While a “Red Wave” didn’t wash across Alaska in 2022, the project of renewing and restoring our religious, cultural and familial traditions must continue.

We’ve learned a lot in this election cycle. We know that the 2020 ranked-choice ballot initiative did nothing to curtail the massive flow of outside dark money into Alaska. We saw, once again, that the judge retention vote is a total farce with all 29 judges being approved, despite no meaningful information about who they are, what they stand for or how they rule.

We also saw the overwhelming power and influence that millions of dollars can buy when it comes to manipulating how Alaskans vote on a constitutional convention.

While Alaskans will likely send a majority of Republicans to the Legislature this year, a number of those Rs aren’t classic conservatives, and we can expect more of the same bipartisan compromise that most often marginalizes conservative lawmakers and their constituents.

There are some bright spots in the Mat-Su, where the burgeoning population seems to grow more conservative by the year. Additionally, conservative Kelly Tshibaka does hold a slim, tentative lead over Murkowski.

But by and large conservatives have some soul-searching to do when it comes to building strong, locally rooted alliances that can rival the shameless attempts to simply buy our votes.

Where conservatives do hold sway in local government, they must use their influence to unapologetically enact policies that promote the common good, while boldly and unapologetically educating, inspiring and uniting a determined and principled citizenry.

This is the generational work, which must always continue unabated this side of glory.

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Grappling with Alaska’s election results

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Lobo says:

    We may cling to hope for conservative gains.. I, for one.. Voted “NO” on all judicial retentions.

  • Jimmy says:

    What’s hilarious is that Alaskans believe all the dumb ad’s that are posted! Nobody does research or reads the articles you guys post about the dark money funding these commercials….. The older generation doesn’t care to vote and are clueless…. I say this because I am younger, and I have baby boomers asking me for political advice because I have read about what’s going on here and the states….. This needs to change! Alaskans need to wake up! We live here for a reason for freedom, privacy, and to be left alone! Hello!!! Wake Up! Its literally being taken away from us because nobody is reading your site or others sites that are telling the truth….

    • Lobo says:

      I guess that you haven’t had piles of circulars, (ads) in your mail box for weeks, and funded by “dark money”.. Check the sources supporting, and funding the crap. I challenge your suggestion, since you don’t know anything about me,.. that since I am 79 1/2 years old that I don’t care about voting, and that I am clueless.. I do quite a bit of research, and I stay abreast of the national politics as well.. You may have baby boomers asking for political advice, but I can assure you that there are plenty of “younger” folks that are clueless as well. I do agree that things need to change.. One other point:.. One can not necessarily judge the readership numbers based upon commentary.. I do think more need to be aware of the articles on this site.

    • James says:

      In district 7, Branch Covidian Justin Ruffridge won his seat basically by flooding Soldotna with signs. I must have seen a Ruffridge sign every 20 ft driving through town. Idiots just saw the name they recognized with a “Registered Republican” next to it and voted him over the conservative incumbent.

      Don’t be surprised to see that weasel join the Dems when he gets to Juneau.

      • Steven Chappell says:

        I feel your pain on this because Eagle River put RINO Merrick back in to the Senate and she has done nothing for us. She needs to move out of Eagle River with her Union Husband into Anchorage proper.

    • EJ Johnson says:

      I’m of your so-called “older generation” and have yet to miss voting in any election over the course of the 40+ years I’ve been here.

      I think more people are reading them than what you think. The biggest issue is unions have a lock over their members and are very good at mobilizing their base to “get out the vote” using lies and misinformation.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Jimmy, I am that older generation and I ignore all ads and all mailers and do my own research. I also do read Alaska Watchman, Must Read, American Thinker, Epoch Times, The Federalist, and a few others, also the leftist ne What anti conservative agenda? I am not sure I can agree. Maybe I am missing something here… this article, as well as the other. Certainly roads need to be improved, and the money should not. Be moved to another project without good as money is available but this issue seems to be localized to Big Lake area – where there does seem to be many substandard roads, but not so many other RSA’s……. I do emphasize though with Rep McCabe and he is a property owner and should not be disallowed a voice simply becauses so I can know a little of what they are up to. Please do not assume seniors are clueless. I have been a conservative my entire life, yes, raise by conservative activist parents, and am community and politically involved. Not all older folks ar clueless. In fact I would say more younger folks might if this category.

  • Kathy L. says:

    There was more of a “red wave” than you are led to believe and now it’s being used to demoralize conservatives. If it weren’t for ranked choice, we’d more than likely have Republicans going to WA. It used to be a vote between 2 candidates and occasionally a 3rd. But ranked choice slipped in while voters were sleeping. The Left always slips in when folks aren’t paying attention. But when we ARE…look out! By election, Palmer ousted 3 far left city council members who broke the law. Enough people rose up to oppose a Lefty idea to do away with the word “Colony” on our traditional celebrations and replace it with something that squashed our history. Republican/conservatives made some notable advances in national elections. But there was still election tampering that appeared to use algorithms to steal votes for Oz and Walker. Experts showed evidence in real time on Tuesday night. The same day votes were indeed making a difference and when the red candidate caught up to the programming (red wave), a spike would come out of nowhere to give thousands of votes to the blue candidate. And there were issues in Tulsa and AZ and Neveda. Let’s not assume there was no red wave. But no matter how many turn out, they’ll be defeated by tampering.

  • Clark says:

    If this site wasn’t so lop-sided towards misinformation and the commenters spewing hate all the time…more people might visit the site.

    You guys are clearly a minority…nobody else wants to fire ALL judges, for example. Alaska already has a huge shortage of judges…where is the logic? All their court rulings are public information. Court proceedings aren’t a secret. Its just that our judges are doing their jobs and there aren’t big controversies worthy of firing anyone over. Should you be fired from your jobs because some of your customers don’t know enough personal details about you? Of course not!

    The thing is the moderate politicians want society to be equally accessible to everyone, not just one side or group. The Trumpian side that Palin and Tshibaka follow want everyone to be divided. Because that way, whoever the majority is can take all the spoils for themselves and run everyone else out. No protections for minorities. No protection for the disabled. No health care for the poor. No food for babies in poor families. No marriages or jobs for lgbt people, favoring one religion and banning others. Tax cuts for just the rich and corporations(ie themselves and their donors).

    They could choose to stop being divisive. They can choose to spread less hate and to stop ‘otherizing’ everyone else. They could choose to be more populist and to represent a bigger group of people. Their refusal to do so is why they are losing so badly.

    • Lobo says:

      Well.. we see that you are here,… reading,… and you are allowed to post your opinion(s).

      • Clark says:

        A few of my posts don’t get moderated away. Its a miracle! . Usually folks on conservative sites immediately start with the bandwagon of name calling and character assassination and any other insult you can think of. So I guess we will see since I only recently started coming here. I’d be delighted to be proven wrong. I don’t come to places like this to troll or badger or gloat. I come to inform people about the stuff they are misinformed on. The sides keep bitterly fighting when the truth is most people on both sides want the same things.

    • Steve says:

      Clark, misinformation is a term known widely to mean, “I disagree with you, so therefore you are a racist, bigot, and wrong.”

      • Brenda says:

        I agree

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Steve, I agree with your statement also EXCEPT to add that this is this understood meaning that the left uses!

      • Clark says:

        I said misinformation. I mean misinformation. There certainly are racists and bigots on the conservative side. They are a key demographic in their voter base. Alt-right people are white supremacists. All these racist militia groups support the Republicans. Many of these groups are just regular people, essentially doing a hobby. but some of them are the scum of humanity, like the Proud Boys(wants to violently overthrow the govt) and the Bogaloo Boys(want a race war). However I don’t believe that people are automatically racist because they are on the right or in a militia. Nor do I think racism only exists on the right. Similar to the way you shouldn’t pretend all the Dems want to take away all our gunz. Its flat out not true. A lot of us are life-long gun enthusiasts. There might be a few extremists, but the majority of us would never support it.

    • Sammy says:

      uneducated doofus spewing lies about conservatives.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Clark, you are saying things that the left is doing. You are projecting exactly what lefties do. We know the play. Conservatives have been pretty polite in their discussions in comparison to lefties and your conversation definitely fits that of a lefty. Welcome to a conservative board. I, too, get my posts marked for moderation; but, I just figure that there are certain rules of politeness that I must be breaching. Clark, you are certainly welcome to post what you feel and others are certainly welcome to respond to your comments. Additionally, since this is still a free state, everyone is welcome to share their opinions.

    • EJ Johnson says:

      “If this site wasn’t so lop-sided towards misinformation and the commenters spewing hate all the time…more people might visit the site.”

      Laughable, at best. Your idea of not being divisive has the same definition of the Left’s definition of “compromise” – agree with us 100% or we’ll do everything in our power to destroy you. And we all know what that means.

  • George McElwee says:

    Let’s face it… the Trump/Demboski/Darden/Reinbold faction of the party just doesn’t have the power to hang on now that their anti-mask issue is gone. Brondon’s endorsed candidates, even the bright, appealing ones like Stephanie Taylor and Kathy Henslee lose election after election. It’s time to re-evaluate!

    • Tom Brophy says:

      You are right George. It’s time to move toward the center or be forgotten.

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        “The Center” is abortion. That’s the issue that has created the RINO party.
        Sorry, I’d rather be oppressed or dead than support ANY elected official that will support the abortion industry.

  • Steve says:

    One thing realized from the turn out is the majority of Alaskan’s just don’t care enough to get off their butts and vote… very disappointing.

  • ceak says:

    We have to keep our heads up and celebrate the small victories. Ultimately, we have to keep our faith in God rather than in politicians. If our faith is in our politicians, then we’ll be disappointed.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      ceak, I agree! The night of elections, I was feeling pretty down. Listened to some Christian podcasts the day after and realized that there were wins happening around the nation that will help all of us and so am thankful for those and rooting for all humanity-loving candidates!

  • brandon says:

    Voted No on all judges..
    Not surprised….

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I voted no on all judges also. I don’t think that I have ever seen the people’s vote making any difference in influencing the choice of judges.