Jesse Sumner, who recently won election as a Republican state representative for the Mat-Su, claims that he and the majority of Alaska Republicans are no longer interested in defending the state’s constitutional definition of marriage as “the union of one man and one woman.”

A Nov. 29 Twitter exchange between Jesse Sumner and Forrest Dunbar.

Sumner’s opinion came to light during a recent Twitter exchange with hard-left Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who was recently elected to the Alaska State Senate.

Dunbar’s tweet initially asked for GOP insiders to comment on the fact that Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan voted last month with Democrats to codify same-sex “marriage” into federal law. Sullivan was one of 12 Republicans who helped Democrats push gay “marriage” legislation through the U.S. Senate. Biden signed the measure into law on Dec. 13.

“For those more plugged into AKGOP politics: does the Alaska Republican base still feel strongly enough on this issue that it will cause a serious challenge to Sullivan,” Dunbar tweeted on Nov. 29. “Does the abolition of the closed primary in 2020 change the calculation for a would-be challenger… Or perhaps 2026 is far enough away that this vote doesn’t really make a difference, particularly if the Republican base isn’t that motivated by it to start with.”

Sumner responded, “I don’t know any Republicans that are mad at Sullivan.”

“Interesting,” Dunbar replied. “So your view is that a majority of Republicans no longer seek to invalidate homosexual marriages?”

“Yeah,” Sumner quipped.

Dunbar then asked whether Sumner would support an effort to amend Alaska’s Constitution, which currently still defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Voters approved the traditional definition of marriage in 1998. It has not been enforced, however, since a U.S. federal court ruled in 2014 that it violates the U.S. Constitution. Subsequently, in 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all states had to recognize same-sex “marriage.” Many state constitutions, however, continue to uphold the traditional definition of marriage, even if those definitions cannot currently be enforced.

“Would you support an amendment to remove the language from the Alaska Constitution that invalidates homosexual marriage,” Dunbar asked.

“Sure why not,” Sumner tweeted, before then asking whether Dunbar had “the votes” in the Alaska Senate to approve a constitutional amendment ballot measure, which would have to be approved by a majority of Alaskan voters during a statewide election.

“I haven’t broached the topic with my colleagues, and in general we all want to avoid divisive social issues,” Dunbar said. “But your assertion is that it isn’t divisive anymore, as Republicans have shifted. Perhaps a measure would get through with broad bipartisan support.”

“It should,” Sumner agreed.

Dunbar’s desire to change Alaska’s constitutional definition of marriage runs contrary to what the bi-partisan Alaska Senate majority said about avoiding divisive issues during the upcoming legislative session.

Last month, Alaskans elected a 11-9 majority of Republicans to the State Senate, but a coalition of nine Democrats and eight Republicans quickly formed a bi-partisan majority, which effectively marginalizes the three most conservative members of the State Senate, as well as any conservative policy initiatives.

The presumptive Senate Majority Leader Gary Stevens said the Senate would avoid so-called “controversial” issues, and focus on the budget, education, and funding “essential” services provided by the state. Thanks to Republican defectors, however, Democrats now control key leadership posts and powerful committee assignments, which will empower left-leaning lawmakers and their priorities.

Conservative State Senators Mike Shower (R-Wasilla), Shelley Hughes (R-Palmer) and Robert Myer (R-Fairbanks) were the only lawmakers excluded from the Democratic-controlled coalition. Upon learning of the exchange between Dunbar and Sumner, Shower expressed grave concern that Senate leadership would abandon its pledge to avoid controversial issues.

“I have great concern that the Democrats have been empowered to bring forth divisive social issues that the coalition leadership promised Alaskans would not happen,” he said.

The Watchman reached out to Sumner for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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New Mat-Su legislator claims most Republicans are fine with gay ‘marriage’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Lobo says:

    Interesting… Where did this Republicrat get his poll data from ?

  • NAV says:

    This gut is a one TERM ABOMINATION

  • Mongo Love Candy says:

    R I N O

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Sumner is the definition of a RINO. Wearing that stupid ball cap, posing as something he’s not. He’s right in there with Murkowski, Sullivan, Peltola, and Begich.
      Sumner says one thing, when he is running for election like McCain, Sullivan, Romney, Jeb, McConnell, Ryan, Graham – then governs like a spineless RINO. Shame. I’m disgusted with these turncoat RINO’s.

  • NAV says:

    This guy is a one term abomination

  • Ceak says:

    the Republicans that have no backbone.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    It’s obvious that Sumner doesn’t read the Watchman or the articles in it. I’ve posted my dislike of both Lisa and Dan on you page. That would account for one person. As for others this article states 3 sending members already in Juneau as dissatisfied so that’s four people of Alaska. Now we know Sumner joined with Wilson to be another RINO. How about people in his district having a recall like the wonderful people of Wilson’s district 27? It’s time people start stepping up and protecting themselves. It’s obvious we can’t trust who we elect. Wilson and Sumner are both a waste and need to be stopped before its to late. I don’t recall talking to anyone that’s happy about Lisa,Dan, Wilson and now Sumner. Oh and there are six others in Juneau that also fit this bill.

  • Clark says:

    These are smart politicians. They know there isn’t a single rational reason why gay people shouldnt have legal families. Most Alaskans are past this issue. They are tired of dismissive religious zealots trying to take away people’s rights. Like a woman’s right to control her womb. Like the right to marriage.
    Its true the text of the state Constitution still has the discriminatory words. But so too does the US Constitution still define black people as 3/5th of a person. Court rulings have ruled those sections unconstitutional, as they should have. Just look at the massive bi-partisan majority of Congress that just voted to recognize marriage equality. Truly a happy week of progress in our great nation!

    • Lobo says:

      Where did you get your “most Alaskans” poll numbers from ?

    • Matthew myers says:

      Clark, Clark, Clark. There you go again. Addressing all of your hysterical ranting s will take some effort. Firstly, leftism, atheism, homosexualism and the like are religions too. No real rationality to go with them, but religions demanding to hold sway nonetheless. Next, you ridiculous assertion that Christianity doesn’t want women to control their wombs? That’s a vapid lie and you know it. That isn’t t the issue. The issue is tearing an unborn baby apart into twitching chunks with no anesthesia is where reasonable people want to tap the brakes a bit. Next, not wanting to call a sodomite union a marriage and reward perverted psychological pathology with children is stated usually with reasonable argumentation. The other side is the one with ridiculous (yes, worthy of ridicule) emotional‘ arguments’. Also, the lie that the language is discriminatory is worthless pap. Someone with same sex attraction has the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex as I do. It is a union that can bring forth life and builds up society. ‘Gay’ ‘marriage’ is built on perversion and psychological affliction. Decent marriage cannot be built this way on either side.
      Lastly, it is self defeating that you should misunderstand the 3/5 mandate and foolishly bring it up here. The closest parallel to slavery and dehumanization is actually abortion. The same language is even used to justify it. Someday when we completely leave the barbarity of the murder of smaller humans behind, we will look back on it with the same horror and shame.

      • AK Pilot says:

        Also, the 3/5 clause in the U.S. Constitution was invalidated by the 14th Amendment (the process our Founding Fathers intended), not by a court ruling.

      • The Independent Observer says:

        Thanks AK Pilot, you made my point. As with most the previously disagreeable aspects of the Constitution, they too were rendered ineffectual by amendment, per the intended process. As for Mr. Sumner, he has revealed himself to be the fool I always feared him to be. Speaking out of his hat to reply to one such as Dunbar, is an inherently fateful tact of one with nothing of value to say, and certainly displaying his ignorance. For Sumner to say that ,”I don’t know of any Republicans that are mad at Sullivan,” is evidence that he is not connected to his constituency. When one is elected to a representative seat is to agree to represent the will and concerns of the people. As Yoda might say. “The Force is weak in this one.” He likes to hear himself speak and we are apt to hear much more such drivel before it’s over. Cut this one free, I feel he won’t be restrained.

    • John J Otness says:


    • Reggie Taylor says:

      “These are smart politicians……..”
      Yup. Smart politicians, disastrous leaders. Politician = Self-Serving. We need far fewer of them, but we need an entire culture of leaders.

    • Aunt Sally says:

      Look, Clark, the fact of the matter is that your crimes against nature cultivate and spread diseases which no rational person wants any part of. It’s a sick set of behaviors you’re cheering about. You’re way out of line to demand polite society’s acceptance of unnatural conduct and relationships. Stop trying to make this about race or anything else.

  • Jack Roberts says:

    Another Repulsive-ican along with those state senators that threw in with the democrats.

  • Whidbey Thedog says:

    Most people in the country are fine with it, too.

  • Jen says:

    Maybe for these two’s friends they have no problem. Dunbar and sumner have a small social circle . The rest of alaska community Cringes at homosexuals lifestyles. It’ll be a risk to dunbar’s gubnatorial pursuits.

  • John J Otness says:


  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Loved President Trump’s real speech (2nd speech on 12/15/2022). Big plans for cleaning up this country and bringing law and justice back to the United States! Looking forward to coming days!

    • Whidbey Thedog says:

      I’ll bet he isn’t. He knows he’s headed to jail, or at least irrelevancy. BTW – stock up on those NFTs before they’re gone! Only $99. What a joke.

  • Karen Ottenbreit says:

    I have NO issue with gay marriage. I do take issue with the government inserting itself into the equation! I take issue with individuals being sued because they have their own personal/ religious beliefs against homosexuality.

    • AK Pilot says:

      So do you believe that the government should not recognize any marriage at all? As soon as the government starts issuing marriage licenses, granting tax breaks (which actually end up being penalties for some couples) and other special rules for married couples, the government is inserting itself into the equation. I suppose you would also agree that the government shouldn’t be involved in divorce (particularly alimony)?

  • Dave says:

    Like most people in the City of Sodom were fine with it too.

  • Art Chance says:

    The first question is why on Earth would any Republican engage in a colloquy with a vile leftist like Dunbar? Other than public accommodations that offer no choice, I wouldn’t be in the same room with him unless I was being paid to be there.

  • Ken says:

    Your Basic Lib Tard posing as a Republican Traitor. These fools have nothing more to worry about than Gay Marriage!

  • Ken says:

    You must be like Twitter before Elon took over? Only selective speach!!! Lol

  • Matthew myers says:

    No votes for amoral turncoats.

  • Terry Stires says:

    I wish Christians would keep their ridiculous and restrictive ideology out of my community.

    • Ceak says:

      If you read the bible, you’d see why Christians care so much about the community.

    • Lobo says:

      So, If you make a public comment, and a Christian disagrees with you, the Christian is pushing their “ridiculous restrictive ideologies” on you ? How about your pushing of your non-Christian ideologies on everyone else, and demanding they must accept your non-Christian ideologies ? Give us an example of the Christians pushing what you accuse them of.

    • Rich Troutman says:

      I wish you radical leftists would keep your opinions to yourself.

    • AK Pilot says:

      I wish leftists would keep their radical and destructive ideology out of my community!

  • Mortified says:

    If a person, does not know the vile wickedness of two people of the same sex engaging in what is falsely called “marriage,” then they are become reprobate. They are past feeling, every person knows it is wrong but they have allowed themselves to be given over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. It does not matter how you sugar coat it, this is the truth. Continue in it as you may, be sure you know, there is just recompence for such behaviour.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Soros backed Treason – SGT Report w/Mel K

  • Terry Stires says:

    Joel has canceled some of my responses. Sniff

    • Whidbey Thedog says:

      Don’t feel bad – my IP address has also been blocked. People here don’t want to hear any viewpoints that disagree with their own, probably because they’re afraid they’ll cave if challenged.

  • Clark says:

    Yeah he blocks a lot of people that disagree with gim or point out when he lies. Thank goodness for proxy sites that allow us to have freedom of speech!
    @Mortified- I feel really sad that you hate gay people so much. The bible treats all sin the same, so why arent you saying the same stuff to your Christian buddies who got divorces or had premarital sex or tell lies or eat bacon? The reason is obvious, that you are simply a hypocrite.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      You three of full of b.s. and you sometimes say things that are against the rules for posting. Not all of my comments make it on these pages either and I am for humanity – not against it. Take your tears somewhere else if you guys can’t handle following the rules that apply to all of us, including you.

  • Colorado Conservative says:

    Well “Republicans” may claim to be OK with homosexual marriage but one can question if those polled 1) told the TRUTH, and 2) whether those Republicans are conservatives. Homosexuals should have stuck with civil unions. But as one podcaster said, homosexuals (3% of the population) have to “borrow from normal” to deceive people into believing their aberrant lifestyle is perfectly normal when it isn’t. I do not wish ill will on any person who lives this lifestyle, especially when so many were brought into it as young children/teens via predatory adult homosexuals.

    • Clarke says:

      Thats how being gay works. Nice try though with the Anita Bryant lie that all gays were just molested as kids. In my family, I’m the gay one and I was the only one that WASN’T molested. Go figure. Are you saying my sisters were actually lesbians and getting molested made them straight?

  • Penny Johnson says:

    The real story here is Dunbar’s ascension from an Anchorage Assembly member to State level politician. He’s a cunning, divisive schemer who causes all sorts of problems wherever he goes, as most of his “work” is done in darkness. Keep an eye on him and his evil plans.

  • Reggie Taylor says:

    Here’s another RINO scumbag running as conservative, but behaving politically as just another culture killer.

  • jon says:

    There are MAGAts and there are RINOs. If the Republican party wants to survive the RINOs must prevail.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    He got in because you all voted for him! Why?

  • Carol Carman says:

    After what Sumner did in the House, he is not qualified to speak for Republicans.

  • Richard Eide says:

    Odd how nearly every person I’ve personally been around in the last two weeks opposes Sulivan’s gay marriage choice. Guess it just depends who you run with.