Municipality of Anchorage

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Series looks at who calls the shots in running Anchorage

How do the gears of governmental bureaucracy work in Anchorage? Who calls the shots when deciding which social programs to fund or how schools are run? How can residents weigh in? All these questions and more will be explored during a six-part community

Anchorage taxpayers are underwriting LGBTQ youth summit

Anchorage taxpayers are helping to finance a radical youth program that encourages young children and teens to embrace transgender, gay and bisexual identities and behaviors. Organizers for the upcoming LGBTQ+ Fall Youth Summit proudly announced that their
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Like or not, Berkowitz’s mask mandate begins June 29

Despite considerable community opposition, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is undaunted in his decision to use the emergency powers granted to him by the Anchorage Assembly to mandate the wearing of face coverings in most indoor public setting across Anchorage. The