Planned Parenthood Endorsements

The largest abortion business in Alaska – Planned Parenthood – has issued endorsements for the upcoming Nov. 8 general election with the aim of sending the most radical pro-abortion candidates to D.C. and Juneau.

Planned Parenthood supports state and local candidates who they deem as reliable political activists for abortion on demand, birth control for minors, taxpayer funding of abortion and the teaching of explicit sex education to students.

“Through our endorsement process we find, educate, endorse and support candidates who will join us in standing with Planned Parenthood….” a notice on the abortion business’ website states.

In addition to endorsing scores of Alaska candidates, Planned Parenthood has also come out against a statewide constitutional convention for fear that Alaskans might vote to enact some safeguards for unborn babies.

Here are the Alaska candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood:


— Mary Peltola (D)


— Les Gara (D) and Jessica Cook (D)


— Jesse Kiehl (D) – Seat B

— Janice Park (D) – Seat F

— Elvi Gray-Jackson (D) – Seat G

— Bill Wielechowski (D) – Seat K

— Matt Claman (D) – Seat H

— LoKi Tobin (D) – Seat I

— Forrest Dunbar (D) and Geran Tarr (D) – Seat J

— Scott Kawasaki (D) – Seat P


— Rebecca Himschoot (I) – District 2

— Andi Story (D) – District 3

— Sara Hannan (D) – District 4

— Caroline Storm (D) – District 10

— Calvin Schrage (I) – District 12

— Andy Josephson (D) – District 13

— Alyse Galvin (I) – District 14

— Denny Wells (D) – District 15

— Jennie Armstrong (D) – District 16

— Harriet Drummond (D) and Zack Fields (D) – District 17

— Lyn Franks (D) and Cliff Groh (D) – District 18

— Genevieve Mina (D) – District 19

— Andrew Gray (D) – District 20

— Donna Mears (D) – District 21

— Ted Eischeid (D) – District 22

— Maxine Dibert (D) District 31

— Ashley Carrick (D) – District 35

— C.J. McCormick (D) – District 38

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Big Abortion wants Alaska to send these hard-left pro-abort candidates to DC & Juneau

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Stop the killings of the unborn.

  • Lobo says:

    I noticed that every one, except for two, have a “D” party affiliation.. Not a single “R”.. Interesting.

  • David Eastman says:

    An “R” being endorsed by Planned Parenthood will actually hurt their campaign. It is not advisable.
    The truth is that those endorsed by Planned Parenthood in this state need do nothing but preserve the status quo (and perhaps offer lip service to women’s rights).
    And, if history is any guide, the Republicans who aren’t endorsed by Planned Parenthood (most of them) will simply preserve the status quo as well (and perhaps offer lip service to the rights of the unborn).
    In that sense, endorsement by Planned Parenthood is irrelevant to whether a legislator will actually stand against the status quo to save a single child. Few from either party have done that. And remember, Roe v. Wade didn’t bring abortion to Alaska; Alaskan legislators did that (and they did it by overriding a governor’s veto).

  • Marlene C. says:

    Interesting Murkowski’s name wasn’t listed for US Senate.

  • Larry Wood says:

    How come Walker/Gasman were left out?