The 11-member University of Alaska Board of Regents, which has constitutional authority to set policy and management decisions for the University of Alaska educational system, will hold a public testimony session on Oct. 31 from 4-5 p.m.

The public testimony session provides all Alaskans the opportunity to speak directly to regents. Each caller will have two minutes to offer thoughts, concerns, feedback or updates on topics or issues related to the University of Alaska system.

The public testimony is being held in advance of the board’s Nov. 3-4 committee meetings and full board meeting on Nov. 10-11 at the UAF campus in Fairbanks.

During the full board meeting, Nov. 10-11, the regents are scheduled to hear a detailed brief as it reviews its Title IX compliance, which deals with policies and activities aimed at combating sex-based discrimination. During the meeting, the regents will hear about a whole host of activities, which university administrators have implemented across the state. These include implicit bias training, diversity equity and inclusion training for staff, student Safe Zones, racism and marginalization workshops, gender inclusion 101, LGBTQ+ history month activities, “Gay-mer Night,” and queer shopping nights, among others.

Regents will also discuss tuition and fee changes, the upcoming operating budget and capital improvement requests.

Members of the board of regents are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Alaska Legislature for eight-year terms. Established through the Alaska Constitution, the board is responsible for University of Alaska policy and management through the University President. 


— Before taking up these issues, the board will hear directly from Alaskans who can call 1-866-831-8713 between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Oct. 31.

— In addition to the opportunity to provide public testimony, written testimony is accepted at any time, and is shared with the board and the president. Written testimony can be emailed to

— To email or call regent board members individually, click here.

— The Nov. 11 agenda for the full board meeting can be found here

— For more information, contact Roberta Graham, associate vice president of public affairs at 907-360-2416.

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Alaskans can weigh in before University of AK regents briefed on radical woke agenda

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    This is going to be good. Wish I was a fly on the wall listening in. I can hear the whining already.

  • Kathleen LaMantia says:

    Thank you for letting us know about this and for all your diligence.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Thank you for the heads up. I am a graduate of UAA as also is my husband, and one of our adult children is a graduate of UAF as a four year student athlete and NCAA scholar athlete. Our business has supported UAF athletics for several years now. How sad that our state university system has succumbed to the dregs of illogic, lack of reason and sanity, and bought into the pernicious lies of the ‘woke’ agenda. It truly grieves me as I want so badly to be supportive of our state university system. I will read more thoroughly the brief you link to in the article above. I am very disappointed, but not surprised. Thank you for your reporting.

  • Andy says:

    I cant see supporting an education system full of wokeness. Yes, bring your young, bring them in for a good communist indoctrination. I’m all supportive for slashing the massive UAA/UAF budgets.

  • Joe Drayton says:

    Wow a full hour at 2 minutes a call will amount to less than 25 calls at the most. Board of Regents have their mind made up on the wokeification of U of A university system. Public call in is just checking the box.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Dunceleavy had a chance to put the hurt on these communist! Almost, is all we can say about this bozo governor!
    How about I respond in kind and say I almost voted for dunleavy!

  • Richard Eide says:

    Whether it’s at the high school level or college level, woke academics have convinced themselves that radical sexualization of young adults added to their lives or their specialty areas of study will improve their lives. UAF is walking in lock-step with all state universities in attempting to cancel all Christian or Biblical value based young adults. Now is not the time for people of faith to be silent.