Military apologizes after identifying Alaska Family Council as a ‘hate group’

    The Alaska Family Council, one of the most respected and long-standing pro-life and pro-family advocacy groups in Alaska was recently identified as a “hate...

    ANALYSIS: ‘Dangerous’ proposal violates Alaska lawyers’ freedom of speech and religious liberty

    In 2016, the US Supreme Court invalidated all state laws limiting marriage to persons of the opposite sex. The sexual revolution, thus endorsed by...

    Alaska’s top legal minds ponder balance of power amid tension between governor and Alaska Supreme Court

    Did the Alaska Supreme Court overstep in striking down a measure duly approved by the Alaska Legislature and signed into law by the governor...

    Proposal seen as threat to Alaska lawyers’ freedom of speech and religious liberty

    The Alaska Bar Association is seeking to impose on all attorneys new rules of conduct, which Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson says will have...

    On Gun Violence

    The problem with the internet is that everyone gets a megaphone to shout, or re-shout, endless things that just aren't true. Gun violence is terrible....

    It’s time to reclaim some of our pre-Y2K life

    I came across a blank postcard the other day, turned it over a few times, and resolved to do something for the first time...

    Court blocks Anchorage officials from forcing women’s shelter to admit men

    A federal court ruling has temporarily blocked Anchorage officials from forcing a faith-based women's homeless shelter into admitting biological males. The controversy stems from an...


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