We get the government we deserve.

We deserve Mary Peltola. Alaska deserves this outcome, and it is my fervent prayer that this very short term seat assignment does not turn into a long and storied career for Peltola. But, while I am hopeful Alaska will correct course, I am doubtful.

Voter turnout is abysmal. Conservative voter turnout is even MORE abysmal.

Are they cheating? They may be, but no one can prove anything so the issue is moot. I see lots of damning numbers that smack of cheating, but again, whining about them cheating in the absence of proof is pointless.

The bottom line is that the left plays the political game better than the right. Someone sat Al Gross down and said “You gotta go. Peltola is totally unknown, but if she has to share your ranked votes, Palin or Begich are going to win… and wonder of wonders, that’s what happened.”

“We get the government we DESERVE.”

Thomas Jefferson

Does it totally stink to high heaven that an almost totally unknown candidate would win? Yes. (I don’t think I ever saw an ad, heard an ad, or saw a yard sign out here in the MatSu). Does it smell extremely fishy that in a jungle primary, where it benefits no democrats to vote for Murkowski and there are WAY more options than usual that Lisa Murkowski would receive roughly ten thousand more votes at the height of her unpopularity and Censure by the Republican Party, than Ted Stevens did, even in his extremely popular prime? Yes it does stink, it stinks like Joe Biden somehow getting ten MILLION more votes than Barack Obama, who could fill auditoriums while Joe Biden could only fill his depends… yet no one can prove anything… although True the Vote has some very compelling evidence at least for the National Race, but it will go nowhere because of the Golden Rule of Politics… He who has the power makes the rules.

So, as a red state, we have received a crisp blue slap in the face… and I hope it stings enough that people will wake up and not allow a repeat in November. But, the fact of the matter is, that most people don’t mind the water temperature in our state and national kettle rising a few degrees. We’re just way too comfortable, way too Lazy, and way too busy watching Netflix to affect meaningful change.

We get the government we DESERVE.

If you think we deserve better… its time get actively involved… or this is just a preview of coming events.

9.01 > Do we deserve better?

Jake Libbey
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  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Awesome, your so right!
    The frog/Alaskans are being cooked and don’t even know it.

  • Akdale says:

    Right on Jake. GOP is a mess, the members do next to nothing about it. Good God fearing people dont vote. Good God fearing people dont speak up, directly, honestly, truthfully, firmly because they walk in fear. Fear if offending, fear of conflict. As a 60 year Alaskan I have watched the decline of Anchorage, Fairbanks, The MatSu. We get what we deserve. If im on the train and its headed for a bridge thats out…at some point im jumping off. That time is close. Good luck Alaska, good luck so called “communities” me, i will go live a quite isolated peaceful life and not participate in the foolishness with the fools.

  • Jo Martin says:

    This is true if, and ONLY if, the election that brought us the travesty of ranked choice voting were free & fair, which I firmly believe is NOT the case. Until ranked choice voting and the machines we use in our elections are fully disposed of, Alaska will never see a free & fair election. We don’t deserve the results from a rigged election, and that is exactly what RCV will only ever bring.

  • Gunter Thompson says:

    A perfect example of “if my candidate won, the will of the people was heard. If she loses, it was rigged”.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Even if my person won.
      I still want rack choice voting to go away
      One vote in person with Photo ID

    • J. Henry says:

      Wrong Gunter, it’s not about the individual who won but by the corrupt system that was used to win. If your vote was for a Republican then your vote should go to a Republican not a Democrat ( or vice versa}

  • Ed says:

    I agree with you 110%, Jake. Conservative voter “apathy” only plays into the hands of those who have ill intentions against our society. The Republican Party of Alaska needs to insist upon limiting “ONLY ONE” (R) candidate in these crucial elections, rather than to allow the conservative votes to be divided and marginalized losses.

  • Max Musial says:

    I saw Pelota’s name quite a bit in my mail. Lots and lots of mailers saying not to rank her. I also saw or heard numerous adds against her. I don’t know how accurate it is but I have often heard repeated the adage about people voting for the name they recognize most. For someone who may have had a similar experience to mine it’s reasonable they would recognize her name and not the others if they are new to the state.

  • Gunter Thompson says:

    Ha! Funny and could be true. I hope not. I voted FOR peltola rather than against the least yuck other candidate. And I (all of America actually) won!! As a liberal, that doesn’t happen often in Alaska.

    I trust Mary Peltola!