For those who do not believe this by now, they never will. Maybe they like the globalist agenda. Maybe they are emotionally invested in it. Some feel intellectually superior by putting down the idea with snorting contempt. Others are overwhelmed by the nightmare of it all that they do not want to believe it. Or, they keep hoping that someone will take care of it. Perhaps they feel that if it was true, surely the media, the history textbooks, the churches or the conservative talk-show hosts would expose it.

Some courageous folks make the attempt, but the problem is that they have all been coerced or suppressed. The coercion originates from the fact that conservatives, churches, textbook authors and the like only want to go so far in their public statements. It is aided by the idea, which the conspirators created through the CIA, that we are somehow idiots if we believe in conspiracies. Most avoid saying things like, “The John Birch Society was right all along,” or “Senator Joseph McCarthy did not exaggerate.”

The suppression is now easy to understand with the dependence upon, and now the control of, social media platforms, plus the ownership of the major “mainstream media” sources by interlocking directorships.

The conspirators are perfectly willing to discuss approved theories and false-flag attacks, such as “The Nazis burned the Reichstag in order to blame the Jews,” and “The Nazis dressed prisoners up in Polish uniforms, slaughtered them, and then spread the photos to show Poland began the war.”

But they will not investigate how and why Hitler was allowed to write “Mein Kampf in his cell and then let out of jail nine months after the violent and failed coup d’etat of the Bavarian Beer Hall Putsch.

Neither do they want to talk about our own proven and irrefutable conspiracies, such as Operation Northwoods. This was concocted in 1962 and delivered to the President by none other than the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer. It was uncovered by Newsweek in the early 90s. It detailed a plan to dress up fighter jets as Soviet MIGs and – catch this – shoot down passenger airliners, with college kids heading to Daytona Beach for spring break.

It also suggested that we blow up our own ships in Guantanamo Bay and shell our base with mortars. All for the pretense of making war and invading Cuba.

It was capitalists/globalists that created and controlled communism from the very start, in order to draw attention away from themselves.

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara sent it on to Kennedy, who refused the idea. Was he being patriotic or was it merely a bridge too far for him? We won’t know, but we do know that Lemnitzer’s term was allowed to expire gracefully, and he was moved into a NATO command.

It is noteworthy that he felt perfectly secure in devising this plan, an idea that by any definition of the word is called treason – an up-against-the-wall, firing squad kind of treason. And the fact that he wasn’t demonstrates several things: the first explanation, easily accepted, is that if Americans knew what their own “heroic” leaders were up to, the country would go down the drain. It would have confirmed what the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater and U.S. Congressman John Rousselot were warning people about. No way could the Deep State admit that.

The second explanation indicates that anyone who reaches this level of power knows what “the art of government” requires, along with all the Machiavellian maxims that go with it. After all, Lemnitzer was merely trying to prod Americans into going to war “for their own good.”

Which is why FDR’s apologists, confronted in recent years with the growing realization that he knew about Pearl Harbor all along, use the same line.

Kennedy soon afterwards used his connections to produce a major motion picture with the biggest names in Hollywood, Seven Days in May. It is about an attempt to overthrow the presidency by the Joint Chiefs. Hardly a coincidence.

But communism is not believed by its true leaders, who understand that the entire scheme is not for a perfectly just and equal society, but for power.

Globalists do not want you to pursue the fact that Karl Marx was a European correspondent for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. Or that his co-author of communism, Frederich Engels, was a spoiled rich kid with a capitalist father, who kept Marx solvent. They also don’t want you to read novels by truly great authors like Taylor Caldwell or Ayn Rand, who correctly deduced that it was capitalists who formulated the plan for communism and global control.

Say what? Capitalists? That’s madness! Why, everyone knows that communism presents itself as the antidote to capitalism.

Oh, I see. Which is why George Soros, Bill Gates and other globalist trillionaires are funding this global network of communism?

It was capitalists/globalists that created and controlled communism from the very start, in order to draw attention away from themselves. Communism’s premise is utterly fantastical. It maintains that, through force, we all ought to share in wealth. It presumes that we all have equal desire to work, equal talents, equal luck. And that all prosperous middleclass people must be greedy. It hates frugality, initiative, imagination, individuality, personal responsibility and risk-taking.

It presumes that, through evolution, humanity has been steadily progressing towards perfection, and that we are on the cusp of a perfect world of peace and government-free anarchy. That was in 1840, and as everyone knows, we’ve been making great progress since then, haven’t we?

Communism calls for and predicts a man-made apocalypse, which is why Christianity, with the Hope of a Divine Apocalypse, stands blocking the way.

But communism is not believed by its true leaders, who understand that the entire scheme is not for a perfectly just and equal society, but for power. They laugh and identify the true believers that exist, such as college professors, their students and the various socialists, as “useful idiots.”

Anti-God skeptics, some of whom honestly detest Marxism, make their case that both Marxism and the Divine Apocalypse that Muslims, Jews and Christians believe, are fantasies. They are entitled to their opinions. They are still a minority.

The term “The Garden of Eden” remains in use to mean a perfect world. It says a lot about the persuasiveness of evil that man, even when living in such an environment, wanted something more. That “something more” was equality, even superiority, to our Creator. When Genesis and the Fall of Man are interpreted correctly, that was the sin that began it all.

When stepping outside of his intended sphere, man makes a sordid mess of things. It bespeaks of a loving Father that God gave us a second chance by sending his divine Son to teach, suffer and rise again so that we can avoid an eternity of hell, a hell that is obviously descending upon us in this temporal realm.

And as bad as that is, it won’t match the eternal one.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Communism & Global Conspiracies continue to plague us

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Me says:

    Why do conservatives think that the idea of cooperating and actually caring about people outside of your tiny isolated family unit is the most evil thing ever? We all depend on eachother whether you like it or not.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    People like “Me” are the reason fascists can come to power.
    Weak, gullible, and a follower.
    Chattel. Fodder. Lemmings.

  • Reggie Taylor says:

    The spectacle of the multiple dark forces arrayed against Donald Trump over the past several years ought to confirm the existence of conspiracies for everyone who isn’t willfully blind. But willful blindness, better identified as *denial*, is much of our problem. There is literally no bottom to denial. We have all witnessed others, or even ourselves, deny the undeniable. Denial is created for many reasons, but in the case of the dark forces leading humanity into Hell, I believe that fear is the biggest and last motivator. And fear is a very difficult emotion to overcome.

    • Dr Truth says:

      It really comes down to a binary choice. Believe that there is a huge conspiracy involving tens of thousands of people, including the FBI, DOJ, the entire intelligence community, the top ranking generals, etc. to discredit Donald Trump…or you can believe that Donald Trump is a criminal. If you choose to believe, or say that you believe, the former, then you are stupid, mentally ill, or a liar. The worst of these are the liars who are using Trumps lies as a pretext for their treason.

    • Gunter Thompson says:

      I agree with you about the power of fear. I agree with you about denial too. How can anyone support a treasonous criminal like Trump?

  • dalton says:

    Questioning known Liars is not a conspiracy theorist!!! There were many voices screaming that communism was coming through the Democrat Party but we got laughed at. The Establishment Republicans blocked the Patriot truther movement more than the democrats did. The Establishment Republicans deserve what’s coming. I have been blocked many times trying to expose these globalists on this website.. you watched two Democrats on Fox News for 25 years and thought you were getting the whole story. It’s what they left out that matters.. the globalist that set this great reset up are weak nerd perverts that have never broken a fingernail. We could beat them so easy but establishment Republicans are just as weak

  • ErnieL says:

    Barry Goldwater joined former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in warning against the John Birch Society as did many other conservatives because the JBS was a “right wing extremist” organization that did not deal in facts or reality which is why the jBS lost an historic precedent-setting libel lawsuit when it published a maliciously false article about Chicago lawyer Elmer Gertz—and the JBS paid Gertz $100,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages (for malice) (reckless disregard for truth)..

  • Bob Bird says:

    Whatever the mistakes the JBS (or Alex Jones, for that matter) has made in the past, they PALE in comparison to the deliberate lies of the NYT, WaPo and the MSM. Since the JBS is made up of fallen human beings, it is inevitable that they make mistakes. Why is it the NYT has never given back their Pulitzer Prize won by Walter “There is no famine in the Ukraine” Duranty? It would seem the conservative outlets must bat 1.000 while the liberals keep leading off with a Sandy Koufax batting average.

    • Gunter Thompson says:

      Bird: Alex Jones is the worst human on the planet. Can’t believe you dismiss him so easily.

  • John H Slone says:

    Bird lumps many older democrats together in his extremist labeling by drawing inferences and making unsupported conjecture!! He has no problem labeling the NYT, WApo and MSM as “ liars” but has no problem using US News and World as a source in his preposterous claim that FDR knew of the Pearl Harbor Attack days in advance. Yes, Bob, you have had the support of many fringe elements in that totally unsupported allegation, but they are just as many miles from reality as you are !!

  • SterlingCrone says:

    Unless and until there is full understanding that media is captured by huge powers all across the board, and that polarization of a TWO PARTY SYSTEM is intentional, nobody will stop to analyze from where their opinions were cultivated.

    • Gunter Thompson says:

      Crone: So who is this “media” that’s been captured? Is it Alaska Watchman or MRAK?