You hear it all the time.

“It’ll all go away.”

“It’s falling apart.”

“I am just waiting for the court cases to make it all stop.”

“They can’t keep it up forever.”

There are too many variations on the theme to list them all. The general thrust of these comments is that Covid restrictions will eventually melt away and we will be allowed to return to our normal lives.

Those who hold to this mentality are not actively seeking to change anything. They’re just waiting for the system to revert back to the pre-Covid era. This is the wrong approach.

The goal isn’t to wait for governmental powers and corporate bureaucracies to remove the restrictions they’ve placed on us. The goal must be to actually change the legal structure so that these oppressive tactics that violate basic human rights and freedoms never occur again.

If we don’t do that, then government and corporate entities will simply introduce a new crisis and trample our freedoms once again.

We must seek system-wide change by holding people accountable. There must be prosecutions and real penalties for violating our liberties.

No, simply going back to the way it was before is insufficient. We must change the laws and policies that allowed these oppressive tactics to be imposed on us in the first place.

Start by saying, “No.” Why obey inhuman orders and treatments anyway?

I’ve seen Alaskans say “no” in several ways. Many refuse to wear masks, or only patronize businesses that do not mandate them. Others attend school board and city or borough meetings to demand that Covid restrictions be lifted. Then there are the “Freedom” and “Trucker” rallies all around the world, including here in Alaska. Join in!

Finally, contact your elected state representatives to demand investigations and legal reform to prevent these abuses from ever happening again.

The time to end these restrictions on our freedoms is long overdue. Take action!

The views expressed here are those of the author.


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Alaskans must demand and defend freedom

Casey Campbell
Casey Campbell is a Mat-Su resident, commercial pilot and former U.S. Marine.


  • Pamela Samash says:

    Freedom is not free. We have to fight for it and defend it. I keep reminding people that if govt gets away with forced shots today in our generation, what will they do tomorrow to our kids and grandkids? If we don’t set strong boundaries against govt forcing medical procedures on us, then who knows what sick and twisted mandate they’ll come up with later. Forced sterilization? Forced euthanasia? You know, all for the “good” of society. And after hearing the side effects caused by these covid shots during the testimonies for SB156, its clear this was a mass poisoning. Why isn’t our attorney general prosecuting Fauci for his involvement in creating this disease and violently harming the Alaskan people? So you’re right, freedom is not going to just be handed to us, we have to stand our ground and not just forget the last 2 years.

  • Terry Tiree says:

    You really think Fauci created Covid? If you do, would you share your evidence?

  • Phyllis Jost says:

    I am in agreement with being on the side of freedom fighters and demanding upholding the law laid out in the Constitution.
    I am not opposed to most forms of civil disobedience. However, I think it is important for ‘fighters’ to remember that just because I, for one, do not stand on the street corner with a sign, or speak up boldly at an Assembly meeting, or make a lot of noise, it is not wise to assume that I do not want to preserve my freedoms or that I am blind to what is happening around me. Some of us are called to pray, to share the message with others who are oblivious, or who choose to stick their head in the sand. I don’t own a gun and would probably never use it, if I did, but I would do most anything to uphold your right to own and use a gun wisely. I appreciate Watchman; keep up the good work. Have and will donate when possible.

  • Sally M Pollen says:

    Casey Campbell, good admonition! Dare I say that we would not have found ourselves awash in nonsensical mandates including masks, lockdowns and jabs of experimental cocktails had we been awake and vigilant to protect our constitutional rights. If enough of us wake from slumber, there is time to make and/or change laws and policies to prevent a replay. But we must replace many current leaders with men and women who have integrity and who have courage to stand and boldly speak for righteousness regardless of whether or not it would cost them reelection. Then we could boldly ask God to bless us.

  • david Boyle says:

    Civil disobedience in schools by students is the only way to convince the ASD Board to remove the mask mandate. Go to school masked, take you mask off once in the classroom. Remain. Do not leave. Practice civil disobedience just like the Civil Rights activists did in the 1960s and the Vietnam war protestors did as well. It worked.

  • Sterling crone says:

    We tried to gather in Kenai Borough chambers to sign a petition towards investigating both judicial and law enforcement corruption on the Kenai. Facebook notices brought citizens from Homer and all points in between. The Administration that invited this public forum to Borough chambers, proceeded to intervene by babbling for two hours on unrelated topics until frustrated Alaskans shouted and left. Clearly, it is “Progressive” to disable community discourse when the status quo might be questioned.

  • Charlie says:

    There can be little doubt that this virus was man made and following the things that took place in NY and other states it becomes obvious that there was intent to spread it. Hospitals placing healthy people in with infected people, placing infected people into nursing homes, in what world would these things make and sense? What kind of devils do these things? And for what possible benefit? To seize power? To kill people?

  • Greg in Homer says:

    Here in Homer, which is the epicenter of liberalism in Alaska, we are surrounded by the mask “true believers”. It is pointless to argue with them, they are fervent in their near-religious belief in the benefits of masking. My personal decision is to no longer support businesses that require masks for entry. I have found other alternatives. My family supports businesses that we can enter mask-free, and will not be returning to supporting the businesses run by mask tyrants after the covid madness is over. We have choices where to spend our money and who to support with it. If the businesses run by maskers go broke and have to close their doors, so be it.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Greg agree, no mask wearing or shot for me.
    I stopped supporting those businesses a long time ago. Who wants to wear a diaper on your face, wait I forgot only the sheepy woke people do.