5.13 > Actual Supremacists

A study of history is a practice sorely lacking in todays society and culture. The only thing new under the sun in a hundred years of empty modern thinking is the idea that it is perfectly normal and acceptable, even noble, to mutilate your genitalia and that

5.6 > Common Criminality

What do Soapy Smith, Antonin Scalia, and an Alaska constitutional convention have in common? More than you think. First, a little history on Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith. Jeff Smith was a colorful American con artist in the late 1800s. He went to

4.9 > Legal Troubles Ahead

We reported earlier this month that the Bering Straits Native Corporation has ordered its 2,000 plus employees to get the COVID shot by Aug. 1. Failure to comply and your livelihood could be on the line. The native corporation owns 22 businesses, one of the

4.5 > Banning Vaccine Passports

Rand Paul recently had a heated sparring match with Anthony Fauci where Paul cited study after study showing that there is zero, literally zero scientific evidence for transmission of COVID by people who have had the original strain of virus and now have

4.1 > Impeachable Offenses

In a three-branched republic like ours, what do you do with an out-of-control branch of government?  One tool at your disposal is impeachment. So, what is impeachment? According to Oxford, “impeachment” is probably a corruption of the Latin

3.19 > Bill Evans Interview

We sat down for an interview with Anchorage Mayoral Candidate, Bill Evans to learn what makes him tick, why he is running, and some details about the direction he believes Anchorage needs to

3.17 > On Recalling Rivera

While Felix Rivera and his ideological allies at the radical-left Anchorage Press might want you to think that his recall efforts are due to homophobia, it is simply not the case. If all it takes to arrive at the conclusion that you are a victim is to find a

3.10 > Interview with Mike Robbins

Today Joel sat down with Mike Robbins to talk about his ideas for Anchorage, and what he would bring to the position of mayor of Anchorage, as well as his ideas for business

2.20 > Career & Tech Admissions

At the repeated request of parents we looked into a story involving the Matsu Borough School District and the recent, sudden change, in the manner of admissions into MatSu Career and Tech high school. When the school was originally founded, under the guidance