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Alliance Defending Freedom has defended a number of churches across the country that had their constitutional rights violated by state and local mandates aimed at addressing the coronavirus outbreak.

At issue in nearly all cases is the need for governments to address religious institutions no differently than they would office buildings and retail establishments. To do otherwise results in discriminatory treatment in which churches are under greater restrictions than businesses.

Americans cannot allow churches to receive second-class status.

“It’s important for government officials to understand that their authority has limits, and those limits are found primarily in the original meaning of the U.S. Constitution,” writes ADF communications specialist John Harding. “When those limits are ignored, we as citizens must request that courts keep government officials in check.”

Harding reports that over the past few weeks, some officials have overstepped their authority, and a few have “taken prodding from ADF letters to set the record – and the law – straight.”

He notes that Americans cannot allow churches to receive second-class status.

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Defending religious rights during COVID-19

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