By, which claims to be a nonpartisan resource for voters to “reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics,” has just published an article refuting a series of attack ads aimed at U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

The Oct. 5 article notes that a pro-Sen. Lisa Murkowski super PAC (L.I.S.A.) has run several attack ads against Tshibaka claiming that the conservative challenger “wants to ban birth control in the mail.”

In reality, Tshibaka has claimed no such thing, notes.

“Tshibaka has said she would ban the sale of the morning-after pill via the mail, but the ads leave the misleading impression she would ban all forms of birth control,” the article clarifies.

The misleading ads stem from a March 12 campaign stop in which Tshibaka was talking about abortion, and the sale or transfer of abortion pills via the post.

Tshibaka said she supports outlawing the transfer of abortion pills through the mail – that includes RU-486 (a.k.a. “the abortion pill”) as well as Plan B and similar medications known as “morning-after pills.”

Morning-after pills prevent newly conceived zygotes – the earliest stage of human development – from embedding in the mother’s uterine lining where they can grow and mature.

Since fertilization marks the beginning of life, these types of pills are considered abortifacients because they can cause the death of newly conceived human being. points to a video posted on Tshibaka’s campaign website which clarifies her position.

“Here’s the truth,” Tshibaka said in the video. “I’m pro-life, and after the Supreme Court decision, some states may not allow abortions. That means that pills that cause abortions like RU-486 or Plan B, they wouldn’t be able to be sold by mail there either. But abortion pills shouldn’t be confused with regular birth control pills, which millions of women, including me, have taken over the years for a variety of reasons. Unlike what the senator and her surrogates are spooking up, no one is coming after our birth control pills.” (RU-486 is the abortion pill.)

Murkowski, on the other hand, is a vocal supporter of abortion on demand and has vowed to help undermine the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Editor’s note: While many pro-life advocates maintain that standard forms of contraception (excluding the abortion pill and morning after pills) don’t cause abortions, there is growing evidence that they can, especially if new human life is defined at conception, prior to implantation in the uterus. According to The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, the oral contraceptive pill works by “preventing the ovary from releasing an egg, thickening the cervical mucus making it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg, and changing the lining of the uterus making implantation [of a newly fertilized egg – or zygote] difficult.

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FactCheck rebuts false Murkowski ads that distort Tshibaka’s birth control stance

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Lisa’s PAC is manipulating the public by taking attention off the wrong voting decisions of Murkowski and guiding the discussion toward Tshibaka instead.. Lisa has made and continues to make many many wrong decisions that Alaskans oppose even though we are her constituents. These wrong voting decisions should be noted over and over in Kelly’s ads that counter the smear tactics from Murkowski by shining the light on Murkowski, not causing Tshibaka to go into defense mode. I.e. “my opponent is smearing me to take attention away from her vote to defend abortion”, I.e.” my opponent is smearing me to distract voters from knowing that Murkowski was censored (kicked out of) by the Alaska Republican Party and cannot ethically or honetly claim that she is a Republican serving on behalf of the Party”, I.e. “my opponent is smearing me in ads to take attention away from underhandedly sneaking in Rank Choice Voting which unethically and probably illegally changed the way Alaskans can vote. It will be determined to be unlawful at some point”. i.e.”my opponent is smearing me so voters won’t remember that she voted for the Supreme Court Justice who does not know the definition of a woman” I.e. “my opponent is smearing me to distract the voters of Alaska from remembering that she has voted for Biden’s blocking the use of Alaskan oil to offset costs at the gas pumps and has led to a dependence on Russia as our oil. source.” The list goes on as to the damage Murkowski has done to our state and the United States. Two priests, one being Father Pavone, have publicly condemned her pro-abortion decisions. Keep praying for justice to prevail..

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Great suggestions Jon and Ruth Ewig. Murkowski is playing dirty, which is typical for her – all of her Alaska-demolishing votes need to be highlighted and there are many. Murkowski may have gotten more dirty money than Kelly got donations, but we can help Kelly out by reminding everyone of Murkowski’s negative voting record. Murkowski does not represent conservative Republicans or anyone who loves humanity. Murkowski, just like Lizzy Chaney, needs to be given her grade card with a big, fat “F” and her pink slip with a one-way ticket out of Alaska.
      Vote to save humanity – vote for Kelly Tshibaka!
      Vote to save our great state – vote “YES” for a Constitutional Convention.

  • Cecilia says:

    lISA THE RHINO. When Mary Pertola accepted her loosing speech, Lisa was right next to her, guess she got her candidate in with about a third of the votes

  • Diana says:

    Awe!! We know LISA! We know when “Big Dad Frank’ put his baby girl in a job she wasn’t fit to have because “Uncle Ted Stevens” was still there and helping out to keep the trio in money, Murkie was always pro abortion and will construe all she can to keep it in while pushing the “abortion needy” of every girl or woman who wants one for any reason. She has signed DC Acts and Bill for 22 years for National and International monies supporting the most horrendous procedures on infants. Lisa touts the bills and acts to protect and and find the murderers of indigeneous peoples, murdered women and girls for votes in the Native communities and serves on CIRI Board and other advisory positions as needed because they can’t tell the difference between someone who is honest and someone who plays them for a vote and big bucks for her war chest. Abortion is the most violent form of destruction and murder to a human body when it has a doctor cutting the neck, and beginning to slice open and carve up the dead fetus for baby parts and body fluid and tissue for future use. Lisa touts the bills as ‘women’s health” needs. Do the Natives and Law enforcement want to use Lisa Murkowski to speak for them and use that theme to explain their life affluence and work? Lisa is far beyond a pill to prevent pregnancy. LISA MURKOWSKI KNOWS HOW TO GET DOWN AND DIRTY FOR A VOTE AND MONEY. SHE HITS THE RIGHT TARGETS EVERY TIME BECAUSE HER AUDIENCE DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. So all you native, white people and those of color, beware of the wrongs done to you by your smiling “witch of the North,” none other than LISA MURKOWSKI.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Lisa Murkowski in the news about two Russians arriving in Alaska via boat. She’s happy to talk about this, but does not say anything about the thousands of illegal immigrants arriving in our state? Moreover, why are Rinos Murkowski and Sullivan speaking about these Russians “fleeing Russian”? I worry about those two being involved in setting up a red flag event in Alaska or trying to distract us with this news while something worse is going on? Murkowski and Sullivan say this is why they “have been pressing officials in Washington, D.C., so hard on the need to prioritize capabilities in the Arctic — including infrastructure, Coast Guard assets, ports and strategic defense assets.”” I call b.s. on your reasons Murkowski and Sullivan. Were the two “Russians” sent over to provide a coverup story? The “Russians” are probably from the Ukraine regime!

  • NAV says:

    Murkowski and Sullivan are RINO’s while the country is in chaos over rising heating oil, diesel fuel and gas they continue to placate the media with false advertising blaming everyone else for their failed policies and lack of commitment to the Alaskan economy and the people of Alaska just like Dunleavey.
    The sad truth all would have been revealed with the help of one senator unfortunately this particular senator was to self indulged and has a cheerleader mentality waving the banner like the others look at me look at me. 19 mo’s of following this senator and all is lost because the senator couldn’t follow through. When it’s all over and the senator crash’s because of the overwhelming arrogance and blames everyone else I will reach out with the facts of what happened and how it collapsed and who was involved. And then I will reveal who new and wouldn’t report it to the public !!!! Murkowski has already won the election Dunleavey will retain his seat and Peter Micciche will be the next Keni Mayor decisions have already been made on where these corrupt individuals will go these are my predictions based on what I know. My prayer is that GOD intervenes in the state election just as he did in 2016 with the Presidential election.

  • ML Moore says:

    Here in the interior we don’t see any pro Tshibaka advertisements at all, just Murkowski. I wonder why, as we have to listen to the nonsense spewed by these pro Murkowski, slurs’ made toward Kelly. I’d like to see some Tshibaka advertisements here just so people remember what she’s about.
    Murkowski’s gall is epic. She is NOT a Republican, she is not endorsed or wanted by the people of Alaska. To list but a few other anti-Alaskan actions by her not already mentioned. She is in favor of a Red Flag law, she is noted by national networks as part of the Republican trio that votes against their own party consistently. She voted to keep Obama Care, she voted to impeach President Trump, she is pro choice, “the murder of babies”, to name just a few. MURKOWSKI, does not represent the wishes of the Alaskan people.
    Just a closing comment on another subject. Why is the long historical Democrat family of Begich, Nick Begich, dividing the Republican ticket if we are to defeat our Democratic opposition. It’s clear that Palin is preferred by Alaskan voters, and his continued persistence in seeking this position will only succeed in putting another Democrat in the US congress. Why is he shooting the party in the foot! Get out! lets get a Republican back in the US Congress.