Sen. Lisa Murkowski has introduced a pro-abortion bill to codify past Supreme Court rulings in Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood with the aim of ensuring that abortions can continue unabated across the nation even if the Supreme Court were to reverse these decisions in the near future.

Murkowski and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) introduced their bill on Feb. 28, the same day both women voted with fellow Republicans to block the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) – a radical pro-abortion measure that would have nullified state pro-life laws throughout the nation.

But Murkowski’s vote to block the WHPA is not a sign that she is moving toward the pro-life camp. Instead, she filed the “Reproductive Choice Act,” both as a standalone bill and as an amendment to the WHPA which was blocked.

Murkowski, who is generally considered an ally by the abortion industry, seemed to go out of her way to demonstrate that she is still a pro-abortion Republican.

While not as sweeping as the WHPA, in essence, Murkowski’s bill aims to nullify any possible pro-life benefits if the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe v. Wade or Casey.

“I have always supported a woman’s right to choose, the precedents established by Roe v. Wade, and the limitations the Supreme Court has placed on laws regarding abortion services,” she said in a statement about her new bill. “With the Supreme Court set to rule on an abortion-related case later this year, we should codify current protections into law so that women can be confident their reproductive freedoms will not be abruptly reduced or eliminated.”

Murkowski then highlighted her pro-abortion bona fides, while stating that she does have some “limits.”

“I have long supported a woman’s right to choose, but my position is not without limits, and this partisan Women’s Health Protection Act simply goes too far,” she said. “It would broadly supersede state laws and infringe on Americans’ religious freedoms. The fact that my choice is between this bill, or nothing at all, shows how insincere Majority Leader Schumer is about protecting women’s rights. Failing to conduct any outreach and reducing this important issue to nothing more than a designed-to-fail show vote is a disservice to women across America.”

Murkowski, who will attempt to defend her Senate seat against pro-life challenger Kelly Tshibaka in November, said the WHPA goes “beyond what is necessary to codify the abortion rights in Roe and Casey.”

It would block all federal and state laws that provide religious liberties protections for pro-life healthcare workers. WHPA also seeks to nullify state informed consent laws and measures that prohibit sex-based abortions or require parental or guardian notification for minors seeking an abortion.

By contrast, Murkowski’s abortion bill aims to enshrine current abortion policy which has been the law of the land for the past half century, resulting in the death of more than 60 million unborn babies.

Murkowski said her bill would “prohibit states from imposing an “undue burden” on the ability of a woman to kill her unborn baby while “clarifying that unnecessary health regulations that have the purpose or effect of presenting a ‘substantial obstacle’ to a woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy constitute an ‘undue burden.’”

Murkowski’s bill would also codify the practice of unlimited abortions after fetal viability so long as they are done to preserve the “health” of the woman. Health has been widely interpreted as mental or emotional states of being, which serve as a catch all reason to justify killing pre-born children, based on a woman’s subjective mental state.

While not as sweeping as the WHPA, in essence, Murkowski’s bill aims to nullify any possible pro-life benefits if the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe v. Wade or Casey.

Murkowski sponsors abortion bill to guarantee ability to kill unborn babies

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    And she calls herself a Catholic? The church should excomunicate her! She’s a disgrace to the church and it’s teachings and to the Republican party.

  • Dee Cee says:

    Notice that Archbishop Bellisario has rescinded the “Catholic” designation from Holy Rosary Academy because their Board of Directors refused to give him control of their institution, arguing that they aren’t living up to they’re Catholic prerogative to “submit” to the Bishop, but you won’t see him condemn Murkowski’s direct violation of a Catholic dogma. Nah. You see, submission to the Bishop is actually MORE IMPORTANT than following the basic tenets of the faith.

    • Di says:

      Two serious and different subjects. The school is under the control of a mid west diocese and teaches only what they in that state teach. It is not under the State of Alaska education laws. The archbishop recently asked them to join this dioceses to bring them under our state laws and a part of the state of Alaska catholic communities. Their tuition and fees for education is way out of the norm. Parents simply could not tolerate the public school system and send their kids to that academy. They can pack up and move on any time they want too. Murkowski is another sad mess. Yes, she needs to go as a representative of Alaska, so vote her out. Her religion and attitude is not the responsibility of the Archbishop. Its her responsibility. Her activities have to be complained about in a different manner than what you are suggesting for the church to excommunicate her. If you have a complaint, write a letter to the Archbishop and ask for that and give the complaint. Put your energy where its useful and has purpose.

      • Michael Hughes says:

        Interesting info on Holy Rosary, thank you for that.
        However, the ordinary of.a diocese has an obligation to promote and protect the teachings of the Church and to deal with “prominent ” members of the Bodt of Christ when they promote anything that goes against these teachings; first privately, then publicly and, if these don’t work, by excommunication. This is due to the influence people of prominence have over the rest of us.

  • Opus says:

    Murky just bought her ticket to hell.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Election time: It’s all lie’s stop the killing’s Lisa

  • Steve says:

    “Murkowski, who is generally considered an ally by the abortion industry…” Too bad her parents weren’t strong allies of the abortion industry!

  • Charlie Bussell says:

    The seemingly cannot help herself when it comes to her support and leadership with those Merchants of death in the abortion industry and planned parenthood….the pure evil she sides with is a growing thing with her….

  • Sharon says:

    Do not vote for her!! Save our babies!!

  • Marilyn Wick says:

    Senator Murkowski represents death for ANY unborn; almost certainly as the baby is birthed… she does not honour God, life, and our founding Constitution. Get rid of her & vote for Kelly. Unless conservatives unite & stand strong, this ranked voting system, sic, almost guarantees Murkowski another term