John Cunningham, of Anchorage, is among a growing contingent of Alaskans who have traveled across the country to take part in what could be a historic moment in a deeply divided nation. He is on hand to march with what some are predicting will be a million patriots demanding that Congress refuse to count Electoral College votes that were fraudulently cast in key swing states.

Trump supporters rally in Washington, D.C., in preparation for the Jan. 6 march to protest election fraud.

Cunningham is urging his fellow Alaskans to contact Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, along with Rep. Don Young to urge them to stand with fellow conservatives in Congress in opposing electoral votes for Joe Biden from key swing states that were mired in election day controversy on Nov. 3.

“I called both our senators and our congressperson this morning and left them a message telling them I am their constituent, however, right now I’m down in D.C.,” Cunningham said. “I told them why we’re here – hopefully that message got across.”

“I’m telling everyone I talk to – whether they’re down here or not –  to call them,” he added. “If all Alaskans started calling these guys, that would mean something to them and hopefully the effect would be felt.”

Fellow Alaskan and State Representative David Eastman will also be in the nation’s capital for the Jan. 6 protest march, as will a number of other Alaskans.

“I will be in Washington D.C. tomorrow, along with other Alaskans, to advocate for the Constitution, and encourage members of Congress to do their duty by it during tomorrow’s counting of the votes for president,” Eastman posted on Facebook Jan. 5. “What is at stake this week is our ability, as American citizens, to have a say in the future of America. And that is something that I fought for as a member of the military, and that is worth fighting for today.”

Cunningham said the scene in D.C. was relatively peaceful on Jan. 5, but there was a heavy law enforcement presence, including half a dozen helicopters flying over the city.

He spent part of the day at a pre-rally event in Freedom Plaza with thousands of Trump supporters. Tomorrow he plans to join what will likely be a massive crowd who will hear from President Donald Trump at 11 a.m. – just two hours before Congress begins counting the Electoral College votes.

So far, there has been no indication that Alaska’s Congressional delegation has any plans to stand with conservative colleges to challenge the election results. Murkowski is on record saying she will vote to certify Joe Biden as the president-elect, while Sullivan and Young have remained strangely quiet about a controversy that is roiling the nation.


Senator Lisa Murkowski – (202) 224-6665  email:
Senator Dan Sullivan – (202) 224-3004   email:
Representative Don Young – (202) 225-5765  email:

More Alaskans descend on D.C. for momentous Jan. 6 pro-Trump rally

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    It will go pretty peacefully until everybody starts breaking up on the 7th and then ANTIFA will show up and assault stragglers. I hope proud boys have guys that stay behind to deal with that

  • Mike Widney says:

    Just called Sullivan email him awhile back on this. He’s MIA. He campaign on the Trump Rally Stage this last election !! Now he is failing BIG TIME. This is beyond unacceptable !! Our entire state has been disenfranchised by MASSIVE election fraud !

  • viki kaas says:

    Please post lots of update. I wanted to go so bad

  • Joshua Bennett says:

    I’m amazed, still, how desperate Christians are to have the state’s favor. Unreal.
    Pouring untold amounts of resources and time into voting to be ruled. For so called leaders to decide what you can and can’t do.
    How much better our world would be if half of the time and money spent on idiotic political games, games that are played at you expense and you literally have zero control over, if that time and money were spent to help the poor, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, the hungry?
    Don’t ever remember scriptures saying one thing about being political. But plenty about the above. Instead, churches close their doors cause a man tells them too. Unreal. But by god they will defy the odds to play politics.
    Well, you played the game, now you get what the game gives you.
    Put your faith in man, and the results are always the same.

    • Lobomalo says:

      You were amazed at the Antics, violence, and criminality of ANTIFA, the looters, and burners, Right ? Tons of public money has, and is being spent on those in need, and some folks won’t be happy until everyone is at the same level of poverty, via confiscations. Some folks aren’t “amazed” at the levels of fraud imposed upon our republic, and that is a problem that will boil over.

    • Thomas Brown says:

      Well said sir

  • Tom Henry says:

    Not “coservative colleagues” rather radical right anti-constitutionalist

  • Patriot Pete says:

    All you do is print lies. Those people aren’t patriots, they’re insurrectionists. TrumpTerrorists. Don Young is on record as saying that we need to certify and move on. Come on Joel, quit printing lies.
    You living liar you. Shameful.

  • Michael Alexander says:

    Pete must be a communist patriot. Has to be a leftist with that handle. They always think they fit right in with us conservatives.

  • Bill says:

    Shame on you! Spreading this far right garbage. You just killed the Republican party. Your touting sedition. Your “Far White” agendas dead. Are you proud of the ATTACK on democracy, decency?
    Shame on all of you!