National Right to Life has endorsed Sarah Palin for the Aug. 16 special election to replace the late U.S. Congressman Don Young.

“Governor Palin is a champion for unborn children and their mothers,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Throughout her life, Palin has challenged the pro-abortion mindset that life should be a privilege only reserved for the ‘perfect’ and the ‘planned.’”

Founded in 1968, National Right to Life is the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization with more than 3,000 local chapters across the country.

The organization routinely endorses candidates based on their pro-life positions and voting records. The endorsement of Palin was announced earlier this summer.

While Palin has not been in a position to vote on prolife legislation, she has been a vocal supporter of pro-life positions and her campaign website prominently displays her pro-life views.

Sarah Palin holds her son Trig in 2008.

“Every life is a precious gift from God, and that includes the lives of the unborn,” the website states. “As the Supreme Court considers landmark challenges to Roe v Wade, it’s more important than ever to ensure that abortion is never codified at the federal level. But that’s not enough. We must once again honor and enforce the Hyde Amendment as a guiding, bipartisan principle. No federal funds should ever be used to pay for or facilitate abortion, anywhere on Earth. We must also resist calls to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. There is never an acceptable excuse for deliberately taking a human life, and we must not allow our society to become complicit in such crimes.”

In 2008, Palin gave birth to her son Trig after discovering he had Downs Syndrome. With approximately 90% of prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses resulting in abortion, Palin’s decision to embrace Trig resonated throughout pro-life circles.

“Governor Palin has proven pro-life credentials and she will not back down from defending the right to life in Congress,” said Tobias. “We look forward to working with Sarah Palin to advance vital pro-life policies in Congress.”

Karen Lewis, the president of Pro-Life Alaska, the state affiliate of National Right to Life, agreed.

“Sarah Palin is a fearless defender of all human life,” she said. “We need her in Congress!”

Nick Begich

Palin is in a three-way race with Republican Nick Begich and Democrat Mary Peltola to determine who will serve out the remaining months of the late Rep. Don Young’s term.

While Begich’s campaign website doesn’t mention abortion, he has indicated in campaign events that he is pro-life.

Earlier this month, he told radio talk show host Bob Bird that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade was a “great day for people who believe in the rule of law and the constitution.”

Begich also pledged to oppose efforts by Congressional Democrats to codify aspects of Roe v. Wade in federal law, something which pro-abortion U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski strongly supports.

While Begich says he opposes abortion in most instances, he does favor exceptions in cases of rape and incest, a position that many pro-life advocates see as punishing innocent unborn babies for the crimes of their biological fathers.

Bird asked Begich on air whether he would consider revisiting his position.

“It’s not something that I would want to change for political reasons,” Begich responded. “I really need to do the homework on this. It’s a position I’ve long held and quite frankly, when I got in the race nine months ago, this was not an issue.

While declining to say he would commit to opposing rape and incest exceptions, Begich did say it is “something that I will continue to consider.”

Democrat Mary Peltola, however, adheres to a radical pro-abortion platform. She has publicly condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, and has promised to help codify abortion into federal law, if elected.

The special election is on Aug. 16.

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National Right to Life endorses Palin for Congress

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ruth Ewig says:

    We heartily support Palin. She is quite firm in her stances including the value of unborn lives. She has experience with the Juneau swamp and the DC swamp including having the courage to sue the journalists at The New York Times. She has not faltered nor hidden from what needs to be known and fought for.

    Palin was forced out of the Governor position by the Obama swamp of lawyers who found a loophole in the state statutes that allowed an unlimited number of ethics complaints to be filed against the governor. She resigned when she had $500,000 dollars worth of debt from defending her governor position. The ethics violations were frivolous and the loophole was closed after she resigned. You can look this up on the web if you type in ethics/Palin in your search engine. When this was going on we donated to her defense fund.

    Begich is wishy-washy and we think that he should have already done his homework on the rape and incest exception and he would realize that it is a destructive, double hit for the mother when abortion is the solution to the crime.. Adoption is one alternative.
    Those who think abortion is the answer are not understanding that this killing of the unborn has adversely impacted many, many families in America and Alaska. Whether acknowledged or not by those atheists who believe in Evolution and those atheists who believe in Pantheism, the destroying of unborn babies created in the image of God is against our Creator. The Biblical worldview is the Truth.

    All members of the family are drawn into this tragedy and we are a country and a state injured and wounded by abortion. For more on this go to different pro-life websites including Father Pavone’s.

    Pray to end abortions in the state of Alaska. Pray for the Constitutional Convention to reign in the runaway judges and lawyers who are preventing the right to life from being legislated, without regard to the Original Constitution and Declaration and against the medical pledge to “do no harm.” Life is the first right we have. If we have not life we cannot have liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

    Please pray daily for an end to abortion in Alaska. http://www.dailyminuteofprayer.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Yes vote for candidates that support life.
    Yes innocence little babies in there mother’s womb

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Has Palin done any homework since her failed attempt at V.P.? She sure looked bad then and didn’t help Alaska any. Now we want her to be one of the higher spots in our country! I really need to see some real change from Palin to earn my vote. As for Begich, he comes from a Democrat family doesn’t he? And the other lady, no vote from me! I’m against MURDER just like ir says in the Bible.

  • Andy says:

    Fantastic! I wouldn’t think of voting for anyone else that is less supportive of life. Abortion IS Murder. God bless Palin, I wish her victory.

  • Therese Syren says:

    The principle that every life is sacred should be evidence enough to rule out abortion of persons conceived in rape. However, there is now also plenty of empirical evidence to show that protecting the lives of such babies protects the sacredness of their mothers’ lives as well. A great place to start is “Rape, Incest, and Abortion: Searching Beyond the Myths” by Dr. David Reardon of the Elliot Institute. One study Elliot references is by Dr. Sandra Mahkom, MD, MPH, MS “Pregnancy and Sexual Assault, The Psychological Aspects of Abortion, (Washington D.C. University Publications of America) She found that 75 – 85 % of rape victims opt to carry their child. That alone is a strong indication that abortion is not a ‘natural solution.’ Of these women, not one expressed regret; while the majority of those who suffered abortion reported that it added to their problems.
    Natural Law is God’s Law written on our hearts, instructions for life according to our nature. Thank God our nation’s Government is based on “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God….” (Declaration of Independence) It will never go well to forget or defy those First Principles, and that is something every voter should understand, and every politician, before ever throwing their hat into the ring.

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