For Fairbanks voters who are concerned about the pressing moral issues of the day, the new Alaska Family Action candidate survey offers insights to where borough assembly, city council and school board candidates stand.

On Oct. 3, Fairbanks area residents will vote on a slate of candidates to fill key positions of these governing bodies. Early voting has already begun.

While most candidate forums and questionnaires avoid the most hot-button issues, the Values Voter Guide does not.


The six Fairbanks Borough Assembly candidates were asked to weigh in on gender identity laws, tax exempt status for churches and faith-based nonprofit groups, bathroom policies and abortion funding.

Candidates Tammie Wilson (Seat D), Jimi Cash (Seat E) and Aaron Gibson (Seat H), all took strong conservative positions, while Nick LaJiness (Seat E) agreed with most of the conservative positions but remained undecided on taxing a church summer camp and whether the borough should help fund abortions. Left-leaning candidates Liz Reeves-Ramos and Scott Crass declined to answer the questions.


The six candidates running for Fairbanks School Board were asked 13 questions, dealing with sex education, critical race theory, diversity training, transgender athletes, school abortion referrals, bathroom policies and parental rights.

Candidates Michael Humphrey (Seat E), April Smith (Seat F) and Maggie Matheson (Seat G) answered all the question, while upholding a traditional view of morality. Planned Parenthood-backed candidate Tim Doran’s (Seat E) answers were largely opposed to these values, while fellow Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidates Bobby Burgess (Seat F) and Meredith Maple (Seat G) refused to answer the questions, but both are are outspoken activists for the most extreme positions of the LGBTQ political and social agenda.


Four candidates are running for two open seats on the Fairbanks City Council. They were asked about their views on gender identity laws, sex-specific bathroom policies and public funding of abortions.

Candidates Lonny Marney (Seat E) and John Ringstad (Seat F) both opposed the LGBTQ agenda and pledged to not vote for abortion funding. Their opponents, Sean MacDonald (Seat E) and Shoshana Kun (Seat F) declined to answer any of the questions.


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VOTER GUIDE: Where Fairbanks candidates stand on the hot button social and cultural issues

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Lauralee says:

    This guide is super-helpful to voters who want to elect good public servants and thwart a leftist wave in local Fairbanks area government and education – thank you, Joel. City Council Seat F incumbent John Ringstad is a great man, dedicated husband, father and grandfather, native Fairbanksan, loves and serves his community, cares about its people, and has always been a strong conservative.

  • Richard Eide says:

    Conservative voters have no excuse to not be informed, and get themselves to the polls!

  • John K Powers says:

    Conservative Fairbanksans, get out and vote or you’ll end up like Anchorage!!!