12.5 > Politicizing Masks

Recently, an old friend posed the question to me, “why are masks so political? It’s just a piece of cloth…” and so today we unpack this

12.3 > Meyer needs to do his JOB

There is perhaps no greater pillar to our Republic than our shared faith in honest elections. It’s how we transfer power. You don’t bolster or restore shaken confidence by sweeping difficult questions under the rug, but instead by bringing everything

11.5 > Hold that cork

Much has been made of the fact that Alaska’s conservatives turned out in huge numbers on election day. These in-person voters propelled U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young to huge leads in the quest to retain their seats in D.C. Additionally,

10.30 > Turnout don’t burnout

A typical voter turnout this year could spell disaster for Alaska and the nation. Make the commitment to take a friend or family member to the polls to make sure this country doesn’t fall of the social cliff in wave after wave of political

10.29 > Feeding the Fear

As we head into winter, and the renewed media frenzy over Covid cases reaches a literal fever pitch, it’s time there was some clarity given and a reality check regarding the state of the state of this pandemic. First, some clarity. There have been

10.24 > Milquetoast Guidance

Rather than clearly identifying support for abortion as an intrinsic evil, the voter guide asks Alaskans to ponder whether a candidate will “support policies that provide women in difficult pregnancies with pre- and post-natal care, transportation and

10.22 > Shaping Our Future

If Joe Biden becomes president, the Senate will literally be the only bulwark against his ultra-left agenda. Since Al Gross has already pledged his allegiance to Senate Democrats, a Gross victory could very well change the course of our nation, and place it

10.19 > What Churches CAN say

We encourage Alaska’s religious leaders to check out the Alliance Defending Freedom political guide and to boldly inform and inspire their flocks to bring a biblically grounded perspective to our public square. Our state and our nation desperately need men