So, LGBTQ activists have decided to come to the defense of Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera’s recall effort. Very disappointing they decided to inject themselves into this recall which has absolutely nothing to do with his sexual orientation. It’s about his incompetent leadership abilities, his radical socialist agenda, and his demeaning hostile attitude towards the citizens of Anchorage. But then again, that’s what liberals do best; pivot the discussion away from the facts by dropping a grenade to gas light the debate in their favor.

Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera

Felix Rivera is the worst Assembly chair in history. A total buffoon who disrespects the rule of law and denigrates both people who testify before the Assembly and fellow Assembly members who are not part of his corrupt majority.

Let’s review some of the reasons Rivera should be recalled. In July, Chair Rivera closed all Assembly meetings to the public. He never attempted to set up a method for the public to continue attending meetings in compliance with the mayor’s emergency orders. This spurred a lawsuit by the Alaskans for Open Meetings for his violation of state open meetings law.

And while the pubic was banned from meetings, he orchestrated the purchase of four buildings to be used as homeless shelters and treatment centers. One being the Golden Lion Hotel which the neighbors opposed by a 5 to 1 margin. Of course, due to the complete lack of due diligence done by this incompetent Assembly member who should have demanded the Administration provide the renovation and annual operating costs before moving forward in purchasing the properties, it was recently determined the city didn’t have sufficient funds to cover the costs. They have already dropped the Tudor Road purchase due to the excessive costs.

why should he care what we common folks think, he knows what’s best for us, or should I say what’s best for his political base.

Oh BTW, then the Treasury Department advised the city they could not use the CARES Act funds to purchase the properties as planned, so Rivera worked with the Administration to develop a “Smoke and Mirrors” scheme to move money, resulting in CARES Act funds paying employee salaries and using other funds to purchase the buildings.

When it comes to ethics, Czar Felix doesn’t feel he needs to adhere to the law. In September, he posted a notice for six jobs for Assembly aides only on the Young Democrats Facebook group, and told the group to not share the information with anybody. Sand Lake Community Council lodged a written complaint, so he had to backtrack and correct this unethical action.

Rivera was one of the champions of the ordinance banning counselors from discussing the topic of same-sex attraction in relation to a child’s biological sex, despite strong public opposition to the ordinance. Again, why should he care what we common folks think, he knows what’s best for us, or should I say what’s best for his political base.

Who can forget this utter lack act of human decency when Rivera publicly criticized Dean Cannon at the Nov. 17 assembly meeting, after Mr. Cannon had already left the meeting. Real stand-up guy.

Remember this one? At the Oct. 13 Assembly meeting, when disgraced Mayor Berkowitz announced his resignation, Chair Rivera lost control of the meeting, cutting off public participation and stopping all public testimony. What a circus.

Felix Rivera is obsessed with making his mark in history by transforming Anchorage into a socialist city, run by Orwellian elitists

Assembly member Jamie Allard is not one of Rivera’s favorites. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he detests her. He has made numerous disparaging remarks against her. Here is just one example of his disrespectful actions taken from the Dec. 23 Alaska Watchman, “At one point Rivera and Allard had a dispute over whether she continue speaking on an issue. He muted her microphone and the audience began shouting, “Recall, Recall, Recall,” a reference to the ongoing effort to remove Rivera through a recall vote. Rivera pounded his gavel in vain and then left the meeting for a twenty minute dinner break.” He really can’t handle pressure, especially pressure that he brings on himself.

While my buttons were pushed a few times while serving as Assembly Chair when some of my colleagues made statements opposite to my way of thinking, I never attacked them for their beliefs. I recognized that members from different districts may bring different viewpoints than mine to every issue. Not so with Czar Rivera. If you are the minority conservative voice on his assembly you must be vilified, threatened, and silenced, just ask Jamie Allard.

Assembly Chair Felix Rivera grows impatient during an Anchorage Assembly meeting in December.

Rivera ejected Dustin Darden from the Assembly Chambers, taken away in handcuffs by armed police because he could not control Darden’s testimony. I never recall this happening before, but then again we have never had such a weak person, with such an overinflated ego, as Assembly Chair Rivera.

What a bunch of unethical hogwash. Rivera should not just be recalled. That’s exactly what the Left said about Mayor Tom Fink back in 1989 when he was trying to balance the muni budget and streamline services in the face of a recession that mirrors what we are facing today. Sorry, I am wandering from the main topic, Felix Rivera’s abysmal leadership record.

Felix Rivera is obsessed with making his mark in history by transforming Anchorage into a socialist city, run by Orwellian elitists who are not interested in your thoughts or opinions because he already knows everything there is to know about creating utopia. Those who disagree, silence. Those who take actions against him, attack and make Felix the victim. The recall against Felix Rivera has absolutely nothing to do with his sexual preference.

News Flash: There are conservative Republicans within the LGBTQ community that do not support the radical Leftist agenda of Felix Rivera.

Felix Rivera is being recalled because he is a terrible Assembly member who lacks the leadership to be chair; lacks the tolerance to be fair; lacks the ethical standard to command trust; lacks the vision to inspire a community; lacks the temperament to accept opposing thoughts; lacks the composure one must command to properly manage a public process; lacks the integrity to do what’s right in all situations; lacks the dignity to serve in elected office; and lacks the intelligence to understand what I have just written in this opinion piece.

Adios, Comrade Rivera. Time is running out. If you live in Anchorage Assembly District 4, sign the petition to recall Felix Rivera. Otherwise, he will be on the Assembly until at least April of 2023. We cannot continue with his maddening representation another two and a half years.

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Opposition to Felix Rivera is not about his sexual orientation

Craig Campbell
Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor. He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation. He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).


  • Michael S Totten says:

    God told Lott to take his family and get out of SODOM. Don’t look back and go into the mountains. Moments later the city burned to the ground. Get out of anchorage good Christians before it burns!

    • Sammy says:

      Well sir, there are many, many good Christian people who live, work, and worship in the city of Anchorage. We do not have a mandate from God to flee. This is a different situation altogether. We must stand up and fight, which is what we are doing.

    • Denise Cottrell says:

      Running away would be easier, But WE need to stay and fight for what’s right or things will get worse!

    • Alberto Brandolini says:

      Anchorage Alaska is now sodom ?
      You believe in a god that transforms wives into pillars of salt.
      Seek therapy.

    • Walter says:

      Old people who still think outdated erroneous ideas are still relevant. Just die already.

    • Punahele says:

      A good Christian must ask God for the virtues of fortitude and prudence. Now more than ever. Prudence to know when and how to fight for the common good. Fortitude to stand firm and not run when the battle is intense. There comes a time when running is not an option…at this point in our nation’s history, where are you going to run? The battle is on all fronts….not just here.

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    Was this whining piece of writing proof read ?
    This isn’t journalism and it’s terribly written.

    • Ho Lee Fok says:

      Youre not fooling anyone Felix.

    • Deborah Nolan says:

      Plz your to funny, let people write or speak, they have that freedom and what qualifies you to judge the writing. Are you an English teacher, an author of written books, just wanting to know your expertise or education. Did you by chance see who the writer of this piece and the expertise he has to make judgement of the laws that felix broke ? This is a far more educated man, past Lt. Governor , and retired high ranking military gentleman that knows for he worked it.. Apparently it was written well enough for you to read it all and you do not agree so you lash out in a ridiculous way rather than sit and discuss view points. What is wrong did Santa not bring what you wanted so a temper fit ensues ? i say I would rather listen to experience, hence the writer of said piece then a person set on wanting a town once beautiful is now rated #1 in nation for crime and looking like the towns he left in California.. t
      That is the problem, it is our town, not felix’s alone and he is inexperienced to run or handle his position. Look at the history of ” all ” that have sat in his seat, who rates #1 as the worst ?

  • NAV says:

    ABOMINATION is what GOD calls your life style you and the so called mayor. He does not hate the person he can’t look at the sin and you have a right to choose how you want to live just as others have the right to choose how they want to live and not mandated to your ways or having others telling you how to live. Are last breath here is our 1st breath in eternity. You choose where you will spend it. Sooner or later you will reap what you sow!!!

  • Sid Richardson says:

    I thought homosexual men were supposed to be good looking. Are you sure he’s gay? He’s so fat and ugly.

  • John Wood says:

    I also had the honor to serve as Assembly Chair and may very well be one of those who occassionally differed with my friend Craig. While I am in total agreement with most of his conclusions, I differ when it comes to the use of a recall. I believe that a “recall” is actually the nuclear bomb of the political arena and should be resorted to ONLY in the most egregious situations. Two solutions are apparent: (1) the option that I chose was simply to move out of Anchorage ; or (2) actively support worthwhile solid candidates to replace those. Even though I no longer live in Anchorage, I have also chosen Option 2 and sent a check to a mayoral candidate I believe will turn the city back to sensible course. Craig, let’s you, Fred and I have lunch some day, and if not possible in Anchorage, come on out to the valley where the madness has not caught hold.

    • Craig Campbell says:

      I appreciate your comments and do agree with your assessments. This just isn’t the same Assembly you, Fred, and I had the honor to be part of. There is no longer a healthy political struggle between different ideas, it’s now a one track train to tyranny. Things have dramatically changed and in the case of Felix Rivera, I have concluded the nuclear option is necessary, although with the rest of the progressives on the Assembly, it would be best if we had solid conservatives who would be willing to step up and run against them in 2022 and 2023. I would enjoy having lunch sometime. With the crazy autocratic business shut-down rules in Anchorage, I have been visiting the valley on a routine basis, as are many others from Anchorage, to eat out and do some shopping. And while I enjoy coming out to your neck of the woods, I am not ready to surrender to the left. I think Anchorage can be saved from itself, but it is going to be a hard fight. Let’s connect soon. Craig

    • Michael Hughes says:

      Not all of us can afford to leave Anchorage…so we have to resort to “nuclear options” when our elected officials do egregious things such as spending the Covid relief money intended to help we peasants on buying properties against the advice of the treasury and the will of the people, not allowing public testimony except for an invited few while passing measures that the VAST majority of citizens are against, handcuffing and ejecting citizens who dare to speak up against them, and try to shut down other duly elected assembly members when They are speaking.

  • Tom Collins says:

    How can I help? I live in Peters Cr.

    • Annie Massey says:

      Attend your community council and speak up with your concerns and dissent where you believe it’s necessary. Get involved.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    You are right. It’s not about “orientation”, it’s about felix’s ideology. His ideology does not interface well with American ideology. Unfortunately, Americans fell asleep at the wheel and suddenly woke up at the point the car is getting ready to plunge over a cliff. As the good Mr. Franklin said on 2 July of 1776 ” We Must Hang Together Or Surely We Shall Hang Separately”. That time is coming. Soon.

  • liz says:

    you call this reporting?

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Haha ya the secular christians in anchorage are fighting alright. Thats why anchorage fell 10 years ago to liberals because the anchorage christians are fighting so hard. Ok. I lived up their for 17 years and all I heard was alot of complaining and very little doing from the church. And you guys say fleeing isn’t the answer. Well you go ahead and stay in that cesspool that YOU created by doing nothing 10 years ago while you stuck your head in the sand.

  • Walter says:

    Wow. Thank the Lord all these boomer trumpanzies will become completely irrelevant in the coming years. More people who think and agree with Felix will become the norm in this great state, as most of you will be crawling into the nearest nursing home to await the inevitable.

    • GARY says:

      Walter your display of hate, disrespect and ignorance are perfect examples to others of what will happen if this country falls into the hands of people like you. Your intolerance of everything you disagree with speaks volumes and clearly indicates your true value as a human being. The words that you spew have been repeated throughout history by tyrannical dictators, fascists, communists and butchers. Be assured that you and your like will be resisted and defeated.

  • Deborah Nolan says:

    I am saddened that I read the comments of the people and it is not the same mentality of the people that made me fall in love w/ Alaska and her citizen’s. There was a time yes people argued but this name calling and childish crap is beyond me of how adults act now. There only 5 decent comments that are to the point, truthful and makes since. Thank you JW/CC/TC/AN/HN/S/DC ANCHORAGE WAS MADE BY PIONEERS, GOOD HARD WORKING PEOPLE,, TOGETHER THEY BUILT, ONE AND A FOLLOWING TEARS IT DOWN TO MAKE IT SHAMEFULLY UGLY. I LEFT MY HOME TOWN FOR IT WAS BREAKING AND UGLY, I LOOK AROUND AND I SEE WHAT I LEFT 43 YEARS AGO.

  • Ruth says:

    If you are willing to do the research, those who are choosing the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle have mental problems based on their childhood that should be resolved through government-funded therapy before they can be trusted to serve We the People. Funding has been available to help but the LGBTQ movement has chosen instead to bully the rest of us and those psychologists and surgeons who are the messengers stating the facts. Now the facts of this lifestyle have been deleted from the World Health Organization and psychology organizations. We are to accept them unconditionally even though they have issues pointing to mental illness. We are not to reach out and support them into therapy but instead accept their lifestylle as normal and just fine but bully the rest of us. Many homosexuals have been perverted while they were just boys forced into this lifestyle by men who accessed them and overpowered them. This is why we challenged the move here in Fairbanks to teach a homosexual lifestyle to our children and grandchildren starting at age 5 years. The group grows through recruitment and what better place than the schools. If you have not heard of NAMBLA then you really do not know why the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. NAMBLA stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association. This lifesyle is intrusive and therefore a violation of Individual Rights which are protected in The Rule of Law.

  • Ruth Ellen Ewig says:

    In conclusion the mayor should be removed for mental illness reasons and go get the therapy. He should NOT be leading Anchorage with his mental problems. If Felix will go get help then he might be a competent leader and not this disgrace to the citizens in Anchorage who are dealing with his insanity issues.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    No Walter gen x will still be around. Sorry to rain on your hopes of a communist parade. But for you to think and accept these ideologies makes you part of the problem and I’m sorry that you can’t see that but alaska will fall and people like you will be the reason why

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