Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a glowing endorsement of the recent pro-abortion women’s marches that took place across the country last week. Organized by radical far-left abortion activists, the marches focused on defending the right to kill unborn babies in the womb for any reason and at any time.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski posted the above comment to her Facebook page on Oct. 4.

“So good to see so many in Alaska and around the country joining the Women’s Marches in support of reproductive health this past weekend,” Murkowski said in an Oct. 4 statement. “Alaskans know that access to care can be a challenge. At one of the most difficult moments in a woman’s life, we should be standing with them, not pitting neighbors against them.”

Pro-life women and men mounted counter protests in Alaska and across the nation to stand up for unborn babies. In multiple instances, these pro-lifers were attacked and mocked. Many of these moments were caught on video and widely disseminated on social media.

Murkowski, however, emphasized that she stands firmly behind the pro-abortion crowd.

“I, for one, am standing with the women and men marching across our country to say we — as a nation — are better than this,” she said.

In 2022, Murkowski will attempt to retain her U.S. Senate seat against pro-life challenger Kelly Tshibaka.

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Sen. Murkowski backs activists demanding the right to kill unborn babies

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • NAV says:

    Murkowski will answer to GOD as will we all without repentance !!!

  • NAV says:

    “I, for one, am standing with the women and men marching across our country to say we — as a nation — are better than this,” she said. THIS Statement by Murkowski is an ABOMINATION before the LORD and is not the true consensus of the nation only in her twisted demonic mind!!!!

  • Michael S Totten says:

    She needs to go away

  • Wisdom Cries in the Streets says:

    If you stand alongside the same people with signs that say “F*** the babies” then you are on the wrong side, unequivocally.

    Healthcare is literally the care of a person’s health. Abortion destroys human life – the antithesis of care.

    This woman is nowhere near the Republican platform – kick her out.

    • Fred Lee says:

      The Republican platform is, literally, “Enthusiastically support the President’s agenda”. (They are referring to Former President Trump).

      Former President Trump’s agenda includes eradicating COVID-19 through the use of the vaccines that were developed during 2020.

      So who, exactly, is not following the Republican platform? Clealry the RINOs here on AW who eschew the vaccine in favor of their death cult.

      • Michael S Totten says:

        Actually MR TRUMP was advocating other treatment options outside of the MRNA gene therapy and the leftists did everything they could to demonize it because they were all to eager to take the kill jab like the little cult that they are. And the unvaxxed are treated like lepers for refusing it. Not trump my friend. Your beloved slavemaster biden! You can stop pointing fingers at trump,, oh and get away from CNN. They have successfully destroyed what few braincells you had left

      • Fred Lee says:

        I appreciate your concern for my considerable brain mass! I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch CNN.

        Fear not, though, my brain cells are alive and kicking!

      • Wisdom Cries in the Streets says:

        I noticed that you have constructed a straw man fallacy here. My comment was about abortion. I’m doing my best to see a correlation to Donald Trump and vaccines but I’m afraid I’m unable to.

        Also, I’m not a Republican. I will not pledge allegiance to any political party unless their platform aligns with my values, unlike Lisa Murkowski.

      • Fred Lee says:

        I applaud your independent streak. I, like you, am not a member of a political party. It’s a sad fact that in today’s environment one can not get elected without pleging fealty to one of the two political parties. I’m pleased that Alaska is at the vanguard of voting rights with ranked choice voting; this is the surest way to free ourselves of the scourge of the radicals on both the right and the left.

        I’m also relieved that you are among those who no doubt support vaccinations. This makes your pro-life stance consistent, unlike those who are pro-life when it comes to abortion, but pro-death when it comes to COVID-19.

        Great to find a like-minded soul among the dredges!

    • Nita+Young says:


  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Vote her out yes kick her out
    She needs to go far far away
    Yes God is the judge

  • Andy says:

    She has clearly lost it. “we as a nation”??? Nope sorry there’s no “we” in “I”. The DOJ recently blocked Texas’ near total abortion ban which is unfortunate, the big push back is from Biden and his administration the leaders of a great nation that God has allowed to become great and I can only imagine how angered God is now.

    • Sharon+Turner says:

      “Murky, muskeg Murkowski, ahh yes still wallowing in the DC swamp mentality while trying to rope WE the folks into her ghoulish ways (abortion is not health, babies are not a disease to be killed and sold for parts!). The list of baby parts prices is now available due to a FOIA lawsuit. “Fresh” baby calvarium with scalp goes for about $523.00. This person has never kept her Oath, never been conservative, get big donations from PP and teachers unions. Poster of selling out my vote. Still gets Communion? She will answer for every word, deed, intention as will I . Votes matter.

  • Mike+Fink says:

    Meanwhile, Title 18 US Code section 1841, Protection of Unborn Children, provides that killing an “unborn child” (“in utero … at any stage of development”) is a criminal homicide, separate from any other crime. But if this is done at the request of the biological mother, then criminal homicide magically becomes a “right” of free choice as “womens’ health”. Imagine if all the energy and resources devoted to lobby for the extermination of the unborn, were instead used to fight for education to promote avoiding unwanted pregnancy in the first place. The real issue is about control of others, and empowerment over life, and the law is just a tool.

  • Lorine says:

    Let’s just take Lisa’s comment and swap out a few words with the truth…
    “So good to see so many in Alaska and around the country joining the Women’s Marches in support of murdering babies this past weekend. Alaskans know that access to killing your baby can be a challenge.
    I, for one, am standing with the women and men marching across our country to say we –as a nation– are better than this,” (don’t you all get tired of that stupid phrase?!) she said.
    Her comment doesn’t look so nice without all the pretty phrasing, does it?

    • Sharon+Turner says:

      Thanks for your insightful take on this. She/ “Murky” has been at it since Daddy gave her the job. I wonder if she has ever seen an abortion or been in the “Products of conception room.” ? Where they count the aborted babe’s parts? Must make sure none left in the womb, or the mother could get infected. Happens more than reported. The tray should be required to show the mother. But that is too real and they would not get to charge her $$$ the next time. grandma

  • Sharon says:

    Repent Lisa while you can!!

  • Nita+Young says:

    I am so tired of this unGodly murder and the insane minds that promote the slaughter of an unborn baby……can you even imagine standing before God….the creator of all life, including your own, with an immortal soul…. that He put into that unborn baby at the moment of conception? and you are defending your mindset to do this before the face of God? the Pentecostal Church in Soldotna has this wonderful sign on their reader board….’Eternity is too Long….. to be wrong’…

  • DB2 says:

    Dear Miss Murkowski-

    Please explain how murdering the innocent life inside your womb is “health.”

    Abortion leaves (at least) one dead and one injured.

  • DB2 says:

    What a twisted and ripe-for-judgement world we live in!