned against vaccinating children, who can suffer from myocarditis, a dangerous inflammation of the heart, after receiving a Covid jab.

“I am here today to wake up Alaska. Do not sacrifice your children,” one heartbroken nurse told the crowd. She spoke of caring for a severely underweight child who is now scheduled to get a Covid shot. The woman was visibly distraught, saying the already weakened child may not survive the jab. “We do not deserve mercy,” she said, “if we cannot protect our own children.”

Many spoke about losing their jobs because their employers would not accept religious or medical exemption requests.

A former employee at the Alaska Native Medical Center said she was forced to leave her job after being denied a medical exemption.

Another former health care provider, Jason Robinson, worked for Southcentral Foundation where he assisted with the homeless population. On Oct. 15 he was forced to resign because he declined the Covid shot.

“There are no more employees at Southcentral who are not vaccinated,” he said. “They did not allow for religious exemptions, which I thought was unconstitutional.” Robinson implored state leaders to “step in and defend my constitutional rights against companies like this.”

A woman who worked 41 years as a registered nurse said she walked away from her long-time job Providence because the hospital told her to refrain from talking about the side effects of Covid jabs.

“This totally violates the Nuremberg Code, and I would have no part of it,” she said. “I will not be a part of murder and the medical tyranny of not letting you see your loved ones.”

Mike Alexander warns Alaskans to reject Covid shots for their children during the Nov. 22 listening session in Anchorage.

Many who declined the experimental shots said they did so after researching side effects, or seeing friends and loved ones suffer adverse reactions.

“We are grown adults and we don’t need the government telling us we need a shot or don’t need a shot,” Sandy Travis said. “I personally think the shots are dangerous and harmful.”

Fellow speaker John Nelson agreed.

“Let’s stop using their language by calling it a vaccine – it is a bioweapon,” he said. “We absolutely have to stop the madness.” He got a standing ovation.

A Homer woman said she and a friend recently launched a website – – which pulls together resources for employees facing termination for declining the jab. She attended the Early Treatment Summit for Covid last month in Anchorage and was inspired to help friends and neighbors navigate mandates without capitulating to the injections.

Several women shared heartbreaking stories of loved ones who died after local hospitals refused to honor their requests for ivermectin.

One woman said her husband got sick on Sept. 7. Ten days later he went to Mat-Su Regional and was quickly placed on a ventilator and given remdesivir, a drug known to cause kidney failure. The hospital refused to give him monoclonal treatments, ivermectin or infusions of vitamin C or D. He eventually died.

“No one else should have to go through this,” she said, speaking through tears. “No one. It’s criminal how they are treating patients and the families.”

Participating via livestream, Rep. Christopher Kurka told attendees that he has never experienced such violations of civil liberties in America, and he encouraged Alaskans to resist the growing “authoritarian tyranny,” by letting government officials know exactly what they think.

“Don’t shut up and go away,” he emphasized. “Keep up the pressure. They need it.”

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Desperate Alaskans demand Dunleavy and lawmakers fight Covid mandates

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Thank you
    No shot for me are my family

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Our governor needs to stand strong with Governor DeSantes and others. The states’s rights amendment 10 in the Bill of Rights states that the governor has jurisdiction over the citizens of the state. The Attorney General should be standing strong with the governor. Let’s pray that Dunleavy stands strong against federal encroachment and the deadly decisions of the corrupt hospitals and corrupt tech and corporate media. Also, that the legislators quit playing games and help we the citizens of Alaska.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Dummy Dunleavy doesn’t get it.
    His stance of defending private business mandates is contrary to the very foundation of the US Constitution and the primary role of government.
    The #1 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE GOVERNING is to defend the rights of the individual.
    The right to travel, work, be educated, access to medical care, to peaceably assemble – these are sacrosanct rights of every Free Man.
    Gov. DeSantis – he gets it.
    I WILL NOT be voting for Dunleavy unless he enforces the rights of individuals against the tyranny by corporations.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  • Ralph says:

    When others think they have the right over your God given freedom to choose for yourself and your children.
    They indirectly label you as cattle, resources of the state, and devalue human life.
    -Kill the unborn but to heck with your freedoms to choose treatments for yourself!?
    I want to say God have mercy… but why.. they are indirectly murdering children and ruining lives under the threat of coercion.
    -I have completely lost faith in Alaska’s ability to abide by We The People.
    The Anc. Assembly is a disgrace as well, cancelling all comment on youtube.. since they ignore We The People anyways.

  • Yetitrax says:

    This is the biggest issue of all our lives. It is nothing less than a bio attack on the human race.
    It is designed for the purpose of depopulation. The fact that we’re being denied early treatment options is absolutely criminal, and so many of those we elected are either in on it or choosing not to pay attention.
    Thanks to all those who were elected that are taking a stand for us. Those of you who aren’t need to believe that we’re watching you and we’re not going to forget your callous indifference on this issue. That goes for you hospital administrators and you in the health care industry too. There will one day be a reckoning, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this when that happens.

  • Theresa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    May God have mercy on us, on our cities, states, and nation. Immaculate Conception, pray for us!

  • Palmer Resident says:

    The subsequent result of the wuhan virus that was unleash onto the world by the ccp is a travesty to say the least. Our nations top officials are complicit. Healthcare czars, professionals, doctors, physicians who are cowardly and knowingly partake and advocate in favor of the vaccines and disregard early treatment, such as ivermectin, hydroxycholoroquine, etc., are to blame for the hundreds of thousands that has died from the covid. It is malfeasance, intentional, and a derelict of duty to the oath they took when entering the medical field. Hopefully history will provide clarity for all to see the evil and ignorance of these individuals!!!

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Rank EVIL.
      The shroud has been ripped off the corporate medical establishment.
      BigPharma drives the treatments, and thus the ethics, of health care.
      The fact that the majority of doctors and nurses are going along with the dictates of BigPharma – should give us all great pause. This is all part of the engineered collapse of society.

  • Patrick Dalton says:

    These particular lawmakers, Rep Eastman Sen Reinbold, etc, are truly discerning. I appreciate the efforts going out to gather first hand testimonies. There is a spiritual evil power behind this. We can know this by the well coordinated implementation across the world. Their end objective? Genocide? Sterilization? Both? Many are pondering, but I suggest the answer may be that their ultimate goal is what is predicted in Revelation 13:16, and12:12-17. Of course many more steps remain between now and when we arrive at this future prophesied state of affairs. More questions we ponder as well, like: Is America under the final system? How about Alaska? How courageous we, as citizens are, may determine this.

  • AKY says:

    And now, today, we are trapped even from essential travel by the Biden mandates (Essential Travelers Crossing US Land Borders, Such as TRUCK DRIVERS, to be Fully Vaccinated – 37% of Truckers to Reject Jab). Will this governor ever grow a spine and say ‘Enough!’

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Right two weeks without the truckers and the shelf’s not being stocked
      We have chaos more fighting

  • JC says:

    Fighting the tyranny and upholding our personal and constitutional liberties are THE most important issues facing us as a state and as a nation. As RFK Jr recently stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “ we have to love our freedom more than we fear a germ”. Amen.

  • DEFEND ALASKA! says:

    Appreciate these people coming forward and sharing their testimony.
    Would ask that our Governor and representative’s step up and take appropriate action immediately.
    The first responsibility of government is to defend the people of this state!

  • gem burke says:

    I’m a former resident and an anti-vaxxer. I would like to offer anything I could to help. I have a web site with extensive articles from various places, and i tried to weed out the crazy one. I make no money for a visit nor do I know who visits.

  • Lora Reinbold says:

    Thank you for doing a nice job covering this important event. It was put together with the purist intentions to give many hurting Alaskans a place to tell their story and network with others to help heal broken hearts.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Thank You!!
      For standing up, to all this madness

    • Alaskan says:

      Thank you for your proactive measures in this Sen. Reinbold. Organizing is key to fighting this. And thanks to Mr. Davidson for another great article.

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Deeply appreciate your ethics and morals in dealing with this issue.
      Is there anything more important?

  • James says:

    10 years as an Army officer, 15 years as a federal contractor. Had to leave my career due to the vaccine mandate – and now I’m a second class citizen in my own country.

    • Yetitrax says:

      First off, thanks for stepping up and serving. Next I would add don’t accept being a second class citizen.
      You did the right thing by your noncompliance. Hold your head high and be a proud man.
      Don’t under any circumstances take a knee to any petty tyrant, or anyone that wants to lord over your dignity and human rights.
      If we stand together and stay strong and hold the line, we will win.
      The world over, everyday people are waking up to this evil and saying no.

  • Greg in Homer says:

    Thank you for those that testified. I hope the governor listens to the people and helps Alaskans have access to this medication, free of hassles.

  • Andy says:

    We have two bioweapons, the virus and the vaccines. A while back I was told this is not the “mark” and I agree it isn’t, these injections will lead up to the mark. If you don’t have a religion, if you haven’t accepted Christ as your savior, do it now.

    • Common Peasant says:

      The mark is not just one thing. Currently, the mask is the mark.
      There are companies in this town that will not allow you to shop with them if you do not wear the mark (mask). When employees are confronted about their absurd demand for me to restrict my breath, they say it is company policy and they do not want to lose their job. Cowards.

  • Michael Hughes says:

    The governor and other state leaders are not enforcing our constitutional rights. Contact did contact them now demand our freedoms as written in the Constitution.

  • jh says:

    Will Alaska have the new MERCK IVERMECTIN Covid treatment pill in November?
    Yes, this treatment pill is IVERMECTIN (that is tweaked somewhat).
    The very drug that is saving countless lives of people with covid, that hospitals are refusing to administer, despite the PATIENT’S RIGHT TO TRY!” The hospitals are committing medical negligence and they all should be held accountable!

    • Charlotte says:

      Please don’t fall for the Merck “Ivermectin” pill!! It’s called molnupiravir, they want you to associate it with Ivermectin, ask for it and get sick, thinking it’s safe. It’s super expensive too. They are trying to fool you. AGAIN!!!
      Pfizer is coming out with a pill also. Same story. Do you think they want to help you?! Don’t trust Big Pharma.
      If you can’t get Ivermectin from your dr/pharmacy because they prefer you die, go online and look for pharmacies outside the US that will sell you Ivermectin or HCQ without a prescription. They do exist for occasions such as this. WARNING: they don’t provide advice or dr consult. Use for your search engine – GOOGLE won’t help you.

  • jh says:

    Congressman Rand Paul has been conducting several investigations on Dr. Fauci for funding research on bat coronaviruses, to test different spike proteins in the Wuhan lab, which is the center of COVID-19 origin theories and Fauci’s policy failure to stop the Chinese corona virus.
    Congressman Rand Paul recently stepped up his attacks on Dr. Fauci, a government bureaucrat democrat, for performing deadly and unnecessary experiments on beagle puppies. Dr. Fauci’s division at the National Institutes of Health spent over $424,000 on these cruel, research experiments on beagle puppies. The beagle puppies had their heads held in cages, left for sand flies to eat them alive, before being pumped with drugs and killed. Social Media is demanding Fauci to be arrested for cruelty to animals.

  • kris spencer says:

    People are angry and quite frankly shocked that those in office whose prime responsibility and oath of office is to protect and defend the Constitution have done neither! They pass the buck or offer some excuse. They haven’t stood up for anything, written letters, done any media interviews to discuss anything…they’ve done ZERO! And that includes republicans, too! (except for people like Reinbold and a couple of others who are mercilessly harassed and mocked. ) There are thousands more who could not attend or didn’t even know about it. The handwriting is on the wall.

  • hj says:

    There is an immediate need for every attorney general to do battle with these hospitals who refuse human ivermectin.
    It is also the failure of governors and attorneys general to enforce the law!
    Every legislature needs to pass a law specifically barring hospitals from blocking any patient from seeking the use of an FDA-approved drug (human ivermectin) at the direction of a physician to treat COVID.
    There is also a big problem with the insensitive obtuse democrat judges!
    We cannot allow Hospitals to become prisons to let covid patients die. We cannot allow Hospitals to deny patients’ rights!!!
    Why is the legislature not convening an EMERGENCY session to deal with this problem?
    Something needs to be done now!

  • ML says:

    Alaskans will not comply with a mandate. The term itself is abhorrent to any American. When you lose the freedom of choice, you have lost your freedom period!

  • Jeff says:

    Nuremberg Trials 2.0
    With Nuremberg like sentences…

  • Valley Grandma says:

    Please educate yourselves, there is great information on
    For summary info on drugs used to treat see
    The states must stand up. It is not going to come from the federal government. It must come from the states. Florida has now very broad exceptions and issued fines of $50,000 per occurrence for companies over 100 employees. For companies under 100 employees, the fine is $10,000 per occurrence. Any weekly testing requirements must be paid for by the company. They have essentially stopped the mandates.
    Kansas and Missouri now are doing something similar. Please write your legislative branch and cc the Governor. Stand, for your freedom and your God given constitutional rights. This is not a choice anymore, it is up to all of us. More info can be found at FLCCC web site. For a legal summery search Jeff Childers Coffee & Covid. This gentleman has great info on what is going on, on the legal front and he has a great sense of humor.

  • JH says:

    Biden is mandating the Chinese clot shot and masks and threatening your job!
    TRUMP: Biden should take a ‘mandated’ cognitive test

  • Greg says:

    The only way out of this tyranny is through a civil revolution and TAKE our government back. People do not GIVE UP control. We have to TAKE it back